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Earlier this year I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle in downtown SF. My bike was totaled and although I didn’t sustain serious injuries I was injured enough to have to take over a month off of work. I tried to to figure things out on my own but after all the stress of insurance companies I came on to yelp to find an attorney. This is how I came across Sally Morin, and thank god I did!! They quickly responded to my email and got things rolling right away. Lauren and her team kept in close communication and explained everything about the process eliminating any stress on my end. I didn’t feel hesitant giving them a call or emailing them about anything at all. They truly cared about my case and fought for me the entire way through. Most importantly, they negotiated my  medical and got me the settlement i deserved. They told me multiple times how much of an easy client I was to work with but that was a result of their  hard work and communication. Thanks again Sally Morin you helped me make the best out of an unpleasant situation!!!

David D. – San Francisco, CA


We found Sally Morin and her team through Yelp and now after our case has been settled better than we could have ever imagined we are very happy to give her 5 stars just like everybody else does. Her whole team is beyond friendly and knowledgeable and they are just wonderful people, they have attention to detail and are very personal and prompt in their answers. They also did a great job of making the terminology of their trade understandable to us and they kept fighting for a good settlement instead of going for the easy route. They don’t have to have billboards or cheesy TV ads because they get more than enough work through referrals from clients like us.

Nicolas K. – Oakland, CA

motor-testRecently I had been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained a broken collar bone which required surgery. Sally Morin law made everything so easy. They were able to reduce the outrageous  medical bills and negotiate a great settlement. It was the best decision I ever made. Dont try to settle your own claim. An attorney will get you more than what you do on your own. You my owe money by the time medical bills roll around. Trust somone who knows what their doing.
You alway here how that person got the “Great Attorney.” Well this was it! A big thank you to team of Sally Morin law.  You are simply the best!  Joe

Joe Q. – Napa, CA


Terrible circumstances sometimes yield great surprises – struck by a car and receiving tier 1 trauma services at SF General I found the tel number to Sally Morin Law… Lauren, Sally and Rebecca were better than family in steering me through the 6 months that followed. I recommend this firm without issue. I have never had a better experience working with attorneys or legal staff who were more professional, effective, or nice. I don’t wish my particular circumstances on anyone but if you ever find yourself in the same position you cannot have a finer personal injury attorney helping you than Sally Morin Law. Unquestionably the best!

Leake L. – San Francisco, CA


Lauren and Rebecca at Sally Morin were fantastic, and helped me easily navigate the process after my motorcycle accident. They handled all the paperwork, and interactions with insurance companies, healthcare providers, etc. allowing me to focus on my recovery. Communication was always prompt and transparent.

They helped me get the most compensation, and were very reasonable with the fees, etc. When the damages were slightly less than anticipated they even reduced their fee slightly to help me get more.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. I hope to never need them again, but if I am in another motorcycle or bicycle accident they will be the first people I call!

John A. – Oakland, CA


Sally Morin and her team were instrumental in resolving my personal injury case (doored by a car while biking, resulting in spine and elbow injuries that required two surgeries). They held my hand as I traversed car insurance and personal health insurance claims over the course of two years. Sally, Lauren and co. worked tirelessly to resolve my case and protected my settlement to assure I recovered enough for future medical expenses related to my injury. Sally and her team will fight for your personal interests. I cannot recommend them enough.

Just as a testament to how much I believe in Sally Morin Law, I have requested their services to represent me in a separate case involving an Uber that nailed me while I was walking my pup in a crosswalk.

Andy K. – San Francisco, CA


Breaking three ribs and a collarbone sucks. Luckily, I found Sally to help take a bit of the edge off. I have never sued anyone before, but Sally made it as painless as possible. It took nearly three years and there is a lot that I could say about the process, but suffice it to say that you’re in good hands. If you need a personal injury attorney, choose Sally. She’s there to privately enforce those public laws (i.e. prevent evil corporations from taking advantage of you).

Dan C.-San Francisco, CA


Sally is the best personal injury attorney in the Bay hands down!! Her team is highly skilled and extremely compassionate. I made the huge mistake of hiring another firm (Not knowing better), NEVER again!

If you want someone competent, thorough, kind, and on top of your accident you need to do yourself a BIG favor, and come in here. They are awesome about managing your bills, and keep you in the loop about what is happening with your case. In fact if you have any questions send me an email, I am happy to give them a referral anytime. Yep, they are that wonderful to deal with!! Special thanks to rebecca for being so nice 🙂

G P. – San Francisco, CA


Sally Morin is a great attorney I had worked with. She is very responsible, experienced and worked very hard to get the maximum benefit possible for the victim of vehicle accident.

Last year I was struck by a running vehicle and suffered a spine injury. After some YELP research, I found Sally Morin. Before I was a little skeptical about the review s people write about. But I decided to take a chance. I felt lucky that I made a good decision hiring her as my attorney and completely satisfied with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend her as attorney for body injury as a result of vehicle accident.

