Choose the RIGHT Personal Injury Attorney for YOU – Part 3 – Goals Aligned

Goals aligned – Make sure your goals are aligned with those of your personal injury attorney

When looking for the RIGHT personal injury attorney for your case, you have to consider what your goal is in pursuing your personal injury case. Is your goal to take the other party for every penny they are worth? Is your goal to get to trial and have your day in court? Or, is your goal to get a reasonable amount of money to compensate you for what you’ve gone through and get on with your life?

Your goal (and that of the attorney) in the case will likely dictate the “style” of lawyer you want to hire. If you are out for blood, you want to hire a “rabid dog” of an attorney. Alternatively, if you want to collect what you reasonably deserve without going deep into litigation, you want to hire a more diplomatic and reasonable attorney.

Make sure you research what people online have to say about any attorney you are considering to make sure his reported style meets your intended goal of the case. You want to make sure that your attorney’s goals for the case (and his style) are in line with yours. If they are not, conflict will arise later in the case.

You could find yourself pushing for your attorney to take the case to the next level and he tells you he wants to bail from the case, or you could end up with the attorney dragging you through a trial that you never wanted in the first place. Don’t let this happen. Do your research before you hire an attorney to handle your pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or auto accident case.

A personal injury lawyer’s style is not always indicative of his skills and vice versa. For instance, an attorney may have a good track record in the courtroom, but may be difficult to deal with, or may not approach things the way you would want. On the flip side, the attorney may be as sweet as pie and available 24/7, but may not be skilled in the area of law for which you need representation.

You want to find the right balance for you. Ideally, it will be an attorney who is pleasant to work with and makes you feel important, but will also fight (as hard as necessary) to assert your rights in your case. Again, a good source for this information is through referrals or a search of the lawyer’s reputation and track record online.

Good luck in your search for the right personal injury attorney for you!

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