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Most traffic accidents in Los Angeles are minor. These blows in the defense are just another nuisance and part of living in a big city. But sometimes accidents can do more than break a taillight or dent a door. A serious car accident in Los Angeles can completely derail your life, leave you really injured and out of work, place financial pressure on you and your family, and have long-term (maybe even permanent) effects.

When that happens, we can help. Sally Morin has assembled a team of expert car accident lawyers in Los Angeles to help victims get the compensation they deserve and get back on the road quickly. If that means negotiating a substantial agreement, either negotiate with the insurer of the guilty party or go to court to fight for what our client deserves. You have been in a car accident. Isn't that enough? Let's take the wheel!

If you have been in a serious car accident and have suffered from:






Talking with a Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers San Francisco bicycle accident lawyer (or by completing our FREE online case evaluation ) is the first step on the road to recovery.

Don't Drive Only Your Accident Claim in Los Angeles 

Many people think that hiring a lawyer for your car accident is too expensive and unnecessary. They think that insurance companies will automatically make a check to cover their expenses. But the sad truth is that those checks do not come easily. And when they finally arrive, they come with the smallest amount possible.

Estos pagos rápidos pueden venir sin la participación de un abogado y sus honorarios, pero no tampoco tienen en cuenta la magnitud de tus lesiones o la longitud total de tu tiempo de recuperación. Claro ¿pueden pagar por tus gastos médicos pasados, pero cubrirán tus salarios perdidos? ¿Cubrirán la terapia física adicional si la necesitas o los procedimientos quirúrgicos que pueden ser necesarios en el futuro? ¿Van a pagar por el dolor y el sufrimiento que aguantaste cuando estabas recuperándote de tus lesiones?

Asegurarte de obtener todas estas compensaciones importantes, es lo que un buen abogado de accidentes de coche en Los Ángeles te ayudará a hacer. Suponiendo que el abogado que elijas tiene un historial de éxito, esto te llevará mucho más allá de lo que son tus gastos legales, poniendo más dinero en tu cartera cuando tu caso haya terminado.

Las Lesiones y Muertes por Accidentes de Coche en Los Ángeles Siguen al Alza

Los Angeles County has the highest number of injuries and fatalities related to car accidents throughout California and for alcohol-related traffic accidents (DUI). There are about 80,000 traffic accidents in Los Angeles County every year. In 2016 there was a record 260 deaths; an increase of almost 43% compared to 2015 (deaths in car accidents in the United States only increased 6% in 2017). Despite the city's commitment to the “Vision Zero” program, Los Angeles again saw a staggering 22% increase in traffic accident deaths. Not all car accidents in Los Angeles cause death, but there are thousands and thousands of car accidents that result in reported injuries each year.

These can happen to anyone and are often the fault of another person. Distracted, negligent or reckless drivers produce the vast majority of traffic accidents in Los Angeles. In fact, the main factors that contribute to traffic accidents are:

  1. Speed
  2. Not give in
  3. Undue turns
  4. Do not obey traffic signs
  5. Alcohol consumption
  6. Distracted driving

These main causes of traffic accidents in Los Angeles are the fault of the other driver in most cases.

Even if you've never been to a car accident in Los Angeles before, the chances of having one in the next year are about one in ten. Hopefully, it won't happen. If you end up in a car accident, the ideal thing is that it is an accident with minor injuries that requires little or no medical treatment and that certainly does not involve hiring a car accident lawyer. However, if you are seriously injured in a car accident in Los Angeles, you will want to have a lawyer you can trust during this stressful time.

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You don't have to endure your accident alone

If you add emotional stress to physical pain and the frustration of being injured in a car accident in Los Angeles, it will not be difficult to see how quickly you can get overwhelmed. But there is help!

Sally Morin and her team of car accident experts have been helping traffic accident victims in Los Angeles get the financial compensation they deserve for more than two decades.
We can:

  • Negotiate with insurance companies to obtain higher payments in car accident cases
  • Reduce your financial obligations with medical providers (keep more money for you)
  • Shorten the claims resolution process so you can continue your life again as soon as possible
  • Go to court if required (Sally has been successfully litigating personal injury cases in California for more than 20 years)
  • Deal directly with all parties involved so you can focus on your recovery.