Wilson S. – Los Angeles, CA

ped_test-80x80The check was so large, it took four tellers to figure out how to process it.

My accident set me back by $50,000. But everything changed when I finally received a settlement from the driver’s insurance company. One of our very satisfied pedestrian accident clients wrote an article for the Guardian about her experience. 

– Nuala S. – San Francisco

Eryn L.Sally and her staff are incredible. I was hit by a car on my scooter a year ago and Sally helped with all the legal troubles, medical bills ect that go along with an accident. I was hesitant to contact a lawyer but I am so thankful that I did and choose Sally. She takes great care in her clients, always emailing back quickly, checking in and laying out all the options for ones case. I was so impressed by her original demand letter as it was so detailed that I knew she truly listens. If you need a personal injury lawyer then look no further!

oEryn L. – San Francisc

Kobia W.Sally and her team were patient, professional and dedicated to resolving my personal injury matter. After being down and out from a crash, and then emotionally wrecked from an unscrupulous insurance company, it was nice to have Sally Morin’s team fightingfor me through the maze of legal and financial hurdles. If you want a gladiator on your side, hire Sally Morin, Esq.

Kobia W. – Clayton, CA

Adam D.While bike commuting to work a year and a half ago, I was hit by a car that made a sudden, illegal u-turn. My septum was shattered, a piece of my forehead was peeled off (I was wearing a helmet!), I subluxated my shoulder, and my neck and back and knee were messed up. My bike didn’t fare too well either.

A friend who had recently been hit by a car recommended I contact Sally Morin Law. Lauren Pietsch was the attorney who handled my case and guided me through the process. She always offered a realistic but supportive perspective on the case.

The firm’s use of technology made my life easy–I hate having to deal with paperwork. When a bill or relevant letter came in, I’d just snap a picture of it with my phone and send that in to Lauren.

Unfortunately, the driver who hit me had the minimum possible liability insurance coverage (and few assets), which didn’t leave us much to work with. Even though my case couldn’t be a cash cowfor the firm, I continued to receive strong representation and support from Lauren and Sally Morin Law. I can’t emphasize what a relief that was while experiencing the frustration of treatments, recovery, insurance companies, etc.

Ultimately, the resolution was about as good as can be hoped for in a situation like mine. And, as I’ve suggested above, while the experience is inevitably rocky for tort victims, the Sally Morin team helped to minimize frustration along the way. Thanks to the entire team for putting in a lot of hard work and for genuinely caring about helping their clients!

Adam D. – San Francisco

Jon K.

So, I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident early in 2015 that was clearly not my fault.  I had multiple severe injuries and spent quite a bit of time on disability and in and out of the hospital and OR.  I was planning to try to settle the case myself, but I was getting nowhere with the insurance company.  My case was peculiar in that the driver was traveling from out of state for work and in a rental car, so the rental car insurance was the first point of contact.  They were terribly unresponsive and flat out rude.  After a couple of months of trying, I decided to reach out to Sally after reading many online reviews.

Sally immediately jumped on the case and within days, we were getting responses from the insurance company.  Long story short, after months of dealing with multiple insurance companies and various law firms, we finally settled for an amount much larger than I would have ever dreamed.  I attribute the success completely to Sally and her office.  The process went smooth and relatively quickly (personal injury suits can take a long time), and she was extremely responsive and proactive.  I’ve grown to really respect Sally and what she does after admittedly being skeptical of lawyers in general.  Sally really cares about coming to a reasonable and beneficial result for her clients and not just forherself.  She worked to negotiate the Property damage and medical billings liens to no benefit to her.  This work netted me at least 30% more in damages.  She was even kind enough to send a card and gift after the process was all finished.

I write this review as a personal thank you to Sally and her team, they truly do have integrity and passion for helping people who have been wronged.  Thanks Sally!

Jon K. – San Francisco

motor-testWell I have so much to say about Sally Morin. I was in a motorcycle accident November 2014 the other driver was 100% at fault and it changed my life. After reviewing many law firms I chose Sally Morin and from day one I knew I was in good hands. The process gets very stressful and frustrating at time but the entire staff were compassionate and caring from start to finish. They guided me and helped me throughout the process dealing with the insurance companies and just listening to me vent. This accident really messed with me emotionally as well as my physical injuries. Sally and her team were and are absolutely amazing. After a bit of back and forth with the insurance company we finally settled with a number that I was satisfied with. This settlement was solely due to Sally’s patience and amazing negotiating skills.
Sally Morin sincerely cares about her clients and she is extremely experienced in this field. If you want a lawyer you can trust, one that keeps in contact with you every step of the way, answers any and all questions, delivers real results then Sally Morin is who you need to call.
Thank you Sally and your entire staff for truly making a very difficult and stressful situation manageable. You are all amazing.

