What is the Average San Francisco Personal Injury Settlement?

Calculating The Average San Francisco Personal Injury Settlement Amount

You've been injured in a Bay Area traffic accident and deserve financial compensation, but you have no clue how much your injuries are really worth. Personal injury case valuation and settlement amounts vary greatly—they can range anywhere from a few hundred bucks to hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars. Why is there such a wide range? Average San Francisco personal injury settlement amounts aren't just pulled from a random chart or spreadsheet. Each and every traffic accident is different. The injuries, damages and expenses in each individual case must be calculated distinctly for that particular case. And there are additional factors that most people in accidents don't think about when they try to determine the average San Francisco personal injury settlement amount.

Past San Francisco Jury Verdicts Are Often Used to Determine the Average Personal Injury Settlement Amounts... But Be Careful!

Jury Verdict Research can give you the outcomes of dozens of San Francisco Bay Area court cases and hundreds in all of California. Attorneys will often go to this site and and try to use these jury verdicts to form an average San Francisco personal injury settlement amount for a particular case. And although this jury verdict information can be relevant, it should be used with caution.

Rule #1 is to have reasonable expectations when considering what might be an acceptable personal injury settlement amount. This is something any truly experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer should tell you during your initial discussion with them. Remember that when you look to California jury verdicts for help in valuing your case, you are looking at cases that have involved filing a lawsuit, years of litigation and a full jury trial - not cases that settled out of court. Also important to note is that only about 2-3% of all California personal injury cases end with a jury trial. Most people choose to move on from their case by accepting a reasonable settlement instead of putting their case in the hands of an unpredictable jury. So, if you are looking at jury verdicts to evaluate your San Francisco traffic accident case for settlement purposes, you may be looking at the wrong data.

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At Sally Morin Law, we successfully settle over 93% of our cases without having to file suit and litigate. And, only 1% of our cases end up in trial. Of course when the insurance company is being unreasonable, we'll litigate and fight for what's fair for our client. The bottom line is we do what is best for our client!

Average San Francisco Personal Injury Cases Do Not End up in Trial

Your average San Francisco personal injury settlement is NOT the result of a trial. Most cases that are clear-cut are settled out of court. However, cases that are "messy" and complicated usually end up going to trial. These cases typically have various issues that simply cannot be worked about between the parties. (California law allows 2 years in most cases for you to resolve your claim before you have to go to court.)

Because it is the complex cases, not the average ones, that end up going to trial, this is another reason that using jury verdicts may not be the best way to determine what you can expect as a settlement for your case.

ALL Verdicts Need to Be Factored into the Calculation of the Average San Francisco Personal Injury Settlement Amount

Although, as we've seen, jury verdicts aren't the best way to calculate the average settlement for a San Francisco personal injury case, if you do use them, you also must include the defense verdicts. Defense verdicts are those where the plaintiff fails to prove their case and receives nothing ($0.00) as the verdict. A large number personal injury trials in California end with defense verdicts. The main reason is because most cases that are decided by a jury trial typically have complicated issues of who was at fault and whether the injuries were even the result of the accident. So, when you add in the defense verdicts to determine the average San Francisco personal injury settlement amount, that average goes way down.

Determining the value of your own personal injury case by looking to the "average" SF injury settlement may be a futile task. While this may produce a certain number, that number is unlikely to have any bearing on your case at all. Each case has a variety of factors that need to be calculated to determine the range in which you can expect your case to settle. There are dozens of factors that can increase value and those that can diminish value.

Understanding which factors which can maximize or minimize your settlement amount and how to calculate each of those is crucial when you're trying to determine if you need a San Francisco personal injury lawyer or can handle your case alone. So let's take a look.

What Factors Should You Consider in Estimating Your San Francisco Personal Injury Settlement Amount?

There are a number of things to bear in mind when attempting to calculate the total value of your personal injury settlement. Here, we’re going to go through a number of the factors that can impact what your settlement will look like. It’s important to understand that no respectable personal injury lawyer will guarantee a specific number. Those who would are simply not being honest. In addition, the personal injury calculators that you see on some attorney’s websites are wildly inaccurate and deceptive.

Bold Promises!

WARNING: If you speak with a personal injury lawyer who tells you how much your case is worth (or what they think they can get for you) during your first or even second conversation with them, be very cautious! This is often just a tactic to get your business.

Determining the value of a personal injury case takes a lot of dedicated time and attention to the details of your case. Unless you have a really small, simple case, no one can give you an accurate estimate right off the bat. 

Make sure that the injury lawyer you choose is a straight-shooter who won't exaggerate the value of your case just to get you as a client!

Factors that Help You Determine the Value of Your SF Settlement

Insurance companies will generally offer injured parties a settlement that includes their medical bills and whatever the cost of replacing or repairing their property is. But you’re entitled to more including:

  • Missed time from work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Inability to do household chores

Each of these constitutes something that you’re entitled to be compensated for under California law, but that the insurance company representing the negligent client has little to no interest in paying out. Your SF injury lawyer should hold the insurance company responsible for paying out these damages to make sure you get better than the average San Francisco personal injury settlement amount.

Recent San Francisco Personal Injury Settlement Results

SF Personal Injury Accident Settlement Results

​Shared Liability Can Reduce Your Settlement Amount

Determining who caused your accident is a key factor in determining the value of your settlement. Even if you were partially at fault, you can make a claim, but your claim will be discounted. California is a comparative negligence state. This means that your settlement will be reduced by whatever percentage you are found to have contributed to the cause of your accident. 

As an example, if your San Francisco personal injury case would be worth $200,000 if you played no part in causing the the accident, but it was determined that you contributed 20% of the cause the accident, you would receive 80% of the value of the case or $160,000, not the full $200,000.

So, when determining whether you case should be valued the same as the average San Francisco personal injury settlement we have to consider whether there was any shared liability in your case and those used to determine the average.

Insurance Policy Limits Can Really Decrease Your Personal Injury Settlement

In most California traffic accident cases, unless you are looking at a claim against Uber, MUNI, a trucking company or someone driving for their company at the time of the accident, you are filing a claim against another individual. Well, you don't really go after them personally, but you pursue compensation through their insurance coverage. If their insurance coverage limits are low (California only requires that we carry $15,000 in liability coverage - which can barely cover an ambulance ride and x-rays) you may be out of luck.

You can look into your own underinsured motorist coverage, assuming you have this coverage. Otherwise, your settlement amount may be much lower than you deserve, because there is simply no insurance coverage to pay for your damages.

As you can see, determining the "average" is really complicated and requires putting together a lot of moving parts. So, actually trying to find an average and base your own case on that average is probably a misleading path. The best course of action is to take the specific factors of your case and determine the value of each of those to determine what you might expect as a settlement in your SF injury case.

Hiring the Best San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney is a Great Way to Increase Your Personal Injury Settlement

One element that can impact your settlement is the quality of your personal injury attorney you hire and the amount of interest they have in your case. Having the best San Francisco personal injury attorney advocating on your behalf will ensure that the insurance company doesn't offer you a lower settlement than you deserve.

Having an Attorney Will Get You More!

The Insurance Research Council found that:

People who are represented by a lawyer receive an average of 3.5 times more for their personal injury settlement than people without an attorney.

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