Choose the RIGHT Personal Injury Attorney for YOU – Part 1 – Reputation and Referrals

San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Sally Morin discusses how to find the right personal injury attorney for you.

As you might recall, in my introductory video in this series, I talked about the five factors you want to look at in selecting the right attorney for you:

  1. Make sure the attorney has a good reputation, and try to get a referral to the attorney.
  2. Make sure the attorney is interested in you and your case.
  3. Your goals in the case should be in line with those of the attorney.
  4. The attorney should have a honed practice area in your particular area of law.
  5. You should be able to trust the attorney.

Let’s look at the first factor I mentioned: reputation and referrals.

We all want to work with people and businesses that we know have a good track record for outstanding customer service and solid results. Ideally, we also get to work with people and businesses who our friends know or at least who our friends of friends know and have happily worked with. These same desires for a good reputation and a qualified referral apply if you are searching for a top notch personal injury attorney to help you with your pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or auto accident case.

In the electronic age it is now pretty easy to learn about an attorney’s reputation by doing a quick search online. Various checks such as going directly to that attorney’s website, doing a Google search, watching some YouTube videos or browsing Facebook, Google+ and Yelp can quickly tell you a lot about how the attorney operates and what her colleagues and clients think about him or her. Be warned, there are various attorney “rating” sites that rank attorneys who pay for their listings higher than attorneys who do not pay. Make sure you look around and find out what people have to say about any personal injury lawyer you are considering. If there are issues or problems with that attorney, they are sure to turn up somewhere online. The same goes if they are great at what they do and get good results for their clients. These things will quickly be apparent if you do your research.

Also, with the ubiquity of social media (Facebook, Google+, Yelp, etc.), it is much easier than in the old days to find an attorney that is recommended or referred by someone in our circles, or at least someone who has had real experience with that lawyer. Take the time to reach out to your circles and find out who the people you love and trust (or at least those whose social media posts inspire or entertain you) would recommend for your injury lawyer.

Another thing to seriously consider when looking for the right personal injury attorney is the “source” of the information upon which you are basing your hiring decision. Does it come from an independent third party? Is it from paid advertising? Is it from the lawyer himself? Or, is it from someone who stands to gain nothing (except the joy of giving a recommendation of great service to others) by you choosing that attorney?

In the dark ages, the most successful attorneys (not the best attorneys) simply posted huge ads in the phone book or on buses or billboards to lure in clients. Now, you do not have to get caught in that net. You can be proactive, do some research and find out valuable information (that is not paid advertising) about the attorney you plan to hire to help you make that decision.

It is important to know that the attorney you are considering has provided former clients with positive experiences and that those former clients, if they had to, would choose that same attorney again. Make sure to ask for referrals (or look for reviews online) and check out the reputation of any attorney you are considering to handle your personal injury case. Ok get out there and do your research to find the best attorney for you!

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