Anne B. – Vacaville, CA

Jason S.I was hit by a car on my bicycle last October, and was injured as a result. A good friend who’d been in the same situation recommended I contact the law offices of Sally Morin to make sure I didn’t get taken for a ride by the insurance company. I took his advice to contact them and I’m glad I did. Everyone at this law firm is top notch, thourough, effective, and personable. Getting injured is no picnic, but Lauren went to bat for me, and made dealing with the insurance company painless so I could focus on healing and managing my life while I recovered from the injury. If you’re put in a position of needing their services you can’t ask for a better team to handle it for you. Highly recommended!

Jason S. – San Francisco

car_test-80x80Thank you Sally Morin for taking good care of me. I called Sally Morin Law after being involved in a car accident— an accident that that left me broken emotionally and physically. My left humerus was completely fractured and my body was stuck in a state of trauma. When Lauren said she will work on my case, I felt so relieved. She’s very compassionate, honest and very professional. Lauren negotiated with the insurance companies while I focused on getting better. After hours of therapy sessions, my left humerus is now the strongest bone. I’ve never felt so empowered knowing that there are people out there who will fight for us “little guys.” Again, thank you Sally and Lauren… You FIERCE ladies helped me get my inner strength back. You are both beautiful and amazing!!!

Vivien A. – Vallejo, CA

Victor H F.My partner and I were mowed down by a distracted driver… and in Marin County no less! We were immediately inundated and confused by all the billing and liability concerns. Looking to Yelpand other websites for advice, we chose Sally. The reviews forSally Morin Law are not exaggerations. If there were six stars on this thing, we’d give them all to her.

During the 18-month-long process, my partner’s injuries were treated with Sally’s reassurances that all would be well in the end. All along the way, Janai kept us focused and on-time, Lauren was quick and informative, and Sally was the consummate professional when the time came for the sit-down mediation with the insurance company’s lawyers. We are finally through the process, and the anger, fear and bitterness are behind us, thanks to Sally. We are turning the page!

What we learned. 1) The insurance company lawyers who were allegedly defending their “client” (aka the guy who hit us) did not even know the guy’s name. For them, it’s all about money and money only. They even tried to tell my partner that his leg wasn’t broken. Sally was wonderful, helping us stay positive and on-task. 2) Patience and persistence pay off. Sally kept us realistic and optimistic, a delicate balance. 3) If we are ever again hit by an old man in a red Camaro in Marin, or have any personal injury concerns, we will contact Sally Morin Law immediately. Go Team Sally!

Victor H F. – San Francisco

car_test-80x80I’m so grateful that I called Sally. Though I do wish that I had called her much sooner. As I definitely would have had a much stronger case. So call Sally asap. Don’t hesitate, especially if you have been in an injurious auto accident. As I highly recommend Sally Morin for a battle where you are up against the titans of the auto insurance industry, and the medical industry. Sally took my case, guided me through the unfamiliar legal loops, into a deposition, then a mediation, and finally to a favorable settlement. Including getting some of my medical bills waived.

Sally, and her staff, were great to work with and provided excellent support throughout the process. Somehow Sally knew exactly when to give me the cold hard facts, a sympathetic ear, and comic relief. Ya I know, right?!? All that, and more, in a lawyer. So don’t wait for the hospital bills or the insurance company to deny your claim. Call Sally right away.

Lou R.

M-D.-80x80Last year I was in a serious Motorcycle accident that was not my fault. Beyond the initial emergency room visit, I required surgery and months of rehab. All in all, my left leg will probably never reach 100%. It has been a stressful and scary year. But one of the comforts through it all has been the services that Sally Morin provided. While I was focused on my health, she was taking care of everything else. And in the end she got the other driver’s insurance company to settle at an amount that was substantial enough to cover the pain and suffering I had incurred as well ease my worries about paying for any future care related to the accident. She even got the medical collections to decrease my balance due by thousands.
In the end, Sally provided solid advice. She and her staff were attentive to all my questions and concerns. And She was fair, upfront and real about everything. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
I was skeptical to hire a lawyer off of YELP, but in the end it was the best thing I could have done.

M D. San Francisco, CA

bike_test-80x80-1I was in a bike accident in mid 2015 that was clearly not my fault. I spent months in disability. I contacted Sally Morin Law and talked to Lauren. She got my police records in few minutes and from then, I never had to do anything regarding the case. Lauren was very clear in understanding and explaining the situation. I was very happy with the whole process. I would highly recommend Sally Morin Law firm.

Adithya R – Brooklyn, NY

Andy-Kodani-80x80I am not a litigious person at all, and would not previously have given thought to hiring a personal injury attorney. However, after being struck by a car as a pedestrian while walking across a crosswalk with the right of way, sustaining injuries and requiring ambulance transport to SFGH for emergency medical care, I expected a fair offer from the driver’s insurance company afterwards. Instead, they provided an insultingly lowball offer barely above the cost of medical expenses, and after a short period it became clear that negotiating with them on my own would be futile. After searching around for an attorney who seemed fair, well-qualified, reasonable, and not overbearing, I decided to go with Sally Morin.

