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Find Out if Working with a Bike Accident Attorney is Right for You

Choosing to work with a bicycle accident lawyer is not an easy decision.

There are many options, but you want someone who not only talks the talk...but rides a bike too.

If you have been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, you are about to enter the world of insurance claims and maybe even litigation.

You have just become another statistic in the city’s bicycle accident record. You’re seriously injured. Not just bumps, bruises and scrapes, but really injured… and you’re in pain.

You have probably had a disheartening conversation or two with an insurance adjustor that left you wondering “what do I do now?”

It is a scary, confusing, time-consuming place to be unless you have someone who really cares about you and your case representing you.

That said, if you engage a San Francisco bicycle accident lawyer who takes every case that is brought to him or her, you may find yourself just as scared, confused and overwhelmed as you were before representation.

What you want is a focused, experienced, professional personal injury law firm with a proven track record of success on bicycle accident cases like yours.

You also want a firm that understands how to resolve your case as expediently as possible, and who will allow you to focus on healing from your injuries.

If You've Been Injured in a San Francisco Bicycle Accident...

You are Not Alone

Bicycle accidents happen everyday in San Francisco.

Bicycles are an extremely popular way to get around San Francisco, but like cyclists everywhere, they face the risk of being involved in bicycle accidents.

Nationwide, there are over 50,000 bicycle accidents each year and nearly of those 800 die from their injuries.

Bicycle accidents in San Francisco almost always result in some form of injury, often very serious, and it’s important that you know what to do and what not to do if you find yourself in one.

Bicyclists have the same right to be on the road as drivers of automobiles. However, they face the threat of serious injuries from a bicycle accident that other drivers do not face.

As a commuting/urban cyclist in San Francisco, you deserve an attorney who is very familiar with the dangers that cyclists face in an urban environment on a daily basis. One who is  committed to helping cyclists assert their rights if they have the unfortunate experience of being in a bicycle accident.

Cyclists in the Bay Area are a key element to the “green movement”, and a qualified bicycle accident attorney will put in the extra effort to reach out to help people in the community: specifically cyclists, pedestrians and even motorcyclists, who are taking steps to help preserve the environment.

It is unfortunate that such persons tend to be more vulnerable to serious injury accidents, as they are not shielded by thousands of pounds of metal and plastic like people in cars.

But they have to face those vehicles on the road daily.

This population needs a personal injury attorney who focuses on bicycle accident cases.

Knowledge is Power

What to Do if You are in a Bicycle Accident in San Francisco

Bicycle accidents can happen no matter how skilled the cyclist or how careful he or she is trying to stay safe.

If you are in an accident you should seek prompt medical treatment for any injuries that you have sustained.

Make sure to get the insurance, driver’s license and vehicle information from any drivers involved in the collision.

If the police make a report, they will usually obtain this information for you, but you can't always trust them to do everything right.

And that’s why you need a personal injury attorney who focuses on bicycle accident cases.

Assuming there is some injury...and when 200 lbs. meets 2 tons of metal there should do everything possible to document the accident, just as you would in an automobile accident.

If anyone witnessed the accident, you should do your best to obtain those persons contact information.

Liability is very often contested by motorists in bicycle accident cases, so witnesses can be the key factor in proving liability.

If possible, take photos of the accident scene...cell phones are good for this purpose...and later of your injuries and the damage to your bike as well.

Sometimes Saying Less is More

What Not to Do if You are in a Bicycle Accident in San Francisco

It is important to remember that most motorists and even many police officers often look to place the blame on cyclists in San Francisco.

Do not get adversarial or argumentative with them at the scene; simply state the facts of the accident and try to identify witnesses instead.

Once you've done that, make sure to contact an experienced San Francisco bicycle accident attorney,  who understands all of the applicable laws and can best represent your interests.

Also, it is important that you do not fix your bike to preserve it as evidence, or talk to the insurance company without first consulting your personal injury attorney.

Of course, do not give any statements, recorded or otherwise, to any insurance company about the accident or your injuries without first consulting a bike accident attorney.

And never give anyone, especially insurance carrier employees, your social security number, or they will use it to minimize your case.

When choosing your attorney, make sure that you are speaking to someone who respects bicyclists and understands the law surrounding bicycle accidents.

Meet Sally Morin Law, the Bicycle Accident Specialists

Choose Your Bicycle Accident Attorney Wisely

Sally is an experienced bicycle accident attorney in San Francisco.

And she and her team of bicycle accident lawyers are one of the most sought after personal injury attorneys specializing in bicycle accidents in the Bay Area.

You won’t see a cheezy “I’ll fight for you!” ad for Sally Morin Law on the side of a bus or on cable TV.

And that's because Sally and her team of legal professionals are straight shooters who won't sell themselves out for your business.

