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Serious Pedestrian, Bicycle, Motorcycle and Automobile cases ONLY

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Our commitments to our clients

checkboxStay in touch

We will return your emails and calls promptly and keep you informed about the status of your case.


checkboxKeep it simple

We will not drag you through unnecessary litigation (or force you to go to trial if you don’t want to).


checkboxFocused representation

We will focus our energy, expertise and resources ONLY on bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle and auto accident cases to provide you with laser-focused representation.


checkboxQuick solutions

We will resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.


checkboxOptimize case value

We will optimize the net result to you by increasing case value and decreasing medical obligations.


checkboxLow stress solutions

We promise to decrease your stress, not add to it.

Are we a good fit?


Do the following apply to you?

  • You were in a pedestrian vs. auto, bicycle, motorcycle or auto accident.

  • You were seriously injured (broken bones, surgery or something major).

  • You have a positive and upbeat look on life (despite your current situation).

  • You are a hardworking individual who wants to get back to work ASAP.

  • You are looking for a quick low stress solution.

Then Sally Morin Law is ready to be your partner.

What peace of mind looks like

"I was in a serious Motorcycle accident that was not my fault. Beyond the initial emergency room visit, I required surgery and months of rehab. It has been a stressful and scary year. But one of the comforts through it all has been the services that Sally Morin provided. While I was focused on my health, she was taking care of everything else. In the end, Sally provided solid advice. She and her staff were attentive to all my questions and concerns. And She was fair, upfront and real about everything. I would highly recommend her services to anyone." - M.D.

"I was hit by a car on my bike in July of 2013, and suffered multiple physical and mental injuries. From the moment I talked to Sally's office while in the hospital I knew that I'd found a great firm, and that rung true throughout all my interactions with her and her staff. I truly can't recommend Sally Morin enough as a lawyer."- Light E.

"Call Sally asap! Don't hesitate, especially if you have been in an injurious auto accident. As I highly recommend Sally Morin for a battle where you are up against the titans of the auto insurance industry, and the medical industry. Sally took my case, guided me through the unfamiliar legal loops, into a deposition, then a mediation, and finally to a favorable settlement. Including getting some of my medical bills waived. Sally, and her staff, were great to work with and provided excellent support throughout the process." - Lou R.

"Sally just got me a ton of $$$$$ from a scooter accident. She is easy to relate with and is "good people." I thought I would not be able to get much back for this accident because I waited so long, and the specifics of the claim were messy. Despite these complications, she kept us from going to trial as she negotiated with the insurance company like a pro (and got more than I expected). It has been quick and easy and I am so grateful. I am getting a check in record timing! Amazing Attorney...Call her up." - Nicole L.

"I was struck by a car while walking across a crosswalk. I filed a claim with the driver's insurance company during my recovery, but it was an unpleasant experience and I felt unsure of every step. Sally and her entire team are fantastic! They're patient and were on top of every detail in my case. I felt informed throughout the process and when I was confused or had questions, they explained and clarified without being condescending. Sally and her team helped me reach a settlement in a timely manner and saved me from the stress of dealing with insurance companies and hospitals during my recovery. I am fortunate to have had Sally and her team help me through a difficult time. To anyone reading this and to those in need of a personal injury attorney, I would definitely recommend Sally and her team." - Melissa N.


Sally Morin Law works hard to get fast, solid, fair results, so that clients can get back on their feet and get back to doing what they love.


These results are obtained quickly through diligent and skilled settlement negotiations (and typically not through years of stressful litigation). Disclaimer



JOSEPHINE VERAS v. RODRIGO DANTES, VPSI, INC. (CIV-502524) Mediator: Frederic L. Hirschfield, Esq. Court: San Mateo Superior Court TOPIC: Personal Injury - Auto v. Pedestrian SETTLEMENT: $225,000.00



A twenty-eight year old avid cyclist was cut off by an Uber driver who turned right in front of her. She suffered serious injuries as a result, but with the help of Sally Morin Law, she walked away from the accident with a great settlement and was able to move forward with her life.



Florida real estate agent and yoga instructor was visiting friends in San Francisco when she was struck by another car as a passenger in a friend’s car. The other driver made an unsafe U-turn in front of them, causing a broadside collision. Prior to acceptance of the policy limits offer, Sally Morin personal injury attorney conducted an intensive investigation to confirm that the negligent driver had no significant assets from which to recover further settlement monies. Further, this case is an example of the many long-distance clients (people who love outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, but are injured here) who Sally Morin Law happily and successfully represents.