I have been very pleased with her work on my behalf, which over the course of several months included negotiating with the insurance company, seeking out the defendant when he unfortunately proved to be evasive, reducing the cost of my medical bills, and ultimately arriving at a fair settlement far (thousands of dollars) above what the original offer was. This helped save me a considerable amount of both time and stress. Sally kept me apprised along the way with what was going on and was honest in her work, taking at the end an entirely reasonable percentage fee for her services.

I appreciate all of Sally’s efforts and am glad I went with her. I would absolutely recommend her to others if a similar unfortunate situation were to arise.

Andrew K.

car_test-80x80Last year I had a horrible car accident. A car ran a red light and t-boned me on my drivers side. I had injuries that kept me out of work for approximately two months.
Sally and her team were very professional, thorough, and personable.
They managed to get me more money from my car insurance and negotiate the medical fees more, so in the end I had more money in my settlement.
The most important though is that through the whole time of my recovery and after working towards the final settlement they made my life easier and were always there to answer questions and take care of matters.
Huge thank you to Sally and especially Lauren with whom I talked to very often!

I have never needed a lawyer and found them through Yelp and the reviews.
Dont hesitate to contact them if  the need arises.

A big thanks again to them!

Nick C. – Walnut Creek, CA

bike_testI was hit by a car while riding my bike and at a loss for what to do since I’d just moved to the area less than a year prior. I think if I hadn’t found Sally’s office, I would have had much more difficulty tending to my injuries while staying in school and pursuing my PI case.

Since I was new to the area, I didn’t know where I could easily gofor things like PT and X-rays, and recommendations from Sally’s office were extremely helpful. Also, with Lauren on my case, communication when needed was easy and very clear. I liked that I could communicate with her by e-mail or even text, so that I had a record of interaction  and could reference a conversation if I needed to.

I also appreciated them keeping track of bills, making it easy forme when my settlement came in. Once again, without this office, I don’t know if I’d have been able to handle everything without having to take a break from my graduate studies.
Before this, I had never had to hire a lawyer and was skeptical of them, but now I understand the circumstances where it is vital. I hope to never need Sally’s office again, but I’m glad it was therefor me when I needed it.
Charlene B. – Hayward, CA

Nuala-Sawyer-80x80In 2013 I was seriously hit by a car while biking in San Francisco. While lying in the hospital I picked Sally’s name out of a list of lawyers recommended by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and I’m so glad I did! Sally, Lauren and Janai were a pleasure to work with while I negotiated the difficult emotional, physical, and legal aspects of my case. Due to extended medical care and some lawyer shuffling on the insurance side my case took over a year and a half to settle, but I never once felt like I wasn’t their top priority during that entire time. Every email was answered quickly, and Sally always took the time to educate me about what certain legal terms and steps meant. I felt fully included in the whole process, and also really well taken care of. In the end my case settled at a really great number, and I’ve almost completely healed from my injuries. It’s been a long process and I’m being completely honest when I say that I’m not sure I could have done it without Sally and her team. They RULE.

Nuala Sawyer

bike_test-80x80-1I was riding my bicycle when a car made an illegal turn into me. My bike was wrecked up and I needed surgery and several months of physical therapy. Sally took the case, and I very quickly got paid for loss of use of the bicycle and covering the expenses of travel since I couldn’t ride. Throughout the rest of the process Sally and team were very responsive as they dealt with floods of bills, collections agencies, slow health care providers, and stubborn insurance adjusters. In the end Sally even reduced her fee to get me a good settlement. Plus, she’s a supporter of the SFBC which as a cyclist makes me happy. Overall a very smooth and undemanding experience, I highly recommend Sally if you’re in need of a personal injury lawyer.

Paul H.

Tom S.In January, I was involved in an accident where a car hit me while I was riding my bicycle. I was in a lot of pain and the thought of having to deal with hospitals and insurance companies was too much for me – so I started looking for lawyers. Based on good reviews I saw of Sally Morin, I contacted them through their website, and after giving them the basic details of the case, they decided to take me on.
I can’t be more thankful and grateful for the work that they did. Lauren handled my case and she did an excellent job. She was very communicative, and took care of everything. I never had to talk to insurance companies or hospitals. She did all of the paperwork and made all of the phone calls. She negotiated my medical bills. She reached a very favorable settlement with the insurance company.  Everything is taken care of 9 months after the accident.
I would highly recommend this law firm if you have any type of accident. Lauren is very understanding, helpful, and professional.

