Pedestrian Hit on San Francisco MUNI Platform - $100k Settlement

Pedestrian Hit on San Francisco MUNI Platform – $100k Settlement


At Sally Morin Law, we pride ourselves on getting fair compensation for pedestrians who have been injured due to the negligence of motorists on our streets. Today, I want to share a compelling case that showcases our commitment to our pedestrian accident clients and our expertise in pedestrian injury law.

This story is about a dedicated electrical engineer who found himself suddenly and severely injured in a pedestrian accident. Through our diligent work, we were able to alleviate his stress, allowing him to focus on healing while we handled the complexities of his pedestrian accident case.

The Accident and Injuries

The accident occurred at a MUNI stop on 22nd and Taraval in San Francisco. Our client, a hardworking electrical engineer, was standing on the MUNI platform when an elderly woman lost control of her vehicle, swerving onto the MUNI platform at a speed of 30-40 mph hitting our client. The impact was catastrophic, resulting in:

– A brain hematoma
– A fractured skull
– Bruised knees

These injuries were not just physically debilitating but also emotionally overwhelming, placing a heavy burden on our client’s ability to return to his normal life and professional responsibilities at work.

Initial Consultation with Sally Morin Law

After the accident, our client was overwhelmed by his injuries and his very expensive medical bills from San Francisco General Hospital. Also, he was stressed out by the paperwork, the process of dealing with the insurance companies, and the mounting medical bills. He reached out to us, desperate for help. During our initial consultation, we provided him with:

– A clear assessment of his case, including the likelihood that the driver’s insurance would not adequately cover our client’s damages
– A thorough explanation of the legal process involved in making a pedestrian accident claim
– Immediate steps to take to ensure his rights were protected

His primary goals were to focus on his recovery and to ensure that his medical bills would not only eat up the entire settlement, but that he would owe money for the medical treatment.

Our Approach

Understanding the gravity of his injuries and the complexity of the situation, our approach included:

– Immediate action: We quickly gathered all necessary evidence, including accident reports, medical records, and witness statements.
– Expert consultation: We worked with top-notch medical professionals to thoroughly understand the extent of her injuries and long-term implications.
– Negotiation tactics: Leveraging our extensive experience, we negotiated assertively with the insurance company and our client’s medical providers to ensure maximum net compensation for our client.

The Legal Battle

The legal battle was intense. The insurance company initially offered a lowball settlement, underestimating the seriousness of our client’s injuries. However, our firm was steadfast:

– We presented compelling evidence, including detailed medical reports and expert testimonies.
– We highlighted the negligence of the driver and the severe impact on our client’s health and career.
– We stood firm against the insurance company’s tactics, ensuring they recognized the true value of the claim.
– We negotiated our client’s medical bills down from over $100k to less than 1/3 of that amount to leave the maximum amount of money in his pocket.

The Settlement

After rigorous negotiations, we secured a total financial settlement of the entirety of the responsible driver’s insurance policy – $100,000 – for our client. This settlement covered all his medical expenses and legal fees, ultimately allowing him to receive a net amount of $31,071.71.

Outcome and Impact

The successful settlement had a profound impact on our client’s life:

– Financial relief: The settlement funds alleviated the worry about paying medical bills and other related expenses.
– Focus on healing: With the legal and financial stress removed, our client could fully concentrate on his recovery and rehabilitation.
– Stress reduction: His family, who initially tried to manage the logistics of the case, experienced significant relief as we took over the complex processes.
– Significantly reduced medical bills: Our team negotiated with the medical providers to accept less so our client could walk away with a greater portion of the limited settlement funds.


This case is a testament to our dedication and expertise in pedestrian accident law. At Sally Morin Law we understand the toll that pedestrian accidents can take on individuals and their families, and we are committed to providing both legal excellence and compassionate support. Our client now has the peace of mind and financial security to move forward with his life.

Key Facts

– Accident Location: Muni stop at 22nd and Taraval, SF
– Client’s Profession: Power System Planner
– Injuries: Brain hematoma, fractured skull, bruises on knees
– Settlement Amount: $100,000 (policy limit)
– Net Amount to Client: $31,071.71 (after fierce negotiation of his medical bills)

Reflections from Sally Morin

Reflecting on this case, I’m reminded of the critical importance of having strong legal representation almost immediately after a traumatic event. Pedestrian accident victims should not wait too long before reaching out for legal help. Our client came to us in a state of distress after attempting to handle matters on his own, and it was deeply fulfilling to provide him with instant relief and the support he needed to heal and reclaim his life.

At Sally Morin Law, we continue to stand by innocent pedestrian accident victims, working tirelessly, even after settlement by negotiating down our clients’ medical bills, for the fair compensation they deserve.

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