There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rolling down the open road with nothing beneath you but your trusty bike and two spinning wheels. I know. I rode bikes (from mopeds to 400cc touring bikes) for over twenty years—right from high school through college and beyond. But as a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Jose and the Bay Area I know that it can be scary as well.

Not only are motorcyclists more likely to be involved in accidents than drivers, they’re much more likely to die in the event of a crash—up to 40 times more likely. In fact, 7 cyclists paid with their lives last year in San Jose alone.

And the greater San Francisco Bay Area has seen a tremendous uptick in motorcycle accidents in just the past two years. On one day in September last year the CHP recorded 14 motorcycle accidents in just three-and-a-half hours!

What Can You Do After a Motorcycle Accident in San Jose?

Accidents are devastating. You not only lose your beloved bike but your whole life is turned upside down in an instant. Your injuries can make it difficult to get out of bed and impossible to go to work. What’s more, the medical bills pileup quickly and hospitals and doctors don’t care that the accident wasn’t your fault.

In that condition dealing with insurance companies and bill collectors and police reports can be overwhelming.

So what can you do?

Call an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in San Jose and get the law on your side.

What We Do For You!

We’re motorcycle lawyers in San Jose and we’re here for you.

We know what you really want after a motorcycle accident is to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. You want someone to help you navigate the tricky legal road to get a fair settlement—no more or less than you deserve. We know that you’re not in it for the money. You’re pursuing a claim to help protect your family, your home, your livelihood, and your wellbeing.

We can help you protect those things and get the money you deserve—with as little hassle as possible.

The team of experienced San Jose motorcycle accident lawyers at Sally Morin Law focuses exclusively on these types of personal injury claims. It’s what we do.

  • We know how the legal system works.
  • We know how to speak to insurance companies to get the money you deserve
  • We know how to negotiate with medical service providers so you can keep more of your settlement.
  • We know what types of reports and evidence you need if your case goes to court.

And we do it all for you.

Hassle Free Motorcycle Accident Claim Resolution

After your motorcycle accident in San Jose the last thing you need to worry about is fighting your way through a bunch of paperwork, bureaucratic red tape, and angry insurance adjusters whose job it is to pay you as little as possible.

What you really need is time to heal, to recover, and to get back on your feet. Our legal team gives you that time.

We take care of everything from the minute we take your case. The first thing we do is contact police, insurance companies, and doctors and hospitals to let them know they’ll be dealing with us. We take over all the negotiation, answer all the tough questions, and get all the necessary documentation, evidence, and eyewitness statements you may need if your claim does go to court.

Keep More of Your Settlement!

We can negotiate with medical service providers, hospitals, and ambulance services to lower your financial obligation.

Why does that matter? (Especially since the other guy’s insurance is paying.) If you lower the amount owed to these providers, you get to keep more of that settlement for you and your family. It effectively magnifies the amount of money you receive.

Motorcycle Accidents Aren’t Your Fault

There are nearly 800,000 motorcycles registered in California—the most out of any state in the nation.   The vast majority ride safely, obey the laws of the road, and don’t cause crashes. That’s a fact.

Many times it’s the operator of the car or truck involved in the crash who is at fault. Most motorcycle accidents in San Jose happen when drivers cross the divider and strike riders head on. At least 42% of collisions occur when cars making left-hand turns fail to yield to motorcycles in the oncoming lane.

But the good news is that if the other party is at-fault, they can be held financially liable.

You need a good motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. Sally Morin Law has successfully handled dozens of motorcycle accident claims in San Francisco and is now expanding services to in the Bay Area as well. And Sally Morin isn’t like any other motorcycle accident attorney you’ll meet in San Jose.

What Makes Sally Morin Law Different

We Are Selective

We don’t take every motorcycle collision case that comes to us. We only work with hard-working, honest individuals who really need help to get back on their feet. We are passionate about getting them the legal representation they need to get the money they deserve.