Tom S. – Emeryville, CA

car_test-80x80-1People, have you been involved in a personal injury? Are you getting referrals from everyone, including stingers? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices? Look no more: Sally Morin is the best Personal Injury Attorney in the City, or State….
She has a small, service oriented practice. She is prompt with returning phone calls, she pays attention to what you say…She’s hip, energetic, but she’s got years and years of experience under her belt. Don’t let her youthful appearances fool you.
I have referred many people to Sally, partly because I want to look good….I am a doctor of chiropractic who deals with many patients with personal injuries. Its so important to me to know that my patients will be really taken care of. Sally is kind and understanding, tough, punctual, more you would ever imagine from an personal injury attorney. Don’t hesitate to call her if you need a kick ass Personal Injury attorney.

S.O. San Francisco, CA

Scott-B-80x80After getting rear-ended by a distracted driver, I was absolutely clueless as to what to do and where to turn. After a friend recommended me to Sally, my problems quickly faded. Sally and her team worked tirelessly to make sure that I was taken care of on all fronts. Not only did I resolve my issues and get the settlement that I needed, but I got the medical care that I so desperately needed in that moment.

Thank you so much, Sally! While I hope I never have to use a personal injury lawyer again, you will get the first call should that need arise!

Scott B. Escalon, CA

Tom-O-80x80It all started the night I was struck by a car while riding my motorcycle in San Francisco. I was sent to the hospital with a broken humerus and various other bumps and bruises. A couple of days after the accident I spoke with a couple of attorney friends of mine and they recommended that I call Sally.
Sally was easily reachable, very forthcoming about her experience with cases like mine, and very flexible with her schedule. She made a house call to get the case started and explained the contract point-by-point before we moved forward.
Over the course of the next few months Sally kept me updated on her progress and made sure my expectations were in line with the many possible outcomes. She worked hard to build the best case for me and in the end the outcome was exactly what we expected.
I always felt at the top of her list regardless of how many clients she had and was very responsive to all of my calls and emails. I would recommend Sally to anyone who needs an advocate in their corner, regardless of their own experience with serious events like this.

Tom O. Sydney, Australia

ms-80x80I was in a terrible biking accident where I fractured both Clavicles (collarbones) at the same time by being “Doored.” Trying to figure out which was the best lawyer seemed such a task while in recovery. My brother had suggested Sally Morin through the SF bicycling coalition. Not knowing and never having to use a lawyer this seemed to be a scary experience, BUT Sally was one for the most diligent, thorough, and friendliest lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. She not only made it easy to correspond, but really broke my impression of what is stereotyped about lawyers. Sally is an Amazing!!!!!!! Honestly I don’t know what I would have done with out her help and expertise!!!!!

Big love Sally!!!!! and Thanks a Million!!!!!!

Scott H. San Francisco, CA

690389-R1-018-7A_004-80x80Sally just got me a ton of $$$$$ from an auto accident that I had two years ago. She is easy to relate with and is “good people.” I thought I would not be able to get much back for this accident because I waited so long, and the specifics of the claim were messy. Despite these complications, she kept us from going to trial as she negotiated with the insurance company like a pro (and got more than I expected). It has been quick and easy and I am so grateful. I am getting a check in record timing! Amazing Attorney…Call her up.

Nicole L. San Francisco, CA

o-70x80Sally represented my personal injury case last year and I’m glad I found her. We met in a personal development class and I never knew at the time that I would need a personal injury attorney. A few months later a car hit me on my bike. I reached out to Sally, unsure of what steps to take. My bike was totaled and my hand and wrist broken. Sally and her entire office were extremely helpful, patient and responsive with my husband and me the entire time. She regularly checked in on me during my recovery and kept me up to date on status of the case and conversations with the other parties insurance company. My case wasn’t large but she treated me as if I was one of her only cases. I’ve already recommended Sally to friends and that’s the highest recommendation I could offer.

Natalie S. San Francisco, CA

bike_test-80x80I was hit by a car on my bike in July of 2013, and suffered multiple physical and mental injuries. From the moment I talked to Sally’s office while in the hospital I knew that I’d found a great firm, and that rung true throughout all my interactions with her and her staff. When I couldn’t afford to pay my physical therapy costs out of pocket they found me a GREAT therapist who would hold off on billing me until the settlement came through. For every additional surgery and setback and struggle I felt fully supported, and secure in the knowledge that Sally and her team were working hard to settle my case quickly, accurately and with the highest regard for my long-term recovery.

I truly can’t recommend Sally Morin enough as a lawyer – this painful long journey would have been exponentially more difficult without her at my side, helping me negotiate medical bill collection agencies and difficult witnesses. In the end we settled the case at a really satisfactory number, due in part to Sally’s commitment and stubborness not to let the other side bully us down. Watching her fight for me was inspiring, and I’m so so happy I picked her name out of a list of lawyers.

Light E. San Francisco

Dong--80x80I was riding a motorcycle and was involved in an accident where I was not at fault. My leg and ankle were broken as a result.

I decided go to Sally at the recommendation of another attorney who reviewed my case and decided additional expert help with awesome experience was req’d.

