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Find out how strong your case is, if its worth pursuing and what your next move should be.

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We specialize in cases involving serious injuries in traffic accidents. If your case is in our wheelhouse, we'll know what to do to get you the best results possible. If it's not, we will recommend the best alternatives.

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After a full review of your case details we’ll create an actionable plan fit for your case so you have the peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect.

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If we think we are a great fit, we’ll offer to get started on your case immediately (no pressure of course). But if we aren’t, we’ll give you some great options of attorneys who can help you.

About Sally Morin

Sally's been doing this since 1997! Sally and her team have honed their skills to handle a very specific niche of personal injury cases - ONLY TRAFFIC ACCIDENT CASES. 

Unlike most personal injury law firms, Sally's business model is centered around customer service . (You may have noticed from reading our reviews!)

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Bicycle Accident

I found Sally Morin online, and after speaking with them over the phone just one time, I felt confident that I wanted to work with them. They were kind, approachable, patient, caring, intelligent, and incredibly hardworking. They were amazing in explaining every step of the process to me.


Pedestrian Accident

After speaking with multiple lawyers Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers got back to me immediately and developed a trusted rapport.


Car Accident

I reached out to Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers upon my return from hospital. They took the time to fully explain the process and provided invaluable assistance with managing my medical bills. They made it clear early on that they were committed to handling anything that might be stressful so that i could focus on my recovery.

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