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Accidents happen whether we like it or not. What can really make a difference is who you choose to work with, and especially WHY.


Every person is different, and each has their own reasons for choosing which personal injury attorney they want to work with. Here’s some information about us to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you.

A legal team who understands your passion for life

Being involved on a personal injury case is complicated, you need a team that can guide you through the process with your true passion for life in mind… a team who understands your love for adventure and living life to the fullest.

  • Our team is committed to providing high-quality personal and professional representation to our clients in their bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian and auto accident cases.

  • We come to the table with a variety of experiences and personalities, all instrumental in creating a wonderful law firm-client experience.

  • Some of our team members work at our Downtown San Francisco office and others work offsite to provide our clients with around the clock attention to their cases.

  • Our team communicates and operates seamlessly and efficiently through our paperless, cloud-based case management systems to deliver only the best service to our clients in the Bay Area and those who are long-distance.

  • The Sally Morin Professional Corporation team loves the work we do and we pride ourselves on the level of personal service we provide to our spectacular clients!

We care about people more than money

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Our clients are more important than the money we might make helping them! We work with clients who care more about getting on with their lives, rather than focus on getting a big “payday” from their case. This doesn’t mean that we don’t focus on getting the best economic results for our clients (we do), but our “bottom line” is not a number, it is people.


“When all was said and done and the final numbers were in Sally went over everything with me, legal costs, insurance costs, ect. When she broke the news to me that my health insurance wasn’t coming down in costs like health insurance companies normally do through negotiations, she went and cut her legal fees just so I would net more on the settlement! This is something that I didn’t ask for and that she willingly brought to the table. I was Wow’d!! To take a hit on essentially what your paycheck is to take care of your client is amazing and I am so grateful to have found her!!! All in all, I had an amazing experience with Sally and her team. They are great and caring people. In the unfortunate event that you need legal help, you need Sally Morin! They are honest, fair, and more than I could have ever asked for.”   – Ken W.

We reduce your stress to help you get back to your life

Settlements take some time, so helping you reduce your stress levels so you can get back to your daily activities and responsibilities is our priority.


What makes us different is that we understand how devastating accidents can be for active people. Your ability to do your favorite activities grinds to a halt, your ability to work is limited and even your self-reliance is now in question. Because things can quickly spiral downward when these important parts of your life are compromised, we work to minimize the stress that comes with a personal injury accident so you can get on with your life.

YOUR time is valuable

Sally and her team are highly skilled and proven negotiators which means that most of our cases reach a settlement without going to court. Why? Because trials can significantly extend the time required to obtain a resolution. We don’t extend the time you have to wait to get the money you need to get on with your life. Nevertheless if a fair settlement requires going to trial…We are ON IT!

Our secret to success? Honesty, experience, hard work and passion!

What you can expect from us


We only work on traffic accidents

As an avid urban cyclist, and former motorcycle enthusiast, Sally Morin saw firsthand how injuries sustained in traffic accidents seriously impacted the lifestyles of her active friends. She decided to limit her practice strictly to injuries resulting from automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents. This allows the team to focus on developments in a narrow area of the law and therefore develop an unmatched expertise.


We Speak English (and Spanish), not legalese

We won’t exaggerate the potential value of a lawsuit just to get your business. We will give you our honest opinion on how your case will likely be settled based on the latest trends and our experience with similar cases. Our clients appreciate having realistic expectations they can use to plan their future with.


We are attentive and responsive to your needs

You are not just a case number at Sally Morin Law. We promptly respond to all email and telephone messages. Keeping you updated on the status of your case is a priority. Regardless of whether or not you live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area, our communication is like we are right next door.


We keep you involved in the big decisions

It’s your case, you’re in charge. We will collaborate with you to provide clear trade-offs and our recommendation on all important decisions, including accepting a settlement offer vs going to trial.



We help with both your legal and medical situation

If you are not insured or underinsured, and your medical bills are an immediate concern, we will work with the health providers to reduce (or delay) their charges. This increases your “net settlement” value and can help to relieve your immediate stress.



We understand and negotiate based on hidden costs

An accident can have a financial impact months after the event.Most accident victims (and their attorneys) don’t have the experience to see this and therefore settle for amounts that have been greatly miscalculated. As your bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle or auto accident lawyer, we understand the long term implications of your accident and we help you to get what you deserve. You deserve an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney with a history of great customer service and solid results!