I was in a mess. My medical bills were more than the coverage limits of the responsible party. My treatment was extensive and costly. I understood squat about the procedures and laws which is where Sally came to the rescue.

Sally walked me through everything, at one point scheduled a meeting close to my house because I was not very mobile, spoke with me like a person and not a case #, and just pretty much made the whole ordeal so much easier. Her team was able to negotiate down my ballooning medical expenses, and even gave me a break on her fees because the overall cr@ppy situation.

Whatever….my medical bills were taken care of and I owe no $. I thought I would come out of this case with $ out of my pocket, but Sally personally made sure otherwise. Thanks Sally and team, you are lifesavers.

Two issues I had with Sally which will not affect my rating:
1. Parking by her office sucks.
2. I wish Sally would pickup the phone and I didn’t not have to leave messages. BUT, I completely understand this is a result when services are recognized and in high-demand I guess.

Dong T. San Francisco, CA

Kim-KSally Morin is an outstanding attorney and I have been more than pleased with her work on my Yellow Cab case. I found her on Yelp and her reviews are nothing but truth- she is the best. It sucks going up against a large entity such as Yellow Cab , but Sally was able to negotiate what I thought to be a very good settlement. I am extremely happy with the way that she handled the case and would hire her again if I needed to. Thank you Sally, I appreciate all of your help!!

Kim K. San Francisco, CA

Aaron-W-80x80My wife was a victim of a pedestrian crosswalk accident. She sustained head injuries and was hospitalized following the accident. We hired Sally to pursue a case against the responsible party who struck her from behind while she had the right of way. We received a low-ball offer which would have barely covered the medical bills, but Sally rejected it and moved ahead with litigation proceedings.

Minutes before my wife’s scheduled deposition, the defendant’s insurance company caved and Sally negotiated a more reasonable settlement. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and stood up for my wife against the insurance company. The final settlement was TRIPLE the original offer and we were pleased to finally put this ordeal behind us. My wife and I would highly recommend Sally and her associates to anyone in need of legal representation.

Sally you are the best!
Aaron & Amanda

Aaron W.

John-W-80x80During the first phone conversation I had with Sally I knew right away that I could trust her. For me this was incredibly important because it was her honesty that won me over and safely allowed me to accept her as my representative partner. I use the word “partner” because Sally created an environment where we worked together, toward a common goal, and I knew I could count on her. She of course led the way, and I always felt like we made progress together. It was such a nice change from a previous experience in another, somewhat similar situation. What facilitated this the best was the way she communicated. I always knew what was happening, and I always had a voice and a choice.

I highly recommend Sally Morin as a personal injury attorney. She demonstrated true professionalism by promptly working on my case, caring about my situation, and communicating with me on a regular basis. Through her hard work the case was resolved in my favor. If I ever get into a similar situation again, without hesitation, I know exactly who to call.

John W. Brentwood, CA

Codin-PSome time ago I was run over by a car, on the sidewalk no less by a woman who confused her pedals. I ended up with a torn ACL, fractured knee… I had just found out my wife was pregnant, and we were in the middle of moving out of the city. Needless to say it was a very confusing and stressful time.

I found Sally Morin on Yelp, gave it a go, and boy did I make the right decision. She was amazing, as was her team. Even though the woman who ran me over had minimal insurance coverage, far too small to cover the entire medical costs, Sally managed to negotiate with my insurance company to get them to reduce their costs by more than 2/3ds. Not only that but she halved her own fee, so that not only were all my costs covered but I was able to get a little extra money.

If you want a lawyer who will put your own needs above her own financial gain, Sally is that person. Amazing, never thought such lawyers existed, but Sally has proven me wrong. Definitely would recommend her to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.

Codin P. Palo Alto, CA

Beverly-WSally Morin is an incredibly effective personal injury attorney, but just as important, she’s personable and caring. I was hit by a car as I was walking in a crosswalk, had the ambulance ride to the hospital, etc. and was really lucky to get out of there with “just” a blown-out knee. Reconstructive knee surgery and 3 months of intensive physical therapy in addition to the ambulance and ER added up to a whopping bill.

I knew I needed a lawyer but didn’t know where to turn – except to Yelp – and this is where I found Sally. She totally lived up to her perfect 5 stars. I couldn’t face hobbling downtown on crutches so she met with me near my home after business hours, explained the whole process in detail and answered all my questions.

The really great stroke of luck in all this was that the guy who hit me had a huge liability policy. Sally said matter-of-factly that she would immediately get the ENTIRE AMOUNT signed over from the insurance company, and go from there to negotiate reduced charges for my medical bills. Which is exactly what happened. I wound up getting a big chunk of change that lessened the pain of knowing that my knee will never be the same. Thanks, Sally.