We Shoot Straight

We don’t pay for billboards and ads on buses promising you the moon. We are honest and will tell you up front what you’re claim is worth. Honest settlement amounts often shorten the length of the legal battle ahead of you. Many times insurance companies will even settle out of court if they feel they’re not being taken advantage of.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever settle for less than you deserve.

We Keep You in the Loop

We take all the hassle out of your hands and the worry off your shoulders but you never ride alone. Our motorcycle accident attorneys stay in touch as often as needed. If you ever have any questions or concerns we return your calls and answer your emails promptly.

We’re Focused

Our San Jose personal injury law firm is laser-focused on pedestrian, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents. This allows us to be experts in our field. We know all the ins and outs and spot the potential speedbumps your claim might encounter long before they become problems.

Can We Help You Recover After a Crash?

Have you been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in San Jose? Do you feel that another party is at least partially to blame for your injuries? Do you want to get your life, your job, your world back on track ASAP? Do you want a fair settlement that’s everything you deserve?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, the motorcycle accident attorneys at Sally Morin Law can help. When we agree to take your case, you don’t have to worry about anything but getting better.

You can even fill out this short online form to see if you have a case quickly and confidentially.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the experienced team of motorcycle accident attorneys at Sally Morin Law, read about us or call (408) 878-3070 right now.

We help you back on your feet!

Our team of personal injury lawyers in San Jose exclusively handles

Serious Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Accidents ONLY

Traffic crashes are the #1 public health risk in San Jose!

pedestrian bike motorcyclecar

Why Choose Us?

As personal injury attorneys in San Jose we are selective about the clients we work with.
To find out if we’re the right firm for you, ask yourself these five questions:


checkbox1. Have you been in a pedestrian, motorcycle or bicycle accident in San Jose?


checkbox2. Did you suffer major injuries (broken bones, surgeries, hospitalization)?


checkbox3. Do you want to get back to work (and your normal life) ASAP?


checkbox4. Do you want a lawyer who responds promptly to your calls and emails?


checkbox5. Do you want a low-stress resolution of your personal injury case?


If you answered “yes” to most of these questions,
Sally Morin Law is a great fit and we are here to help!

We Know the System!

Our team of professional personal injury lawyers knows how the legal system works. They can:

  • Deal with insurance adjusters to get as large a settlement as you deserve

  • Negotiate directly with service providers to decrease your medical bills (make the most of the money you receive)

  • Play intermediary between you and the San Jose Police Department so your personal injury case is as strong as it can be.

We Get Results

Recently I had been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained a broken collar bone which required surgery. Sally Morin law made everything so easy. They were able to reduce the outrageous  medical bills and negotiate a great settlement. It was the best decision I ever made. Don’t try to settle your own claim. An attorney will get you more than what you do on your own. You my owe money by the time medical bills roll around. Trust someone who knows what their doing.

You alway here how that person got the “Great Attorney.” Well this was it! A big thank you to team of Sally Morin law.  You are simply the best!

Joe Q.


Sally Morin Law works hard to get fast, solid, fair results, so that clients can get back on their feet and get back to doing what they love.


These results are obtained quickly through diligent and skilled settlement negotiations (and typically not through years of stressful litigation). Disclaimer

$70K SETTLEMENT – San Jose Motorcycle Accident Case

A twenty-year old man was riding his brand new motorcycle down a City Street in San Jose, California. Out of nowhere, an eighty-seven year old lady made a left turn right in front of him to enter a gas station, cutting off his clear and unobstructed right of way. Without warning or time to react, the young man slammed directly into the side of the woman’s vehicle. Thereafter, the young man was thrown off his motorcycle, causing him to suffer a broken arm. The police arrived to the scene of the accident, and found that the elderly woman was solely responsible for the accident. The young man was taken to emergency room by ambulance. He ended up needing surgery as well as months of rehabilitative treatment. Read More…