Top 5 reasons for hiring Sally Morin Law as your personal injury lawyer

Bicycle accident? Pedestrian accident? Motorcycle accident? Auto accident? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Every client counts. We know you have your choice of literally hundreds of personal injury lawyers located in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area. To earn your business we have made client satisfaction the hallmark of our firm. Sally Morin Law is 100% committed to providing personal professional representation. We are not a huge firm with dozens of associates who are charged with increasing billable hours. We are however experienced professionals who bring the full weight of our experience to each and every case we accept. Whether you live in San Francisco, or your traffic accident just happened here, we will take care of you.
  2. We level the playing field. When you are involved in an accident that results in personal injury a group of people enter your life and they are not there to help you. Insurance adjusters, investigators and attorneys who represent insurance companies are tasked with settling your claim for the least amount possible…and they’re good. After all, this is what they do for a living. They understand the system and you don’t. With Sally Morin Law representing you those adjustors and attorneys have to change strategy because they recognize they are now dealing with an experienced negotiator and a seasoned litigator. Sally Morin evens up the teams.
  3. We help eliminate the stress that comes with an injury accident. By their very nature injury accidents are very painful, but there will be other forms of stress and mental duress as well. Adjustors pressing for recorded statements, lost time and perhaps lost wages from work and doctors demanding immediate payment are just a few examples. We believe it’s our job to deal with the insurance and medical issues – not yours. Your job is to focus on healing and getting well!
  4. Our goal is to achieve a full and fair settlement for your case. Having Sally Morin Law represent you significantly increases your chances of a full and just settlement. They will press for full financial recovery including all medical expenses, lost wages (current and future if appropriate) which can be really significant in the San Francisco Bay Area and compensation for pain and suffering.
  5. We love to negotiate but… Sally Morin and her legal team are highly skilled negotiators and most cases are settled without going to court. Trials can significantly extend the time required to obtain a settlement and many San Francisco personal injury attorneys will intentionally steer away from litigation. Not Sally Morin Law. If litigation is what it takes to achieve a fair settlement then that’s the course they will take. Sally is no stranger to the courtroom having cut her teeth as trial attorney with the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, then trying dozens of civil cases in San Francisco and Oakland. When you select Sally Morin Law you can expect a complete commitment to obtaining a fair settlement.

Sally Morin Law’s 10 Client Commitments

  • Stay in Touch: We will return your emails and calls promptly and keep you informed about the status of your case.
  • Honesty: We will be straight up with you. (We won’t sugarcoat things or inflate numbers just to get or keep your business.)
  • Quick Solutions: We will resolve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Keep it Simple: We will not drag you through unnecessary litigation (or force you to go to trial if you don’t want to).
  • Collaboration: We will listen to you and collaborate with you to make the big decisions in your case.
  • Optimize Case Value: We will optimize the net result to you by increasing case value and decreasing medical obligations.
  • Focused Representation: We will focus our energy, expertise and resources ONLY on bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle and auto accident cases to provide you with laser-focused representation.
  • Break it Down: We will not use legal jargon to try to impress or confuse you. (We will break things down and explain the process in plain English.)
  • You Matter: We will maintain the bandwidth to give proper attention and focus to your case by not taking on too many cases.
  • Low Stress Solutions: We promise to decrease your stress, not add to it.

Got in an accident in San Francisco, but you don’t live here? Sally Morin Law is your team!

We love helping people who live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area with their “local” accident

If you were seriously injured in a pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or auto accident in San Francisco, but you don’t live locally, don’t worry! Sally and her team has had numerous and wonderful experiences representing clients who live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. To name a few, we’ve handled a pedestrian accident case for an adorably sweet woman from New York who was visiting her daughter in SF, we got a great result for a Florida woman who was the passenger in an auto accident while living in San Francisco, we recently helped a really cool surfer motorcyclist who moved to Texas after his accident to easily and successfully complete his case in San Francisco. There are many more, but you get the drift. We got this!

Whether you were vacationing in the City, visiting San Francisco on business or just don’t live here anymore, but you experienced a serious personal injury in the Bay Area, we are your team! We run a totally paperless office and operate seemlessly with electronic signatures, telephone and email commuincations to keep you totally in the loop about your case. Seriously, we rock at this!

Sally is an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney!
She and her team can help you.

You’ve been in a bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident or auto accident. You find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney in San Francisco and you’re looking for a timely, low stress resolution then you need to talk to Sally Morin Law, one of the most sought after San Francisco personal injury attorneys.

Sally and her team’s expertise and highly developed negotiating skills get results. Equally important is their approach to personal injury claims which is designed to reduce the client’s stress and confusion that often accompanies these cases. Sally’s years of experience in the field have given her deep understanding of what her clients’ are experiencing and what their concerns, frustrations and uncertainties are. Sally and her team effectively address these issues by providing clear, honest and responsive service always keeping her clients informed and up to date regarding the status of their case.

When you have Sally Morin Law as your representative you have proven professionals you can trust to always place your interests foremost in arriving at a fair and just settlement.

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