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An introduction to Personal Injury Law

A personal injury attorney represents clients who have been injured by another negligent party. That party may be another person, people, company, or even government agency.

At Sally Morin Law, we are accident attorneys that exclusively represent clients who have been seriously injured in a traffic accident by another party from our California personal injury office locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose and Oakland, California. 

What types of cases do personal injury law firms represent?

Personal injury lawyers typically handle those cases that fall under "tort law".

Common examples include traffic accidents such as: 


  • work injuries
  • injuries from defective products
  • medical malpractice
  • dog bites
  • slip-n-falls
  • wrongful death
Personal Injury Attorneys from Sally Morin Law

Traffic Accident Attorneys from Sally Morin Law

At Sally Morin Law, our team works on behalf of traffic accident clients who have been injured due to another party's negligence.

What type of help can I get for my case?

Law firms that specialize in personal injury primary responsibility is to work in the client's best interests to recover damages for injuries sustained due to the negligence of another party.

This may include, but is not limited to

  • evaluating a prospective client's personal injury case 
  • interviewing witnesses
  • collectinging evidence
  • filing legal complaints
  • negotiating a settlement with insurance adjusters
  • negotiating a reduction in your medical bills
  • building and arguing cases in state court
  • drafting legal documents
  • and offering legal advice

What do I need to do to prove damages in my personal injury claim?

1. First, you must prove that the other party was liable for your injuries. In addition to your police report, this may include witness testimonials or evidence collected on the scene.

2. You must prove how the harm was caused -- and that it's not a pre-existing condition.

3. And last but not least , you will need to prove the extent of your damages, whether physical injury, lost work, wages, and quality of life.

How often do cases go to trial?

While some  cases go to trial, most do not. In fact, at Sally Morin Law we have only had about 1% of our cases ever need to go to trial.

And that's because more often than not, a skilled personal injury lawyer is able to negotiate a fair settlement on the client's behalf without the added time and cost of litigation.

Beware of attorneys who love taking cases to trial. This is usually out of their own desire to see their name in print or just to line their own pockets.

Remember, there is no guarantee that taking a case to trial will result in a larger reward. And since cases that go to trial are on a higher fee scale, it often means the attorney takes home more and clients take home less. 

How do legal fees work?

Most personal injury law firms work on a contingency fee basis, which is to say they don't get paid anything unless they favorably settle or win your case.

Typically, fees are 33.3% of the reward for cases that are settled, and 40% of those that go to trial. (Remember, this very rare.)

At Sally Morin Law, we put our client's recovery first. That's why we don't take a fee percentage from the portion of your settlement that covers the damage to your property. We also ensure that you never walk away owing us any money.

Why should I work with Sally Morin Law?

  • TRAFFIC ACCIDENT EXPERTISE: You want an a personal injury law firm with traffic accident expertise who only represent clients with serious injuries. Not one chasing every last dollar with nuisance claims like whiplash or minor scrapes and bruises.
  • TRANSPARENCY: You value doing business with hard-working, straight-shooters. We work tirelessly to get our clients a full and fair settlement as quickly as possible. And we will never, ever inflate the value of your claim just to win your business.
  • TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS:  At Sally Morin Law, our personal injury lawyers have represented hundreds of clients, winning millions of dollars.  And we have a perfect 5-star rating on both Google and Yelp with over 100 combined reviews.

Let's Maximize Your Claim!

Why risk sabotaging your personal injury claim by trying to handle it alone?

Get your no cost, risk-free case evaluation. And get peace of mind.

If at any time within the first 30 days of signing with Sally Morin Law you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and care of service you receive from our attorneys, we will cancel your contract at no cost so that you can seek different representation. No questions asked.

Client Reviews

Ken W.

Motorcycle Struck by Car on the I-380 San Bruno

***Found Sally through all the positive reviews and I am glad I did!!!*** Her and her team made everything really easy and they are great at staying in contact with you. I was really busy with work at the time and wasn't able to meet them in person till almost the end of my case and they were completely supportive of that. Worked over the phone, through emails, and were in constant contact with updates and to just see how I was doing with my recovery, for nearly 2 straight years!! Sally really fought for me with the insurance (both mine and the other guys) and was extremely fair when it came to my settlement.

Tom O.

Motorcycle Accident on 16th and Guerrero

Sally was easily reachable, very forthcoming about her experience with cases like mine, and very flexible with her schedule. She made a house call to get the case started and explained the contract point-by-point before we moved forward. She worked hard to build the best case for me and in the end the outcome was exactly what we expected. I always felt at the top of her list regardless of how many clients she had and was very responsive to all of my calls and emails. I would recommend Sally to anyone who needs an advocate in their corner, regardless of their own experience with serious events like this.

Tomas G.

Bicycle Accident on Snake Road at Skyline Boulevard in Oakland

It's taken me a while to write this review, not because I lack motivation; rather, I wanted to make sure that my comments were thoughtful and accurately reflected my absolute satisfaction with Sally, Janai, and the entire team who devoted much time and attention to my case. In the same way that they took care to ensure that (1) my interests were at the forefront, (2) communicated with me regularly and accurately, and (3) demonstrated true concern and care for me as a person, I wanted to be sure that everyone knew how happy I am with the process and the results. I would unequivocally and resolutely recommend Sally!

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Personal Injury Regulation and Associations

Personal Injury Attorneys are regulated by the State Bar Association in which they practice in addition to belonging to various associations. At Sally Morin Law, our attorneys are regulated and participate in the following organizations:

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