Uber Accidents are on the Rise in San Francisco!

The San Francisco Examiner estimates that there are now over 45,000 Uber and Lyft drivers in San Francisco. That’s many more times the number of traditional taxis that operate in the Entire Bay Area but, as the media is quick to point out, those drivers cannot be classified as professionals. That means they may not possess the skills a pro would or have the experience necessary to avoid collisions. As a San Francisco personal injury attorney, I’ve seen first-hand how the increasing number of rideshare providers has directly correlated with an increase in Uber accidents and Lyft accidents in San Francisco.

The Bay Area has had several bad experiences with ridesharing programs in the past. In fact, one of the first fatal Uber accidents in America happened here in San Francisco—a fatal accident that led to a change in the laws governing ridesharing here in California and in 18 other states. In addition, the first Uber accident involving the company’s “self-driven” cars occurred here in 2017 (though it’s important to note the driver had taken manual control at the time of the crash.)

Unfortunately, there is no central governing body victims and victim advocates can turn to. Because Uber drivers are simply private citizens, the SFMTA (which regulates taxis) has no control over Uber or its top competitors like Lyft. These “Transportation Network Companies” (TNC’s) are overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission, but it takes legal action for any significant change in the way these companies operate.

That means that for the meantime victims who survive Uber accidents in San Francisco are often stuck slogging through a long and complicated legal battle to get the compensation they deserve. The fight can get extremely messy, involving multiple insurance companies, and requiring experienced personal injury representation.

How is Being in an Uber Accident Different from Any Other Car Accident?

The ridesharing company has tried to isolate themselves from the legal liability incurred during Uber accidents in San Francisco. This “trickery” extends to the very core of most ridesharing companies because in order to make a profit they simply can’t afford to pay high insurance premiums or payout a large sum of money for every accident in which their drivers are involved.

Uber doesn’t look out for its drivers either. From its very founding Uber has never considered its drivers employees. Uber defines itself as a “technology provider” not a transportation company or car service. That legal sleight of hand allows the company to shift blame onto the driver which makes it more difficult for passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclist and other drivers to pursue claims against Uber.

That disregard for the driver left many of them on the hook with their own personal auto insurance companies for smaller Uber accidents in the past. Up until relatively recently, Uber did not even provide insurance coverage for drivers between trips. However, due to recent legal action in 19 states (including California) Uber’s own insurance—insurance above and beyond a driver’s personal policy—can be held now contribute up to $1 million total for any damages or injuries sustained in an accident.

You, as a victim of an Uber accident in San Francisco may be entitled to pursue a claim against both insurers in some instances.

What to Do In Case of an Uber Accident

If you’ve been in an Uber accident in San Francisco, the time to act is now. Follow these steps immediately.

  1. Ensure that all parties involved are no longer in immediate danger
  2. Call 911 [Even if the Uber driver has contacted Uber.]
  3. Seek emergency medical treatment
  4. Contact an Uber accident attorney [Don't use Uber app's built-in claim service UNLESS you are not injured or have very minor injuries.]

While Uber does offer individuals the ability to contact the company directly (via email) after an auto accident, we do not advise that victims rely solely on this Uber-provided reporting. Uber will always look out for its own best interest, not yours. Dealing directly with Uber likely means dealing directly with its insurance agency – who in San Francisco tends to be James River Insurance Company. It’s the James River insurance adjuster’s job to ensure that the company pays you (the victim) as little as possible. Having an experienced advocate like a San Francisco personal injury lawyer on your side is always your best bet.

Trust Sally Morin with Your San Francisco Uber Accident Lawsuit

The experienced San Francisco personal injury attorneys at Sally Morin are currently representing multiple clients (passengers, car drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists) who have been injured in Uber accidents in San Francisco. Sally herself has over 20 years of experience litigating auto accident cases in California courts. That experience means we have the ability to represent our Uber accident clients fully—from the moment we take on your case to the day you get your settlement check and even beyond.

Sally has personally overseen multiple Uber accident cases caused by reckless drivers.

Why Us?

1) We are relentless. Because we choose the clients with whom we work and don’t accept every case that presents itself at our doorstep, we give each client our undivided attention. You get superior legal representation backed by substantial resources and years of focused traffic accident experience that few personal injury law firms in San Francisco can offer.

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Kobia K. Clayton, CA

2) Our Uber accident attorneys work with dedicated investigators including accident reconstruction specialists and biomechanics experts to determine exactly what happened and how the at fault party caused your injuries.

3)  While an insurance settlement after an Uber accident in San Francisco may be the easiest way to get the compensation you deserve, sometimes doing what’s right means going to court. Our experience aids us in obtaining recoveries above California averages including a $500K settlement for an Uber accident bicycle victim in San Francisco.

4) We have handled (and continue to handle) numerous Uber accident cases. These include pedestrians hit by Uber, motorcyclists hit by Uber, bicyclists run down by Ubers and cars hit by Uber drivers. Uber accidents in San Francisco are ubiquitous and we are ready to take on your Uber accident case!

5) Also, every potential client receives a case evaluation for free. There is no obligation on your part. Simply fill out our quick form for a free online case evaluation to see if we can help you get back on your feet.

Your Uber Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

Sally Morin is a dedicated San Francisco personal injury attorney and has cultivated a team of like-minded legal professionals to bring justice to Uber accident victims in The Bay Area and their families.

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