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  • Some time ago I was run over by a car, on the sidewalk no less by a woman who confused her pedals. I ended up with a torn ACL, fractured knee... I had just found out my wife was pregnant, and we were in the middle of moving out of the city. Needless to say it was a very confusing and stressful time.

    I found Sally Morin on Yelp, gave it a go, and boy did I make the right decision. She was amazing, as was her team. Even though the woman who ran me over had minimal insurance coverage, far too small to cover the entire medical costs, Sally managed to negotiate with my insurance company to get them to reduce their costs by more than 2/3ds. Not only that but she halved her own fee, so that not only were all my costs covered but I was able to get a little extra money.

    If you want a lawyer who will put your own needs above her own financial gain, Sally is that person. Amazing, never thought such lawyers existed, but Sally has proven me wrong. Definitely would recommend her to anyone needing a personal injury attorney.
    – Codin P. Palo Alto, CA
  • I would recommend this attorney to anybody. She does treat the clients with compassion and dignity! It is surprisingly rare this days!
    Thank you Sally!
    – Valentin I.
  • Sally helped my wife and me out with a car accident case several years ago. She helped us get a six figure settlement from the insurance company and was extremely professional and also friendly and easy to work with. In fact, we were so pleased with her and her extremely efficient and reliabe assistant Annie, that we are now using Sally and Annie again for another personal injury case.
    – David K.
  • Sally did an amazing job settling my personal injury automobile accident case. I was stopped on the freeway and rear-ended by a texting man in a big truck (don't text and drive). My car was totaled and I suffered whiplash and two herniated discs in my spine.

    The driver of the other vehicle had the minimum insurance allowed in California, which did not even begin to cover my hospital and doctor's bills. Sally was able to negotiate my medical bills to a fraction (10%) of the original bills. As a result, I also received a fair amount of money for pain and suffering and lost wages and other out of pocket expenses.

    Sally was always very kind, responsive and helpful. Aside from the wonderful and unexpected settlement, the best part was that instead of dealing with the slimy insurance settlement case worker (who wanted to show up at my work to verify my injury), I dealt with Sally and her knowledgeable and kind staff. It gave me peace of mind to be able to deal with someone with so much integrity who had my interests in mind.
    – Lyssa G.
  • My wife was a victim of a pedestrian crosswalk accident. She sustained head injuries and was hospitalized following the accident. We hired Sally to pursue a case against the responsible party who struck her from behind while she had the right of way. We received a low-ball offer which would have barely covered the medical bills, but Sally rejected it and moved ahead with litigation proceedings.

    Minutes before my wife's scheduled deposition, the defendant's insurance company caved and Sally negotiated a more reasonable settlement. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and stood up for my wife against the insurance company. The final settlement was TRIPLE the original offer and we were pleased to finally put this ordeal behind us. My wife and I would highly recommend Sally and her associates to anyone in need of legal representation.

    Sally you are the best!
    Aaron & Amanda
    – Aaron W.
  • During the first phone conversation I had with Sally I knew right away that I could trust her. For me this was incredibly important because it was her honesty that won me over and safely allowed me to accept her as my representative partner. I use the word "partner" because Sally created an environment where we worked together, toward a common goal, and I knew I could count on her. She of course led the way, and I always felt like we made progress together. It was such a nice change from a previous experience in another, somewhat similar situation. What facilitated this the best was the way she communicated. I always knew what was happening, and I always had a voice and a choice.

    I highly recommend Sally Morin as a personal injury attorney. She demonstrated true professionalism by promptly working on my case, caring about my situation, and communicating with me on a regular basis. Through her hard work the case was resolved in my favor. If I ever get into a similar situation again, without hesitation, I know exactly who to call.
    – John W.
  • I didn't reach out to Sally until many months after my accident when I decided that dealing with the insurance companies was more than i could do. She was incredibly professional, prompt and easy to work with. I can't recommend her more.
    – Catherine W. San Mateo, CA
  • Sally is a smart communicative and hard working attorney.
    I highly recommend her and feel she did an excellent job!

