San Francisco Pedestrian Accident on Cesar Chavez - $50k Settlement

San Francisco Pedestrian Accident on Cesar Chavez – $50k Settlement


At Sally Morin Law, we pride ourselves on providing a voice and vigorous representation for those who’ve been wronged. Our all-female California personal injury law firm blends empathy with tenacity, supporting our clients every step of the way.

Today, I’m excited to share the story of one of our clients—a dedicated teacher whose life was upended by a pedestrian accident but who found justice and relief after working with us.

The Accident and Injuries

On a typical weekday afternoon, our client, a young hardworking teacher, decided to take a short walk during his lunch break. As he stepped into the crosswalk at the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Harrison St. in San Francisco, CA, his world changed in an instant. Despite the light being green, a distracted driver failed to notice our client in the crosswalk and struck him, leaving him with severe injuries:

Fractured shoulder

Fractured thumb

– Multiple fractures to her forehead

Initial Consultation with our team at Sally Morin Law

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the mounting paperwork, medical bills, and legal intricacies, our client reached out to us at Sally Morin Law. He needed a team that not only understood the complexities of personal injury law but could also provide the compassionate support he needed to focus on her recovery.

During our initial consultation, we listened to his concerns and assured him that we would handle the paperwork and legal claim, allowing him to concentrate on healing. We mapped out a clear plan to navigate through the maze of insurance claims and legal procedures.

Our Approach

From day one, our strategy was designed to maximize the value of our client’s case, reduce his stress, and ensure he received the compensation he rightfully deserved. Our approach included:

– Conducting a thorough investigation of the accident scene

– Gathering robust evidence, including witness statements and traffic camera footage

– Coordinating with medical professionals to document the extent and impact of his injuries

– Communicating directly with insurance companies to negotiate a favorable settlement

The Legal Battle

Navigating the legal landscape can be daunting, but at Sally Morin Law, we are always prepared for any challenge. We meticulously built our client’s case, presenting compelling evidence that highlighted the negligence of the driver and the significant impact the accident had on our client’s life.

Every negotiation was approached with a blend of assertiveness and professionalism. We made it clear that our client’s injuries had far-reaching consequences, not just physically but emotionally and financially as well.

The Settlement

After persistent negotiations and leveraging our thorough preparation, we secured a $50,000 settlement (the top limit of the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage) for our client. This amount covered:

– All medical expenses

– Legal fees

– Compensation for his suffering and future medical needs

In the end, our client received $16,800.51 after all expenses were paid, a sum that provided financial relief and support during his recovery.

Outcome and Impact

This case was not just about winning a settlement; it was about restoring balance to our client’s life. The financial compensation allowed him to pay off medical bills without depleting his savings and gave him the peace of mind to focus entirely on his recovery and return to teaching.


At Sally Morin Law, we are committed to achieving fairness for our clients. This case is a testament to our dedication and expertise. By handling the intricate legal aspects of his claim, we enabled our client to concentrate on what mattered most—his recovery and his passion for teaching.

Key Facts

– Client: Teacher

– Accident Location: Intersection of Cesar Chavez and Harrison St., San Francisco, CA

– Injuries: Fractured shoulder, fractured thumb, multiple fractures to forehead

– Settlement Amount: $50,000 (policy limits)

– Client’s Net Recovery: $16,800.51

Reflections from Sally Morin


Reflecting on this case, what stands out is how critical our role was in alleviating the immense burden our client faced. This was not a large case, because the responsible driver only had $50,000 of insurance coverage, but we used all our resources to get our client the full policy limit for the best outcome possible.

This is a profound reminder of why we do what we do—our work isn’t just about legal victories; it’s about life-changing impacts. Every case reaffirms our commitment to fighting for those who need it most, ensuring they have the support to move forward with their lives.


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