Who is the ideal client for Sally Morin Personal Injury Attorney?

What we do at Sally Morin Professional Corporation:

Sally Morin Professional Corporation is ahip, tech-savvy, San Francisco personal injury firm that serves busy individuals who are taken out of their normal, active and fulfilling lives due to the negligence of others. When these people are badly injured in bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle and auto accidents, westep in to help recover money from insurance companies for medical expenses, lost earnings and the pain and suffering. During this stressful time, our job is to handle communications with the insurance companies so the client can focus on recovering from their injuries. Basically, we do the heavy lifting, take the stress of handling the claim away from the client, and successfully negotiate for enough money to cover legal fees, medical expenses, lost earnings and put more money in the client’s pocket than if they handled things on their own.

Who should work with Sally Morin Professional Corporation?

Former clients who rave (on Yelp or elsewhere) about their experience with Sally Morin Professional Corporation are mostly easy-going, positive, active, tech-savvy people who suffered significant injuries in bike, motorcycle, pedestrian or auto accidents caused by a 3rd party. We love working with urban professionals, adventurous individuals, adrenaline junkies, busy parents and active retirees.Our clients have jobs/families/lives that keep them too busy to worry about the legal details of their cases. They need a lawyer they can trust who can offer expert recommendations and advice to move their case along quickly and smoothly. We love our clients so much that we feel totally energized and stoked when we interact with them!Does this sound like you? Sweet! Contact us to see if we can help with your personal injury case.

Who should NOT work with Sally Morin Professional Corporation?

People who have suffered no (or very minor) personal injuries that require little or no medical care to resolve. People who have been injured in an accident other than a bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle or auto accident case. (At Sally Morin Professional Corporation, we focus our efforts and resources on just these four types of cases. This allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are experts in these areas! We do not try to handle “everything that comes in the door” like many personal injury attorneys do.)We have also found that our overall philosophy does not quite “jive” with people who are looking for revenge or to “get back at” the person who unintentionally caused their injuries. At Sally Morin Professional Corporation, we go for fair results! Rather than stir up drama in our cases, we work tirelessly and efficiently to get our clients the compensation they deserve so they can get back to the things they love. We believe this approach helps keep our legal system a respectable and safe place for honest dispute resolution.