    It's not easy finding good legal help, and I felt comfortable and also that Sally really cared about my case.
    – Martha E.
  • Sally is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable litigator. She is concise, clear, and communicates well. She is also very personable and cares about her clients. I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to her, and If I ever needed representation myself I would definitely call Sally.
    – Tina Collins
  • Sally assisted me following a car accident injury. I've never dealt with legal issues before, so the whole process was kind of stressful and confusing for me. Sally's help was invaluable. She was understanding, clear, honest, responsive. She answered my questions promptly and clearly, and I felt like she was a true advocate.
    – Marcella S.
  • Last weekend I slipped and fell getting out of a hot tub at a hotel. I filled out n incident report at the time and then called the general manager the following Monday. The next day the hotel insurance broker called me and was obviously fishing around for something or trying to gently nudge me into not pursuing this. He said that the next day the insurance company would call me. My partner suggested that before I talk to anyone else I get some advice from a personal injury attorney. Luckily I was referred to Sally Morin! I sent her an email outlining my situation and she responded within a day with very helpful, easy to comprehend advice. She continued to be available to advice me with every interaction I had with the insurance company. I went from feeling frustrated and intimidated by this process to feeling empowered and supported by Sally Morin. I would highly recommend her.
    – dori s. San Francisco, CA
  • Sally Morin has helped several friends of mine through difficult situations and challenging times. She is extremely dedicated and committed to her clients' well being and success. If you need a Personal Injury Attorney, you will be well represented by Sally.
    – Betsy Crouch
  • Without the help of Sally Morin I would have been lost and immensely stressed about the situation I had experienced. Not only have I consulted her once, but I have consulted her a second time because i am seemingly accident prone. Thank you Sally Morin.
    – Rebecca G.
  • Search no more-Sally is the answer to your legal woes. Not only is she sensitive to your needs but she will deliver the goods in a timely and professional manner. In sum she's got the experience to stand and deliver and her confidence and candid manner will provide you with that kind of instant relief that is priceless when in comes to tedious and emotionally charged legal scenerios. Hire her now....You wont regret it.
    – Cityone C.
  • People, have you been involved in a personal injury?
    Are you getting referrals from everyone, including stingers? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices?
    Look no more: Sally Morin is the best Personal Attorney in the City, or State....
    She has a small, service oriented practice. She is prompt with returning phone calls, she pays attention to what you say...She's hip, energetic, but she's got years and years of experience under her belt. Don't let her youthful appearances fool you.
    I have referred many people to Sally, partly because I want to look good....I am a doctor of chiropractic who deals with many patients with personal injuries. Its so important to me to know that my patients will be really taken care of.
    Sally is kind and understanding, tough, punctual, more you would ever imagine from an personal injury attorney.
    Don't hesitate to call her if you need a kick ass PI attorney.
    – S O.
  • Sally just completed my personal injury case and was nothing but amazing to work with. She dealt with everything for the duration of my case and I felt completely safe in her hands. She was approachable and professional throughout the entire case. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking help with a personal injury case.
    – M.L.
  • I found myself needing an attorney and quickly for what was certain to be a bit of a complicated case. Sally was not only incredibly responsive and resourceful she and her network of professionals were so supportive and skillful it made a very difficult situation bearable and much easier to navigate. Sally is an adept and gifted attorney and I would recommend her in a heartbeat-she is definitely someone to have on your team!
    – Meg Walker
  • Sally is amazing! She has been really helpful to me in a couple of instances where injuries occurred to me or people close to me. When I needed advice on what to do, she sat down with me and gave me a really honest opinion. I highly recommend Sally for anyone in need of a personal injury attorney!
    – Caroline T.
  • Sally is easy to get a hold of and always available to give legal advice. I recently reached out to her and she was able to assist me with my questions at the time. I will go to Sally in the future if need be, and will recommend her to anyone and all!
    – Jennine M.
  • My experience with Sally and the work she does has been incredibly fulfilling. I was struck by a cab while walking home from class, which launched a three year-long case to reclaim some justice. Because of my injuries, everything in my life felt like it had been turned upside down. However, throughout the case, Sally was nothing but incredibly patient, professional, trustworthy, and sincere. I felt very fortunate to have her on my side and I learned a lot from working with her. When it comes to litigation, she is confident and fearless, no matter who the client may be. We finally settled the case this year and I credit the wonderful outcome to Sally's innate verve and unfaltering dedication. She is an amazing attorney, an amazing person.
    – Nessa S.

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