How to Choose the RIGHT Personal Injury Attorney for You – Part 2 – Interest in You and Your Case

Sally Morin, personal injury lawyer in San Francisco, continues her video series about how to find the right personal injury attorney for you.

The five factors to look at are:

  • ​Make sure the attorney has a good reputation, and try to get a referral to the attorney.
  • ​Make sure the attorney is interested in you and your case.
  • ​Your goals in the case should be in line with those of the attorney.
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    ​The attorney should have a honed practice area in your particular area of law.
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    ​You should be able to trust the attorney.

Let's talk more about number two. Make sure the attorney is interested in you and your case.

Who wants to work with someone that forgets about you? Or a large company that looks at your business as just another dollar? Nobody. The same goes when you hire a personal injury attorney. You want to hire a lawyer who is interested in you and your case. I certainly don’t mean a lawyer who is desperate for your case, but one who shows general interest in you and your situation.

This is an interesting balance, because you want an attorney who is enthusiastic about representing you, but not so enthusiastic that he is urging you to retain him before he has even gotten any details about your case. If you sense at all that the attorney is desperate, there may be a reason for this. Either he is struggling, has a bad reputation, is in a rush, or some other red flag.

Ask questions, or simply move on to selecting another lawyer, if you sense any desperation from the attorney or his staff. On the other hand, if a lawyer and his team seem totally uninterested in you or your case (except for the fee it will produce), and it feels like he is just adding your case to his enormous caseload, chances are you won’t get the attention you and your case deserve. Do your best to find an attorney who expresses a reasonably and desirable level of genuine interest in you and your case.

This factor in choosing the RIGHT personal injury attorney also brings in some elements of the other factors like reputation and honed practice area. You want to be sure you’ve done your research on this attorney’s reputation and found information that indicates she cares about her clients and their cases. Do the online reviews for this attorney indicate that her former clients felt taken care of? Is there anything to indicate that the client felt “small” or unimportant?

These are important factors to look for. It is also important to know whether or not the attorney you are considering handles a lot of different types of cases, or is focused on your type of case (pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle or auto accident). If the lawyer has what I call a “diluted” practice (handles all sorts of various cases) he likely won’t be as interested or invested in your case, as his resources are spread amongst the various types he handles.

The bottom line is that you want to hire a personal injury attorney who is interested in (but not desperate for) you and your case, has a history or reputation for treating clients the way you want to be treated and focuses her resources on the type of case you have.

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