A 25 year-old art student was hit by a Yellow Cab when she was walking within a crosswalk in the SOMA district of San Francisco. She was thrown onto the cab’s hood, and then plummeted to the ground. The cab driver kept driving until passengers in the cab advised him to stop. As a result of the auto vs. pedestrian accident, she a pelvis fracture. After much medical treatment and evaluation it was determined that surgical repair of the pelvis (pubic bone) was required. Hardware was implanted and several courses of physical therapy were required for her to walk again normally. As a result of the serious personal injuries, she had to have her pubic bone “fused” such that she would thereafter be unable to have a child via “natural child birth” – she could only have a child via a c-section. - Read More...



A 41 year-old husband, father, and avid motorcyclist, was riding his motorcycle straight through a green light, when a minivan coming the opposite direction made a left turn, cutting him off. The minivan had made the turn suddenly and without a turn signal, therefore, our client was unable to avoid a collision. He was thrown over the hood of the minivan and landed on his back in the roadway. He was taken by ambulance to Kaiser emergency room, but doctors there quickly realized he would need a facility equipped with a trauma department due to his very serious injuries. He was therefore transported to Highland Medical Center (the top trauma center in the San Francisco East Bay area) for treatment of his debilitating injuries – a pelvic/hip fracture, among others. Doctors at Highland ordered surgery to place hardware in order to repair the break. After a week and a half in the hospital, the motorcyclist was discharged to an in-patient rehabilitation facility to undergo extensive therapy needed to help him walk again. - Read More...


You want a team on your side


We are so fortunate to live in San Francisco which is unquestionably the most beautiful, exciting and diverse city in California. However, we hold the “1st in the State” ranking for traffic accidents (data provided by the Office of Traffic Safety). According to the OTS, San Francisco experiences more deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents than any other city in the state with a population over 250,000 (2009 statistics).

Why the cards are stacked against you in a personal injury claim: While the Bay area leads the state in car, bike, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, it fortunately is not an everyday part of life for most people. But when it happens and you sustain an injury, you find yourself in a system that is not user-friendly and is designed to minimize any personal injury claim you might file. When you have an auto accident in San Jose or San Bruno, a motorcycle accident in Daly City, a bike accident in Oakland or you’re hit by a car while crossing a street in downtown San Francisco, a series of organizations enter your life that are not there to help you. First, you have the police department. They are often overwhelmed and do not do a complete investigation. This can result in an accident report that incorrectly determines you to be at least partially at fault. This is particularly common if you are involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident. Next, you will have to handle the medical providers and their bill collectors. They don’t care if you win or lose your personal injury claim, they just want to be paid and they want to be paid now. This can be very stressful when you are trying to focus on healing from your injuries. And then there are the insurance companies whose sole function is to keep payouts on claims to an absolute minimum…For insurance adjusters it’s not about fairness, it’s about money.

And then there’s you: This is a new experience for you. This is new territory and you don’t have a map. What you probably do have is pain, a loss of a means of transportation, maybe time lost from work and for sure an adversarial relationship with adjustors and lawyers from the insurance company. What you most certainly have is a higher stress level than you deserve.

And then there’s Sally Morin Law: Sally is one of the most sought after San Francisco personal injury attorneys and for good reason. You won’t find Sally or her team on a late night TV ad or plastered on the side of a MUNI bus. That’s not their style. Rather than spending their time on cheezy marketing ploys, Sally and her team focus on getting fair settlements for their clients’ personal injury claims. More importantly, they get those settlements with minimum involvement by their clients. The team at Sally Morin Law believes that dealing with the police, medical providers and most especially the insurance companies is their job – not yours. When you have Sally Morin Law representing you, you can relax and concentrate on getting well again. Sally Morin Law limits their practice to automobile accident claims, motorcycle personal injury claims, bicycle accident claims and pedestrian personal injury claims. Sally has customized her firm’s practice to these very specific areas so that she and her team can give the best possible service to her carefully selected clients. Rather than handle a wide array of cases, which she believes would dilute her years of experience and specialized expertise, she has chosen to exercise a laser focus on pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle and auto accident cases in San Francisco. For more details, see the Top Five Reasons to Hire Sally Morin Law.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area we encourage you to explore our website, particularly the testimonials from previous clients, to discover the benefits of engaging an experienced professional personal injury attorney who puts the needs of her clients at the forefront. Or you can submit your claim for evaluation for a prompt response. Either way, we wish you the best of luck with your personal injury claim.

