Fatal Accidents and California’s Deadliest Roads

deadliest roads california

Please be advised that the following topic is for informational purposes only and not a legal matter currently handled by our firm. If you need further assistance regarding this particular topic, you can contact your local Bar Association for a referral to an attorney who may be able to address your inquiry in more detail. California is […]

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Hoverboard Risks, Injuries, and Rules You Should Know

Hoverboard injuries

Hoverboards are a lot of fun, but they’re also among the most hazardous products you can buy. They’re so dangerous, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) maintains a site dedicated to hoverboard safety, injuries, and recalls. Just take a look at hoverboard fail videos on YouTube and you’ll see what we mean. Nobody seems to […]

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Determining Fault in a California Tailgating Accident

car traffic images

Did you know tailgaters are doubling your travel time on California’s roads? That’s right! A study from MIT found that tailgating is the root cause behind an enormous number of traffic jams and crashes that slow down our roads. MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab used artificial intelligence and computer simulations to find something […]

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Determining Liability and Damages After a Head-On Collision in California

two car collision damage

A Southern California head-on collision made national news when both vehicles exploded into flames, killing two people and closing the interstate for hours. One vehicle was a small Toyota sedan and the other was a huge semi-truck towing a dump trailer. The California Highway Patrol said speeding was a factor in this fiery crash. When […]

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Can I Change Personal Injury Lawyers?


If you have serious concerns about your personal injury lawyer’s abilities or how your case is being handled, you may be wondering if you can make a change. Most people assume they have to stick with the first attorney they pick. Not so! In fact, certain red flags should tell you an attorney isn’t the […]

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