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At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers: Oakland, we know choosing the right attorney to handle your traffic accident claim may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

So we wanted to share just a few of the amazing Oakland personal injury client reviews that our Oakland accident attorneys have earned over the years.

Our clients choose us because they want to fully protect and maximize the value of their traffic accident claim without the added time, stress and cost of going to trial.

The personal injury team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers: Oakland only handles serious claims involving broken bones, traumatic brain injury, or injuries requiring surgery.

While our Oakland, California personal injury law office is new, our experienced team has garnered over 150 perfect 5-star reviews for our four locations across California. And we’re excited to bring this customer-centric approach that has made us so popular in Northern California to our new clients in Oakland and greater Southern California.

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Our Oakland Accident Attorney Reviews

profile-picVivien A.

Car Accident on I-780 in Benicia California

Thank you Sally Morin for taking good care of me. I called Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers after being involved in a car accident– an accident that that left me broken emotionally and physically. When Lauren said she will work on my case, I felt so relieved. She’s very compassionate, honest and very professional. Lauren negotiated with the insurance companies while I focused on getting better. After hours of therapy sessions, my left humerus is now the strongest bone. I’ve never felt so empowered knowing that there are people out there who will fight for us “little guys.” Again, thank you Sally and Lauren… You FIERCE ladies helped me get my inner strength back. You are both beautiful and amazing!!!

profile-picLorren B.

“They really have your back!”

Amazing group of women to work with! Extremely professional, easy to communicate with, proactive, thorough, and thoughtful. They truly go above and beyond, and really have your back.

profile-picNicolas K.

Car Accident on 14th Street at Poplar Street in Oakland

We found Sally Morin and her team through Yelp and now after our case has been settled better than we could have ever imagined we are very happy to give her 5 stars just like everybody else does. Her whole team is beyond friendly and knowledgeable and they are just wonderful people, they have attention to detail and are very personal and prompt in their answers. They also did a great job of making the terminology of their trade understandable to us and they kept fighting for a good settlement instead of going for the easy route. They don’t have to have billboards or cheesy TV ads because they get more than enough work through referrals from clients like us.

profile-picTomas G.

Bicycle Accident on Snake Road at Skyline Boulevard in Oakland

It’s taken me a while to write this review, not because I lack motivation; rather, I wanted to make sure that my comments were thoughtful and accurately reflected my absolute satisfaction with Sally, Janai, and the entire team who devoted much time and attention to my case. In the same way that they took care to ensure that (1) my interests were at the forefront, (2) communicated with me regularly and accurately, and (3) demonstrated true concern and care for me as a person, I wanted to be sure that everyone knew how happy I am with the process and the results. I would unequivocally and resolutely recommend Sally!

profile-picKobia W.

Motorcycle Hit by Van Turning Left from Telegraph Avenue to Derby Street in Berkeley

Sally and her team were patient, professional and dedicated to resolving my personal injury matter. After being down and out from a crash, and then emotionally wrecked from an unscrupulous insurance company, it was nice to have Sally Morin’s team fighting for me through the maze of legal and financial hurdles. If you want a gladiator on your side, hire Sally Morin, Esq.

profile-picDaniel H.

“I never felt in the dark about what was going on with my case.”

I can’t say enough about Lauren and the team of lawyers at Sally Morin. I was hit by a car while on my bike and they helped me put my life back together. They managed my medical bills, and handled all of the communications with insurance companies so I could focus on healing. Lauren kept me updated on the case proceedings through regular communication, I never felt in the dark about what was going on with my case. Lauren achieved a really favorable outcome for me in the end and even negotiated down my medical bills. I would never have been able to achieve this outcome on my own. The service Sally Morin provided was truly valuable, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer.

profile-picMolly S.

Pedestrian Hit by Car at Telegraph Avenue and 39th Street in Oakland

I found Sally and her office after a long and demoralizing search for legal help, and am so glad that I did. She and her team were calm, helpful, thorough, optimistic (which is important when staring down the barrel of a confusing legal process!) and made sure that I was aware what was happening during each step. From the start, she was clearly more interested in helping me resolve my situation than in maximizing her profit. I have already recommended her to several friends, and would highly recommend her to anyone!

profile-picJon K.

