When you grab an Amazon package off your front porch, you probably don’t think much about how it got there. But that package arrived in your hands through a massive network of Amazon warehouse workers and delivery drivers.

Most of Amazon’s packages are managed by their division called Amazon Logistics, which handled about 3.5 billion packages last year and expects to handle 6.5 billion annually by 2022. This makes Amazon much bigger than both FedEx and UPS.

Only the United States Postal Service comes close to the size of Amazon in terms of sheer delivery volume – and that’s partly because the two entities have contracts to make joint deliveries together. The USPS delivers just over 50% of Amazon’s packages, usually during the “last mile” to mailboxes and front doors.

When a delivery truck or van hits you on the streets of California, there’s a good chance it’s an Amazon vehicle. The trouble is, Amazon often tries to shift the blame for accidents and avoid paying for your medical bills, car repairs, and other damages.

Here’s Why Amazon Accidents are Rising Fast

If it seems like you’re hearing a lot more about Amazon vehicle accidents, you’re not imagining things. These stories are increasingly in our local news in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and all throughout California.

Maybe you heard about the California Bay Area 10 year-old-killed by an Amazon delivery van. Or maybe you saw the New York Times investigation about how Amazon heavily advertises their extremely fast shipping service, yet denies responsibility for accidents.

Across the nation, Amazon drivers have already been feeling overwhelmed and overworked in the past few years. Then several things happened all at once to put even more pressure on them: the COVID-19 crisis, the 2020 holiday delivery season, and a struggling economy.

It’s not hard to imagine why so many Amazon drivers are causing accidents. They’re tired, stressed, and prone to driving errors that put people at risk. You may find yourself in an Amazon-related accident sometime soon, whether you’re a fellow motorist, a pedestrian, or even an Amazon driver yourself.

Handling the Aftermath of an Amazon Vehicle Accident

If you’re in an accident that involves an Amazon delivery vehicle, immediately seek emergency care for yourself and anyone else who’s injured. Report the accident to the police. Accept medical assistance and save the documentation of your care.

At the scene of the accident, take photos and videos if you can. Identify everyone involved and get their contact information. Request a copy of the police report and contact a delivery accident injury attorney as soon as possible with all of these details.

What happens next will depend on what occurred when you were injured and who was involved, including an Amazon driver and other drivers. An insurance claim can potentially cover the majority of your financial losses including your medical bills, car damage, and more.

The Amazon driver’s Amazon Flex Insurance may cover some or all of your losses. Generally speaking, Amazon Flex Insurance covers up to $50,000 in vehicle damages and $1 million in damages to third-party vehicles and bodily injuries.

Get Ready – Amazon Will Likely Fight Your Claim

Despite all of the insurance coverage available, Amazon isn’t eager to admit fault or pay claims. A ProPublica investigation of 60 Amazon accidents, including 10 deaths, found that Amazon wears people down with an arduous claims process that shifts responsibility among various logistics companies and insurance policies.

Plus, you may need to seek additional compensation from another party’s insurance company or start a personal injury lawsuit. This is a lot to handle during a time when you’re trying to rest and recover from an accident.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we’re here to help you. We have many years of experience handling Amazon vehicle accidents. We can help you understand your options and assertively pursue the high-value compensation you deserve.

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After an injury, contact the attorneys at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. We handle many areas of the law, including Amazon driver accidents. We believe you should be able to focus on recovering while we handle the legal details.

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After an injury, contact the attorneys at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. We handle many areas of the law, including pedestrian and car accidents that involve speeding. We believe you should be able to focus on recovering while we handle the legal details.

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