Complete Guide to Manage Your Personal Injury Case

Don't Jeopardize Your Accident Claim!

It is essential to know your rights after a traffic accident  so you can protect yourself and the value of your claim!


What’s Inside the Guide?


Learn what to do when dealing with insurance claims, police reports and lawyers.


How to avoid making mistakes that undermine the value of your claim.


Put yourself in a position to get the best settlement possible.

About the Author

Sally Morin

Sally Morin is a driven and dedicated personal injury attorney with a laser focus on serious bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle and auto/rideshare accident cases. Although Sally was groomed as a trial lawyer, her primary goal now is quick and low-stress resolution of personal injury cases. Sally helps people get back to their families, their work and their fulfilling lives - not be consumed by their legal case.

In addition to running an all-woman personal injury law firm since 2008, Sally worked as a prosecutor in the San Francisco District Attorney's office. Sally's track record includes dozens of six-figure settlements annually and numerous million dollar+ results. In addition, Sally also has over 150 five-star reviews. She and her team are all about optimizing the client experience!

Through this FREE guide, Sally makes valuable information accessible to those without a lawyer. Her goal is to empower readers with useful information so they can even the playing field and get the best possible result.

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Complete Guide to Manage Your Personal Injury Case