Serious injuries require serious experience


Personal injuries resulting from a traffic accident can be generally lumped into two severity classifications; those that you walk away from (which are considered minor) and those that you are carried away from…in an ambulance (these are considered major).

If you have experienced a major “carry away” injury in a pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or auto accident; if you have temporarily or permanently lost your mobility or the use of a limb or other serious injury, you are facing a life changing event. However, you are probably focused on the pain, frustration and uncertainty that this event has caused and how you are going to make it through tomorrow much less the rest of your life. You need to focus on healing from your injuries, not dealing with the stress of a personal injury claim or lawsuit!

Now, when you are vulnerable, is when you need the services of a solid, experienced, reputable San Francisco personal injury attorney. You need Sally Morin Law.

You’ve been in an accident. Isn’t that enough? Let us take it from here.


With Sally Morin Law it is all about you. When you contact Sally and her team you won’t hear a pitch about all of their past successes and honors; what you will find is a team who wants to know about you. Sally and her legal teams wants to determine, by listening to you, how to best serve your interests and minimize the impact of a lawsuit on your day to day life.

Sally’s approach to her practice puts all the heavy lifting directly on her and her team’s shoulders. Her clients’ involvement in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is minimal. Sally and her team believe it is their job to deal with the police, medical providers and most especially the insurance company’s law firm. Your job is focusing on getting well.

Serious injury cases can take time. Insurance companies routinely stall and drag their feet in hopes that the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney will seek an early and smaller settlement. When Sally Morin Law accepts a case they are prepared to take it to the mat to get the just and fair settlement or judgment you deserve.

When you are facing a serious injury lawsuit you need a San Francisco personal injury lawyer with the commitment to genuinely represent your interests, not just settle for convenience, You need Sally Morin Law.

And the reason you haven’t contacted us yet is…

You’ve been injured in an accident and your biggest wish is that the accident hadn’t happened in the first place. All you want to do is to stop hurting, get back to work, get back to the active lifestyle you live and to get rid of the added financial and career pressures that you are currently experiencing. In short you want things back to the way they were before the accident.

But you’re a realist. You know nothing is going to change until you take action. The ball is in your court.

The accident isn’t going to go away and you really only have two options to deal with it:

  1. Accept the insufficient and unfair offer of the insurance company (and your sense of fair play won’t allow you to do that); or
  2. Find a personal injury attorney to represent your interests, level the playing field and successfully bring to an end this tiring and stressful experience.

Let’s assume you are going to seek legal representation. There certainly is no shortage of personal injury lawyers in San Francisco yet here you are. You’ve just spent several minutes reviewing this website to learn about how Sally Morin Law can help you… and now you’re thinking about contacting us. Why is that?

What is it about this personal injury law firm that appeals to you?

If you have come this far we think it’s because you are the type of client we are most successful representing. We think:

  • You want a personal injury attorney who is unquestionably competent and who can demonstrate a history of success.
  • You value straight talk and appreciate sincere business relationships.
  • You want the accident behind you, but you want to minimize your role in making that happen. That’s why you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.
  • You have reasonable expectations. You don’t want the insurance company to take advantage of you but you also don’t expect to retire off this accident.
  • You want this resolved fast!

If this list describes you then let us add a few other features that make the Sally Morin Law team an attractive choice.

We are focused

The firm doesn’t take every case referred. For starters we only represent clients that have been injured in a motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, pedestrian or automobile accident. That’s where our expertise is and that’s how our resources are oriented.

But that’s not all. We only take cases where our client suffered injuries and by injuries we don’t mean a stiff neck, sore back or a skinned knee. Our clients required legitimate medical care and perhaps surgery and ongoing therapy. Does this describe your circumstance?

We are responsive

While we believe that it is our job to resolve the claim and your job to focus on getting well, we will want you involved in all major decisions regarding the case. What you want your input on which path we march down.

We promise a prompt response to any emails or phone calls you send our way. We want you informed and comfortable with the way the case is progressing.

We add value

If you don’t have health insurance, or even if you do, you are now experiencing medical expenses that you hadn’t planned on. Our team can often negotiate lower medical costs meaning that the net value of your settlement or judgment will be greater.

So there you have it. All that’s missing is you taking the first step. It’s your call…literally. Why not pick up the phone now and call 415-413-0035 or click on the yellow “submit your case” button on the left side of this page.

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