$100k SETTLEMENT for Motorcycle Accident While Lane Splitting

What happens when you are in a motorcycle accident while lane splitting?

Well, here's what happened one of our clients who was in a motorcycle accident while lane splitting. On a summer evening in American Canyon, California, a gentleman was enjoying an evening ride on his motorcycle along the Napa Vallejo Highway. As is common practice for motorcyclists in California, the motorcyclist was safely lane splitting through traffic as he often did when encountering congested traffic. He was not in a hurry, and was riding carefully as normal towards his home in Napa.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist’s commute was rudely interrupted when a car travelling in the same direction as him, suddenly and carelessly changed lanes cutting off the motorcyclist’s right of way. Upon impact with the vehicle, he was thrown from his motorcycle to the pavement, his helmet slamming against the asphalt.

Fortunately, the at-fault driver accepted responsibility for the accident and apologized at the scene for his negligent behavior. (This is NOT typical in when someone is in a motorcycle accident while lane splitting!) His apology, however, albeit a nice gesture, did not negate the motorcyclist’s need for immediate emergency medical treatment. When paramedics arrived, they noted that his right clavicle was notably deformed and observed several abrasions covering his body.

Shortly thereafter he was admitted to the emergency department, and scheduled for surgery to implant hardware into his collarbone to ensure proper healing. Due to the severity of the motorcyclist’s fracture, a long plate had to be inserted into his shoulder, and was held in place by 10 pins. The motorcyclist was ordered off work by his surgeon for the next two months to allow for a full recovery.

As the motorcyclist’s treatment continued, he grew concerned about medical expenses that were piling up. These concerns came to a head when an emergency department bill arrived at his home carrying a price tag of $45,000. Not knowing how to proceed, the motorcyclist contacted personal injury attorney, Sally Morin, and her team for assistance with his motorcycle accident case.

From the outset, the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers hit the ground running, immediately requesting medical and billing records from the motorcyclist’s providers to start building his case. Shortly after taking on the case, the team determined the at-fault driver carried liability limits of $100,000. Confident the motorcyclist’s case was valued at more than $100,000, Sally Morin demanded the at-fault driver’s insurance turn over their full policy limits to settle his claim. Knowing the motorcyclist was out of work and concerned over finances, the team did their best to expedite the settlement of his case.

After reviewing the demand written and submitted by California motorcycle accident attorney Sally Morin and her team, and the motorcyclist’s medical and billing records, the at-fault insurance company agreed to tender $100,000 in settlement of the motorcyclist’s claim. The claim was settled unusually fast—only one short month after Sally Morin took the case.

We provided enormous value by negotiating significant reductions of the motoryclist's medical bills.

Due to the large amount of outstanding medical expenses and limited settlement funds, Sally Morin and her team started looking for other ways to increase the value of the motorcyclist’s claim. Deciding to tackle the outstanding medical bills next, the team began negotiations with the motorcyclist’s health insurance company. Sally Morin and her team were successful in reducing the medical lien by thousands of dollars, ultimately increasing the amount of money going directly to the motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist’s personal injury claim was resolved only three short months after his accident, allowing him to put the trauma behind him quite quickly and get back to his life. Using their experience and expertise in the area of helping people in a motorcycle accident while lane splitting, Sally Morin and her team maximized the motorcyclist’s claim, fighting for a great net settlement that allowed her client to feel financially sound once again. Needless to say, Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers has another happy client!

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