Who is the information on Sally Morin Law’s FAQ’s and Blog for?

Educating, informing and empowering:

As an attorney practicing personal injury law, I feel that a big part of my job is educating and informing people about how the personal injury system works and what is the best way to handle yourself if you are involved in a traffic accident.

I know a lot of the old school attorneys just see their role as someone who tells you what to do in your case, but I take more of a collaborative approach with the people I serve. I want them to be part of the process as much as they want to be engaged. (I do not drag them through the minutia of paperwork and dealing with the insurance companies, but get them involved in the big picture stuff, like negotiating a settlement in their case.) Part of being a personal injury attorney is empowering my clients, not just speaking for them.

Keep it practical:

That is why the information I provide on my website (and directly with my clients) is very educational, applicable and useable. I try to avoid the use of too many legal terms, but if I do use them it is only because they are so prevalent that you are bound to run into them again during your personal injury case. For this reason, I define them so they are relevant and palatable by the people I enjoy serving. I also do not get wrapped up in talking about theoretical legal issues. Yawn! I keep practical, useable and relevant for everyone. The bottom line is that I do not write for lawyers. I write for people who were smart enough to not* be lawyers! 😉

Information before an accident happens:

There are aspects of personal injury law and how to handle certain situations related to bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle, Uber and auto accidents that I really like all people in general to know, not just people who are currently dealing with a traffic accident. This is because sadly traffic accidents happen to almost everyone, or at least someone you know, during our lifetime. The information I provide is not always something you hear or read and think, "Oh my God I'm going to need this information right away," but it is nice to have this information in the back of your mind (or available for reference) if and when that urgent situation comes up. Things like carrying the proper insurance and what to do or not do if you are involved in an accident. Those are things that everybody should know well before they get in an accident, because you will likely not have time to ask those questions or get that information once an accident has already happened.

Information before an accident happens

Again, this is NOT to wish an accident onto anyone, or scare people into the mindset of "It's going to happen to you, so you had better get a personal injury lawyer on retainer NOW.” That is NOT my intent. The concept behind the information I provide is like having insurance in general. It is something that you hope you never have to use, but if you do end up using it, you are stoked you have the right coverage. The same goes with knowing and trusting a personal injury lawyer before you ever need one. I don't want anyone that I know to ever have to call me, but if they ever get into a serious traffic accident where they need a personal injury attorney, I want them to be glad they have me to go to. I want them to remember, “Oh yeah, Sally is always talking about bike accidents, insurance companies and stuff... she’s a San Francisco bike accident lawyer. She can totally help!” That's the concept.

Information for after an accident has occurred:

The information I provide in my personal injury blog and FAQ’s is also there to help people who have already been in an accident, and are seeking answers, help and/or relief from some of the pressures that are coming at them. Things like doctor appointments, medical bills, collection agencies, insurance companies calling non-stop, lawyers, witnesses etc. can really cause a lot of stress. So many questions come up so fast!I want my blog and FAQ to be a place where these people can find answers to their "What do I do now?" questions, because unfortunately, most people don't do research or want to even learn much about personal injury law or lawyers until after this has happened to them.

I try to make the information as detailed as possible, and provide answers to real questions that people have after they have suffered a serious injury. I actually drafted pretty much every one of my FAQ’s based upon my years of experience as a personal injury attorney who has fielded thousands of questions from people in bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle and auto accidents.

These are real questions from real people! So, instead of facing the daunting task of cold-calling a personal injury lawyer to ask all of these common questions (and potentially get bad advice, theoretical speeches or an egotistical monologue of an attorney’s victories and accomplishments) people who need real answers can hop onto my website with their phone, iPad or computer to get a whole lot of information to determine whether or not they even need to hire a lawyer for their traffic accident case. Hopefully, after spending a little time surfing around my site, they will be educated and empowered enough to make a great decision about hiring the right personal injury attorney for them.

If you have any questions (beyond those you get answered in my FAQ section), or if you have any suggestions for ways we can improve our content, please feel free to reach out to me and my team. We are here to serve. We look forward to connecting with you.

*It should be noted that I am probably one of the most grateful and happy personal injury attorneys out there! I love what I do and the people I serve! I didn’t go to law school because I was told to, or because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. (I could have become a pro surfer. Ha. 😉 I was DRIVEN to do this out of a passion for advocating and helping people. So stoked! - Sally