Beverly W., San Francisco, CA

IMG_49521-80x80Sally is the best! She really is there to help you. I was hit by a car while crossing the street and thought it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer to help me deal with the medical bills and the insurance company. I looked at four of the top rated P.I. Attorneys in the city, and found Sally to be the best. She is caring and compassionate and very dedicated to her work. Sally helped me deal with a complicated case and less than cooperative doctors. She definitely did all she could to help me get the most out a minimum limits insurance policy. Initially my case seemed pretty straight forward. I had the walk light and the woman who hit me admitted fault. It never occurred to me that my medical bills might not get covered. Unfortunately the woman who hit me had a minimum limits policy. I was super stressed, but Sally helped out with everything, including reassuring me that things would work out. In the end she was able to negotiate with all but one of my doctors to get my bills lowered and on top of that she reduced her fee to make sure I had was going to get some money back. Overall she and her staff are pretty amazing.

Jen Satzger

Tracy-PSally did a FANTASTIC job handling my car accident case. The insurance company tried to settle the case for an absurdly small sum and Sally helped me fight to get what was fair. She made sure my medical providers were taken care of appropriately – which was important to me given how much they helped me recover. Sally was persistent but respectful and always worked around my schedule. We were also able to handle most of the process electronically, which was a huge time saver for me. I would recommend Sally to help if you have been in an accident. She will help you get what’s fair without making the case your life’s focus!!

Tracy P. San Francisco, CA

VS-80x80My experience with Sally and the work she does has been incredibly fulfilling. In 2007 I was struck by a cab while walking home from class, which launched a three year-long case to reclaim some justice. Because of my injuries, everything in my life felt like it had been turned upside down. However, throughout the case, Sally was nothing but incredibly patient, professional, trustworthy, and sincere. I felt very fortunate to have her on my side and I learned a lot from working with her. When it comes to litigation, she is confident and fearless, no matter who the client may be. We finally settled the case this year and I credit the wonderful outcome to Sally’s innate verve and unfaltering dedication. She is an amazing attorney, an amazing person.

V. S. Los Angeles, CA

bike_test-80x80-1I was hit by a van while riding my bike on a charity ride. It was a terrible crash and could have easily been fatal but I was lucky to only suffer a broken ankle. This was a bad injury which required surgery and four screws. There was no question the other party was at fault. I had witnesses, pictures and a highway patrol report all in my favor. After speaking with a couple of other attorneys on the phone and meeting one in person, I realized it was difficult to find a good lawyer. My brother found Sally on Yelp and after talking with her on the phone I was confident she could handle my case and get the best settlement possible. Sally took care of everything. She settled all my bills, negotiated with the medical insurance, got the limits from the other party’s insurance for liability and property and also got the limit from my own uninsured auto coverage. I was not even aware my auto insurance covered me on my bike. On top of all this she discounted her own fees. In the end I got the most I could have hoped for given the insurance limits and my expenses were significantly reduced I highly recommend Sally.

Bill B. – San Francisco

ped_test-80x80I was struck by a car while walking across a crosswalk, my right of way. I filed a personal injury claim with the driver’s insurance company during my recovery, but it was an unpleasant experience and I felt unsure of every step.

While researching personal injury attorneys, I came across the FAQs on Sally’s website. It’s a very helpful page and the answers are straightforward, no bs. Thank you Sally for providing helpful tips to anyone considering a personal injury attorney. Sally and her entire team are fantastic! They’re patient and were on top of every detail in my case. I felt informed throughout the process and when I was confused or had questions, they explained and clarified without being condescending. Sally and her team helped me reach a settlement in a timely manner and saved me from the stress of dealing with insurance companies and hospitals during my recovery.

I am fortunate to have had Sally and her team help me through a difficult time. To anyone reading this and to those in need of a personal injury attorney, I would definitely recommend Sally and her team. Thank you for taking my case, Sally! You and your team are awesome! 🙂

Melissa N.

ms2-80x80In 2013 I was in a motorcycle accident, driver changed lanes and happened to be where he wanted to be. The guy was nice enough to help me up and move my bike to the shoulder of the road, but immediately took off afterwards. Managed to get his plate number. Had to go to the ER and they thought it was just a badly sprained wrist after x-rays and such. Then a few months later when the pain didn’t stop found out through a few more tests that I had broken one of the small bones in my wrist and that it would not heal correctly without surgery, a pin, and physical therapy.

Stepping back a bit, right after the accident I decided that since it was a hit and run, I might want to look for legal help as I had no idea how to handle something like this. Had never sought legal advise before and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Thought I would look on Yelp to see if I could find anyone, I mean I find Yelp really helpful when looking for chinese food, why not legal help right?

Anyway, found Sally and I am really glad I did. Her and her team made everything really easy and they are great at staying in contact with you. I was really busy with work at the time and wasn’t able to meet them in person till almost the end of my case and they were completely supportive of that. Worked over the phone, through emails, and were in constant contact with updates and to just see how I was doing with my recovery, for nearly 2 straight years!!