Not ready to hire a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles? Here are some things you should do in the meantime to avoid ruining your chances of a solid outcome.

How to Protect You and Your Claim After a Car Accident in Los Angeles

While it may be impossible for you to avoid traffic accidents, there are a number of things you can do after the fact to speed up your recovery process and build a strong case against the driver who was at fault. Especially if you have suffered serious injuries and if you are going to have to hire a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles:

  1. Seek Medical Care | Getting your injuries documented is the first step in building a strong personal injury case. Be sure to follow the doctor's instructions and receive all necessary follow-up care.
  2. Document the Accident | If you are capable at the time of the accident, take photos of all the vehicles involved, the crossing or the street where the accident occurred, record the names and addresses of all witnesses. Having accurate and timely information makes demonstrating responsibility in a court of law much easier. If you can't, find a trusted friend or relative to do the research work.
  3. Do not rely solely on the Police Report | Los Angeles police are overworked and often important details are left out or incorrectly reported on paperwork. Having your own documentation and witnesses could make the difference between a successful solution process and receive less than you deserve. Often, cases that are not sufficiently documented at the time of the accident end up in court. Do not ignore evidence.
  4. Don't Talk Directly with Insurance Adjusters | Insurance adjusters will obtain private information from you (such as your Social Security Number) and will use everything you say to decrease the amount offered to you. It is much easier and more fun to say "Talk to my lawyer!"
  5. You must not publish about your car accident in social networks | Just no! Do not give fuel to the other side. Wait until you speak with a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles. It will probably advise you to stay away from social networks (at least in regards to your car accident) for the duration of your case.
  6. Let a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles take the Flyer | Let an experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles take the wheel and minimize the risk of losing the monetary compensation to which you are likely entitled. Talk to one of Sally Morin's Personal Injury Lawyers professionals today.

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If at any given time you are not 100% satisfied that you have hired Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers regarding the quality and service you receive from our lawyers, we will cancel the contract at no cost to seek a different representation. Without asking anything.

Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers: A Different Class of Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys for You

We are not like the other car accident lawyers in Los Angeles. You won't see us on the billboards, on buses or on television late at night. We select each and every one of our clients, so we can create the best possible relationships between lawyer and client.

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  • We don't make unrealistic promises to get you to hire us.
  • We will not forget you and return your phone calls or emails.
  • We don't leave you all paperwork while we receive a paycheck.
  • We don't force you to go to a trial just to boost our own egos. 

What we do is get as much money for your pocket as possible as soon as we can. How do we do that?

We Have a Focus on Representing Customers Who Have Suffered Traffic Accidents in Los Angeles

  • We choose our customers very precisely. We work exclusively with hardworking and reasonable people who have been seriously injured (not just from a whiplash) in traffic accidents in Los Angeles. We know that these individuals are not to scam insurance companies or punish. They have suffered significant injuries and simply want a fair solution that covers their medical expenses, lost income, and other needs while they recover.
  • We focus exclusively on cases of pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, and traffic accidents in Los Angeles. This precision has allowed us to become experts in this kind of complicated legal battles. We know what to expect from all parties involved and how to get everything you deserve. 
  • We keep all our customers informed throughout the car accident claims process in Los Angeles, explaining everything in simple terms that they can understand. This allows traffic accident victims to make the right decisions for themselves.
  • We are never out of touch. You have direct access to the lawyer in charge of your case and will answer your phone calls and emails as soon as possible, not days later.

The Important for Us is the Customer Service! 

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we know that it is not only money that our clients seek, but the sense of balance in their lives after a life-changing car accident. They want to work fast again. They want bill collectors to stop calling. They want their savings accounts to stop being consumed. They want the stress of their car accident claim in Los Angeles to disappear so they can focus on their physical recovery.

If this sounds like you, we arrive to see if we can help you.

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Have you been seriously injured in a car accident in Los Angeles that has been caused by another driver? Your number one priority is to leave your accident in the past and return to your normal life? Most likely, we can help. Get in touch with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer from Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. Call (323) 283-8211 today or submit your case online for help now.

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