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Bicycle Accident Hayward

$67k Settlement for Bicycle Accident in Hayward with Liability Dispute

$67k Settlement for Bicycle Accident in Hayward with Liability Dispute Bicycle Accident in Hayward Fought on Liability A young chiropractic student was riding her bicycle in a crosswalk in Hayward, when a vehicle crashed into her. The young woman suffered a broken leg (fractured left tibia and fractured left fibula) which required surgery. Unfortunately, she was determined to be at ...
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Child bicycle accident Foster City

$51k Settlement for Child Bicycle Accident in Foster City

Child Bicycle Accident in Foster City Child Bicycle Accident on Sidewalk in Foster City A 5-year-old child, riding his bicycle on the sidewalk with his mother, was struck by a driver making a hasty left turn out of an elementary school parking lot in Foster City, California. He was treated for injuries at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. Although ...
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Hit and run bicycle accident Oakland

$45k Settlement for Hit and Run Bicycle Accident in Oakland

$45k Settlement for Hit and Run Bicycle Accident in OaklandHit and run bicycle accidents are far too commonIn California, people who flee the scene of a hit and run bicycle accident can be cited for a violation of California Vehicle Code section 20002, a misdemeanor offense with a fine of up to $1,000. That is what happened in this Oakland ...
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Tourist Bicycle Accident San Francisco

$167.5K Settlement for Tourist Bicycle Accident in San Francisco

Tourist Bicycle Accident in San FranciscoTourist Bicycle Accident in San FranciscoA 21-year-old Australian law student was visiting California and was seriously injured in a tourist bicycle accident in San Francisco. The law student was also a competitive swimmer who was visiting the Bay Area with his girlfriend. He was riding a rental bicycle, when the poorly-maintained bicycle came apart and ...
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California Bicycle Accident Settlement Results

California Bicycle Accident Settlement ResultsDan S.Bicycle Accident Client"​I cant recommend Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers enough, they really did take a large amount of the stress and worry out of the whole affair, managed the process extremely efficiently and allowed me to focus on getting back to 100%."Experience a serious bicycle accident?Check out our Bicycle Accident Page to learn more ...
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Hurt in a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident? LA May Be to Blame

Hurt in a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident? LA May Be to BlameMunicipal Negligence May Have Contributed to Your Los Angeles Bicycle AccidentIf you've been hurt in a Los Angeles bicycle accident, you're not alone. The number of cyclists killed or injured on LA streets continues to be abnormally high. (Especially compared to other metropolitan areas.) Every year there are roughly ...
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California Bike Law | Are Bikes Bound by The Same Laws as Cars?

California Bike Law Explained Cycling may not have started in California but we’ve definitely put our stamp on the pastime. Several of our largest and most popular cities (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and even Los Angeles) have embraced the humble bicycle as a worthy alternative to cars. In fact, they’ve spent millions of dollars to revamp aging infrastructures to ...
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bike accident

Oakland is Trying its Best to Reduce Bicycle Accidents

The League of American bicyclists bestowed its covered Silver Level Bike Friendly Award on Oakland in 2014—partially because of the improvements the city had made to streets, bike lanes, and bike facilities around town. But has Oakland kept up with the times and maintained that bike-friendly attitude? Is the city’s Bicycle Master Plan really having an impact on decreasing the ...
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$110k for San Francisco Road Construction Bicycle Accident

$110k for San Francisco Road Construction Bicycle AccidentA road construction bicycle accident is a common San Francisco occurrenceOn a clear morning in San Francisco, an active and fit tech engineer was riding his bike to work, as he normally did everyday. At the time of the accident, the engineer used his bicycle as his primary vehicle to commute to and ...
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