Motorcycle Hit by Car While Lane-Splitting on the 80 near Powell Street Exit

So, I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident that was clearly not my fault. Long story short, after months of dealing with multiple insurance companies and various law firms, we finally settled for an amount much larger than I would have ever dreamed. I attribute the success completely to Sally and her office. The process went smooth and relatively quickly (personal injury suits can take a long time), and she was extremely responsive and proactive. I’ve grown to really respect Sally and what she does after admittedly being skeptical of lawyers in general. Sally really cares about coming to a reasonable and beneficial result for her clients and not just for herself!

profile-picNick C.

T-Bone Car Crash on Concord Avenue in Concord California

Last year I had a horrible car accident. A car ran a red light and t-boned me on my drivers side. I had injuries that kept me out of work for approximately two months. Sally and her team were very professional, thorough, and personable. They managed to get me more money from my car insurance and negotiate the medical fees more, so in the end I had more money in my settlement. Huge thank you to Sally and especially Lauren with whom I talked to very often. I have never needed a lawyer and found them through Yelp and the reviews. Don’t hesitate to contact them if the need arises. A big thanks again to them!

profile-picJulie J

Car Accident in Oakland

My husband was in a car accident. The responsible party had State Farm Insurance. I believed that was a trusted name and I could get a fair settlement. Unfortunately State Farm was only offering to pay the medical bills plus a tiny bit more. What I was asking for for a few days lost wages was very fair. I asked Sally Morin for help. Later that same week she had got me so much more than I was originally requesting. She is amazing. After paying her fees, we had plenty to cover the bills and the lost wages plus pain and suffering. The best part was it was so easy for me. Sally Morrin took care of everything. She was honest from the start on what she felt our case was worth. (We got more than that!)

profile-picTom S.

Bicycle Struck by Car on 27th Street at West Street in Oakland

Based on good reviews I saw of Sally Morin, I contacted them through their website, and after giving them the basic details of the case, they decided to take me on. I can’t be more thankful and grateful for the work that they did. Lauren handled my case and she did an excellent job. She was very communicative, and took care of everything. I never had to talk to insurance companies or hospitals. She did all of the paperwork and made all of the phone calls. She negotiated my medical bills. She reached a very favorable settlement with the insurance company. Everything is taken care of 9 months after the accident.I would highly recommend this law firm if you have any type of accident.

profile-picJoe Q.

Motorcycle Accident on Broadway in Napa

Recently I had been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained a broken collar bone which required surgery. Sally Morin law made everything so easy. They were able to reduce the outrageous medical bills and negotiate a great settlement. It was the best decision I ever made. Dont try to settle your own claim. An attorney will get you more than what you do on your own. You my owe money by the time medical bills roll around. Trust somone who knows what their doing. You always hear how that person got the “Great Attorney.” Well this was it! A big thank you to team of Sally Morin law. You are simply the best! Joe

profile-picCharlene B.

Cyclist Hit by Car in Hayward on C Street at 3rd

I was hit by a car while riding my bike and at a loss for what to do since I’d just moved to the area less than a year prior. I think if I hadn’t found Sally’s office, I would have had much more difficulty tending to my injuries while staying in school and pursuing my PI case.

​Since I was new to the area, I didn’t know where I could easily gofor things like PT and X-rays, and recommendations from Sally’s office were extremely helpful. Also, with Lauren on my case, communication when needed was easy and very clear. I liked that I could communicate with her by e-mail or even text, so that I had a record of interaction and could reference a conversation if I needed to.

I also appreciated them keeping track of bills, making it easy forme when my settlement came in. Once again, without this office, I don’t know if I’d have been able to handle everything without having to take a break from my graduate studies.Before this, I had never had to hire a lawyer and was skeptical of them, but now I understand the circumstances where it is vital. I hope to never need Sally’s office again, but I’m glad it was there for me when I needed it.