If I hire you, what is the process?

If you hire Sally Morin Law, the first thing you will want to do is put your hands up and say “Yay!” Okay, for real now. The first thing that we will do once you decide you want to hire us is send you our new client forms. We will of course send them to you electronically so that you can review and sign them quickly and easily without having to use any paper, printer ink or even a pen. Oh yeahhhh, we make it simple! Unless you are old school, then we can send them via snail mail for you to sign with a feather-tipped plume 😉

New Client Forms

These new client forms will include our Attorney-Client Fee Agreement, which sets out the parameters of our attorney-client relationship, the fee structure for how we are compensated as your personal injury attorneys, how case costs are handled and other details of our working relationship together. The second form we will send you is a medical authorization form, which allows your medical providers to release official copies of all your related medical records and billing to help us build your case. This form will also allow your employer to release any records we may need to prove your loss of earnings claim as well. The third form we will send you is the Claimant Designation Form, which advises insurance companies that we are your personal injury attorneys and your legal representatives with whom they should communicate about your personal injury case. Note that although all communication will go through us, any and all settlement offers will be conveyed to you and discussed with you to help make the next move in your case.

Long Intake and Representation Letters

After we receive these forms completed and signed by you, we can then get started on your case. We will soon thereafter gather all remaining details from you about your case. We will ask you details about the facts of the accident, your injuries, medical treatment and your loss of earnings at the inception of the case, so that we do not need to continually ask you for little pieces of information throughout your case. We try to gather as much as possible during this first long intake interview, so that we do not have to bother you when we know you are very busy recovering from your injuries. Also, right after you sign with us, we will send out letters of representation to the insurance companies involved in your case and request all medical records and billing from any medical providers with whom you are finished treating. We will have to wait on the other medical providers until you are completely finished with treatment, but we keep updated on your treatment status throughout the case, so we can be on top of ordering all of the information once it is available.

Keep Updated on Your Treatment

After we gather all the initial information and send out all opening correspondence, we will regularly follow up with you to make sure you are receiving the best medical care possible that you are recovering well from your injuries. We like to stay up to date on our clients are doing, so we can be sure to collaborate with them to build the best case possible.

Prepare the Demand Letter and Start Negotiations

Once you have completed all medical care related to the accident, we will then gather up those final records and billing so that we can build the case and draft our settlement demand letter. The settlement demand letter sets out all aspects of the case including facts of the accident, the liability aspects, the medical treatment and injuries, the pain and suffering information, the loss of earnings in a breakdown of all damages incurred in the accident. At the end of the letter, we will request settlement amount that we can negotiate from with the insurance carrier.