Dangers of Garbage Trucks: What You Need to Know


Did you know garbage trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road? These massive vehicles have large blind spots and spend lots of time backing up and making quick movements that put pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders at risk. Garbage trucks roll through residential areas where people feel comfortable using the streets […]

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Special Rules for Garbage Trucks on the Road


Here in California, garbage trucks have their own rules on the road. They get special status and don’t have to abide by the same traffic laws you and I do! For example, they’re allowed to move, stop, and park within most bicycle lanes. They can sit for long periods in parking spaces, operate in loading […]

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What Do I Have to Prove to Make an Amazon Flex Claim?


What Do I Have to Prove to Make an Amazon Flex Claim? You were in an accident with an Amazon Flex driver and – surprise! – you’re finding out it’s more complicated than you expected. A lot more complicated. Don’t worry. Your friends at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers are here to explain what’s going […]

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What Exactly Is Amazon Flex?


What Exactly Is Amazon Flex? Have you heard of Amazon Flex? It’s a type of Amazon package delivery that’s fulfilled completely through independent drivers who use their private vehicles instead of Amazon delivery trucks. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we often help people understand Amazon Flex by calling it “The Uber of Amazon.” Just […]

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Who Pays for an Amazon Truck Accident?


Who Pays for an Amazon Truck Accident? Hooray! Your Amazon order has arrived! Most of us feel a little twinge of excitement each time an Amazon package lands on our doorstep. But behind the thrill of receiving all kinds of cool stuff, there’s a much darker side to Amazon delivery. Here in California, we’re seeing […]

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Who is Liable for a Delivery Truck Accident?


When a delivery truck collides with you on the road, it’s a little tricky to determine liability. Maybe the delivery driver is blaming you or is refusing to give you the name of their employer. They might not want to admit they’re in the wrong. And even when the delivery driver is being agreeable, it’s […]

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What are Common Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents?


Delivery trucks are all over our roads. Delivery drivers do the difficult job of bringing much-needed goods to California people, but not all of them are responsible drivers. Here in the Bay Area, there have been catastrophic accidents where a delivery truck caused a cascade of crashes, injuries, and even deaths. Each of these accidents […]

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