Choose the RIGHT Personal Injury Attorney for YOU – Part 5 – Trust


As you have probably heard many times, trust is the foundation of any good relationship. That includes your relationship with your personal injury attorney. The bottom line is that no attorney will be right for you unless you can trust her.

There are a lot of people who think lawyers in general are sneaky or slimy. What’s even worse is that personal injury attorneys are regarded even lower. They call us ambulance chasers and I’m pretty sure some people think we sit around emergency rooms smoking cigarettes just waiting for that perfect “victim” to come in… one who is just conscious enough to lift her hand to sign the fee agreement. Well, that may have been true in the 80’s, but I’m not even sure about that.

What I do know is that there still are some shady personal injury lawyers in the world, but most of us are normal people who love working with clients to get them what they deserve. I am always amazed and very pleased when I meet personal injury attorneys who so deeply care about their clients, justice and the state of the law as it exists to protect consumers. Ok… I’ll get off my soapbox, but what I’m trying to get at is that there are some personal injury attorneys out there that you can trust. You just need to find one.

How, you ask? Well, like I discussed in the previous videos in this series, you need to be proactive and do some research. Does your prospective lawyer have a good online reputation? You can be sure that if the lawyer has a prominent online presence any breaches of trust with his clients would be discoverable online.

If the lawyer did a client wrong, you can be sure that client would Yelp about it or post something online to warn others not to trust this attorney. Alternatively, if the attorney you are considering has virtually no online presence (a way for you to check reputation/referrals), make sure you have a personal referral to the attorney, or have a nice long conversation with him to be sure it feels “right.”

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