Now keep in mind, things like these do take time, don’t expect to have this sorted the next day. It took the better half of 9 months with surgery and physical therapy alone, and she cant really get everything sorted until the treatment is done and the final bills are in. She really fought for me with the insurance (both mine and the other guys) and was extremely fair when it came to my settlement.

So when it finally came down to the last couple of months my health insurance decided to be completely uncooperative and kind of dragged things out longer than they really needed to be with long response times and asking for the same information repetitively. Sally and her team did not give up though. They negotiated with them to lower their costs to net me more of a settlement and even though they only came down a tiny bit, I really appreciate all the effort that she put into it.

When all was said and done and the final numbers were in Sally went over everything with me, legal costs, insurance costs, ect. When she broke the news to me that my health insurance wasn’t coming down in costs like health insurance companies normally do through negotiations, she went and cut her legal fees just so I would net more on the settlement! This is something that I didn’t ask for and that she willingly brought to the table. I was Wow’d!! To take a hit on essentially what your paycheck is to take care of your client is amazing and I am so grateful to have found her!!!

All in all, I had an amazing experience with Sally and her team. They are great and caring people. In the unfortunate event that you need legal help, you need Sally Morin! They are honest, fair, and more than I could have ever asked for.

After receiving my settlement, Sally sent me an email. In a last ditch effort, she asked for another reduction through my insurance company and was able to get them to drop it another 2k. Sally messaged me suggesting to split it 50/50 which I thought was more than fair! She had already reduced my legal fees to net me more, and this just went so far beyond what I had expected. I am truly grateful.

Ken W. Burlingame, CA

Aunt-E.-80x80I needed a consultation for a personal injury case I had been trying to settle. I called Ms. Morin’s office and spoke with a truly lovely person. She was very knowledgeable, kind and patient. She gave me some great information and she was very honest with me that Sally couldn’t consult with me on my case. The information I received was really helpful and the whole interaction was very pleasant. A rare experience in today’s world where usually everyone’s so in a rush. If ever I am in need of a attorney again, or know anyone needing one, I would recommend Sally Morin in a heartbeat.

Aunt E. Oakland, CA

Lyssa-G-80x80Sally did an amazing job settling my personal injury automobile accident case. I was stopped on the freeway and rear-ended by a texting man in a big truck (don’t text and drive). My car was totaled and I suffered whiplash and two herniated discs in my spine.

The driver of the other vehicle had the minimum insurance allowed in California, which did not even begin to cover my hospital and doctor’s bills. Sally was able to negotiate my medical bills to a fraction (10%) of the original bills. As a result, I also received a fair amount of money for pain and suffering and lost wages and other out of pocket expenses.

Sally was always very kind, responsive and helpful. Aside from the wonderful and unexpected settlement, the best part was that instead of dealing with the slimy insurance settlement case worker (who wanted to show up at my work to verify my injury), I dealt with Sally and her knowledgeable and kind staff. It gave me peace of mind to be able to deal with someone with so much integrity who had my interests in mind.

Lyssa G.

Shane_B-80x80I called on Sally after a car accident and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Most of my time was spent dealing with Janai, her assistant. Janai did an extraordinary job of making the process as smooth as possible. She has an extremely personable and caring personality. Sally was there to guide me through the difficult steps with genuine leadership that earns your trust. All expectations that I had going in were exceeded, including the care and effort put in, along with the settlement. The perfect 5 star record is well deserved.

Shane B. – San Francisco

Polly-80x80Sally has helped me through tough situations, without her help, I would have been lost. I highly recommend her as a personal injury attorney!


Polly B.

Julia-KI contacted Sally regarding a personal injury case from a car accident several months ago. She was super efficient and prompt regarding all my questions and concerns. Most importantly, she is honest and trustworthy! I’ve already recommended her to fellow co-workers. I highly recommend Sally.

Julia K.

Cella-M-80x80Sally assisted me following a car accident injury. I’ve never dealt with legal issues before, so the whole process was kind of stressful and confusing for me. Sally’s help was invaluable. She was understanding, clear, honest, responsive. She answered my questions promptly and clearly, and I felt like she was a true advocate.

Cella M. San Francisco, CA

Joanna-80x80Sally helped me through a tough personal injury case. I was hit by a car, in the crosswalk, while crossing 19th avenue. Needless to say, my physical injuries were serious. Sally began to help me while I was still in the hospital and was there for me through my recovery.
Sally and her staff were caring, diligent, and honest. I can’t say enough good things about Sally. At a time when I had enough on my hands just healing, Sally was there to handle the settlement, so I could just focus on walking again and getting back to work.
If you have a personal injury case, you definitely want Sally on your side.

Joanna B. San Francisco, CA

car_test-80x80-2Sally Morin is the most professional personal injury Attorney we have ever worked with. We searched for a very long time. She was very on top of the case the entire time. Quick to respond to questions and very knowledgable. We never had to travel to meet her. She responded to all telephone calls and settled the case in a very timely manner. We would use her again in a heart beat!