They are exceptionally empathetic, but they will also tell you, without embellishment what your bicycle accident case is realistically worth.

With Sally and her team there is no drama, no outlandish claims and no BS. Ever.

There is only an exceptionally focused legal mind and a supporting team that is committed to favorably resolving your case as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Let's face it, you are hurt, your medical bills are piling up and this whole incident is disrupting your otherwise happy and productive life.

It’s time to take a positive step to take control of an out-of-control situation.

It’s time to put an expert San Francisco bicycle accident lawyer on your side.

And the first step in accomplishing that is submitting your bike accident case to Sally Morin Law for a free evaluation.

Don't you deserve  an experienced and caring San Francisco personal injury law, and her entire team, working for you?

Pedal forward...

And Learn About What Sets Sally Morin Law Apart

At Sally Morin Law, we focus on the positive and keep your case moving forward.

Unlike many personal injury lawyers and law firms, we are experts at bicycle accident cases.

That means we know how to resolve bike cases effectively. And our main objective is always to get you back to your work, your family, your life. And of course, back on two wheels!

We do our best to keep you from getting stressed out about your bicycle accident case, and we focus on what is best for YOU.

Let US take on the stress! That’s our job.

We want you to be able to recover from your serious injury, rather than worry about your case.

We work efficiently and effectively to get you a fair result that will require minimal involvement by you.

Honestly, you have enough to deal with: medical appointments, getting your wheels back on the road and more.

You shouldn’t have to fend off bill collectors and insurance adjusters. Nor should you be buried in paperwork.

Let us take it from here!

Attorney-Client...It's an Important Relationship

Setting expectations and communication are key to its success

At Sally Morin Law, we will not promise you the moon just to get your business.

If your circumstances warrant going after the policy limits of the responsible party's insurance policy, that is what we will do.

However, if your injuries will likely result in a lesser award, Sally Morin will be straight up with you and explain the process for evaluating bicycle accident cases.

Sally Morin Law keeps their client educated and informed, so that client expectations are realistic and the client's planning for the future can be realistic.

We also promise we will always listen to you.

And we will promptly respond to email messages and phone calls.

Further, we will always keep you informed about your case. And we will collaborate with you when making big decisions about the case.

We promise to always speak to you in plain English, and never use legal terms to confuse you or avoid answering directly to your concerns.

You are our client. We will respect you. And your success is our success.

We will admit that Sally Morin law is not the biggest bicycle accident attorney firm in San Francisco, but we are very successful and exceptionally easy to work with.

If you want an attorney who understands your circumstances and is focused on resolving your case quickly and fairly, then you need to submit the details of your bicycle accident for a free case evaluation now!

Don't Delay...

Get Our Team on Things Now

The probability of winning a case goes down significantly for every week that a case is not resolved.


Because witnesses disappear, memories fade, the physical evidence is lost or modified, and records become more difficult to acquire.

Remember, at the time of your accident, you have no idea what your actual losses will be.

If you have surgery or need physical therapy it could be months before you know the full cost of your injuries. Not failing to mention lost work and pain and suffering.

At Sally Morin Law we’ll work with you to make sure insurance companies don’t take advantage of you when you are most vulnerable.

When you hire Sally Morin Law, the first thing we do is let all insurance adjusters and attorneys know we are on board as your bicycle accident attorneys.

Doing this quickly avoids the the risk of you providing them with information that can be used against you later.

Also, hiring Sally Morin Law right away can help you build the strongest case possible and help you more quickly get back to your life.

Let's get you past dealing with all of the medical bills and insurance issues.

Let Sally Morin Law take over.

We got this!


A 46 year-old record label manager was riding his bicycle in the very popular Mission District in San Francisco when he was “doored” by a passenger exiting a taxi in the bike lane on Valencia Street.

The cyclist hit the door, was thrown over his handlebars and suffered a broken collarbone (clavicle).

The taxi company tried to dispute liability for causing the bicycle accident, and only offered $15,000 to settle the case.

San Francisco bicycle accident attorney Sally Morin and her team defeated the taxi company’s defense early in the case and negotiated a reasonable settlement of $85,000, which the cyclist was happy to receive.



A twenty-eight year old avid cyclist was cut off by an Uber driver who turned right in front of her.

She suffered serious injuries as a result, but with the help of Sally Morin Law, she walked away from the accident with a great settlement and was able to move forward with her life.

This lovely young woman was riding straight through a SF intersection in the newly painted green bicycle lane when An Uber driver (who was driving a large SUV) tried to make a right turn across the bike lane.

San Francisco bicycle accident attorney Sally Morin and her team worked hard to make sure this young, resilient woman walked away from this traumatic accident with a good settlement.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a bicycle accident in the San Francisco Bay Area, and want to get back to your life quickly and painless, then we are the right partner for you.

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