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Living in Vallejo, California

Along the coast of the northern San Francisco Bay sits Vallejo, a vibrant city of about 115,000 people. The city is named after Don Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, an early member of the state senate who successfully pushed for California statehood.

Today’s city of Vallejo is an enormously popular place to live and work, especially since it’s just a short drive to San Francisco. Despite ups and downs in the national economy, Vallejo tends to maintain a strong and stable economy with a reasonable cost of living compared to much of the Bay area.

Visitors to Vallejo find numerous tourist attractions, including a theme park, seafood restaurants, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The city is also just 20 minutes from California’s famous Napa Valley. For those who are lucky enough to live here, Vallejo enjoys a pleasant climate with almost year-round sunshine.

Which Types of Vallejo Cases Do You Handle?

The team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers has a passion for helping people in Vallejo and across California. We’ll help you take action through legal means after personal injuries. We handle cases that involve a wide variety of injuries, including traffic accidents, pedestrian accidents, and much more.

We’re here to help you move forward when you’re stuck in a difficult situation. We can help you stand up for your rights, review your legal options, and choose the best path forward

Wondering if we’re the right lawyers for you? Good question! Here’s a look at what we do:


After your pedestrian injury in Vallejo, our team can help you gather the evidence you need to make a persuasive insurance claim, negotiate a settlement, go to court if necessary, and hold the right person accountable for hurting you. Pedestrians have rights here in California, so let’s take a look at your options.


Are you a cyclist? Vallejo has a strong cycling culture, but accidents happen. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we’re avid cyclists who care about helping others start strong bicycle accident claims for full and fair compensation.


After a motorcycle accident in Vallejo, you need a motorcycle lawyer who knows what they’re doing. That’s us! You can seek financial compensation for your medical bills, lost work, damage to your motorcycle, and more.

Uber Accidents

Do you use Uber or Lyft? You can start a claim over an injury you receive while riding. Drivers can, too! We handle many types of rideshare accidents.

Car, Truck, and SUV Drivers

If it happened on the road, ask us about it. We take cases involving commercial vehicles, delivery trucks, big rigs, and much more. Please feel free to settle your mind and ask us whether you have a lawsuit or insurance claim that’s worth fighting for.

What if I’m Not Sure Whether I Have a Case?

Don’t worry. It’s normal to have some hesitation about starting legal action or battling with the insurance company. If you’re curious whether or not you have a case for your Vallejo accident, let’s talk as soon as possible. You might have more legal options than you realize!

Picture this: Your lawyer eases your stress and answers your questions. Now you have someone on your side clearing up your confusion and moving your case forward.

As you may have guessed, compensation is never guaranteed after being injured in an accident. It can be difficult to get the insurance company or person to work with you until you have a lawyer. But we get results!

You typically have three options after a personal injury:

We encourage you to lean on the experience and wisdom of your injury lawyer. They’ll know how to demonstrate the legitimacy of your injuries, show who was negligent, and prove that you deserve full and fair reimbursement for your medical costs and other losses. The team here at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers stays with you until the end of your case.

Our goal is always to help you maximize your compensation by building a mountain of evidence that shows your financial losses and damages related to your injuries. That’s difficult to do without an experienced lawyer’s help.

What Kind of Compensation Could I Recover?

When you have bills piling up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your shaky finances – especially if you’ve lost your normal income stream due to the accident. So let’s look at your compensation options.

An injured person’s compensation varies in personal injury case cases because every case is unique. Your total case value depends on the exact circumstances of your accident and how much you can prove. In terms of what kind of compensation you could receive, start by looking at your bills and expenses that are right there in black and white. Then add your losses in terms of relationships and lifestyle.

Most injury California injury cases only cover two types of damages, and that’s only if you can prove them.

  • Special damages: Special damages may include things like car loss, property damage, medical bills, and lost earnings.
  • General damages: The general damages are intangible but important and may include pain and suffering, inconvenience, distress, loss of hobbies, and damage to relationships with loved ones.

Talk to your Vallejo personal injury lawyer about the many ways the accident impacted your life and provide any possible evidence that backs up your claims. The more proof you have, the better your chances of a high-value award.

Nearest Vallejo Emergency Services and Local California Departments

In an emergency, call 911.


Vallejo Police


Vallejo Fire Department


Sutter Solano Medical Center

Adventist Health Vallejo

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center – Vallejo


Superior Court of California

Solano County Court – Call (707) 561-7880

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