Delivery Truck Accidents FAQ


Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is a constant threat on California’s roads. Any driver who plays with their phone, eats a snack, or even chats too enthusiastically with their passengers could be guilty of distracted driving.

Huge Blind Spots: A truck driver may have 20 to 50 feet of vulnerable blind spots around the vehicle’s perimeter. If you’re driving a small car and sitting in a trucker’s blind spot, you could be completely invisible. All the training in the world can’t stop them from hitting you if they can’t see you.

Delivery Driver Dooring Accidents: These happen when a driver flings open their door into traffic, hitting a motorcyclist, bicyclist, scooter user, or even a pedestrian.

Be vigilant when you’re traveling around delivery truck drivers. Even when they’re parked, give them extra space when riding your bike or walking anywhere near them.

Liability isn’t always 100% clear at the outset of your case, but a delivery truck accident lawyer can help you launch an investigation into what happened, secure the evidence you need, and demand high-value compensation for your losses.

In order to help determine liability and to protect yourself, it is important to do the following in the case of a delivery truck accident:

  • Locate the truck’s owner. The person who happens to be driving the truck at the time of the accident rarely owns it.
  • Independent contractors – Your accident could involve an independent contractor who’s not an employee of the company that owns the truck.
    • In an accident with one of these truck drivers, you’d have to go through their personal insurance policy and then through the company.
  • Seek legal assistance

Proving negligence in a delivery truck accident might sound simple and straightforward, but it’s not always easy!

Every delivery truck driver on California’s streets has an obligation to drive safely. It’s called their “duty of care” and when they breach it by causing an accident, they can be held liable.

To prove negligence in a California delivery truck accident, you need to show the driver violated their duty of care and harmed you. Evidence that can be used to determine truck driver fault:

  • Vehicle dashcam footage or a security video from a nearby business that shows what the truck driver was doing just prior to the accident
  • Eyewitnesses statements
  • Determining the truck driver is unlicensed
  • Negligent parking
  • Poorly maintained vehicle and equipment maintenance

The trucking insurance company might try to play games with you, suggesting the accident was your fault or claiming their policyholder isn’t responsible. But don’t be fooled. They’re just trying to get out of paying. That’s why you need a skilled, caring, and assertive lawyer on your side.

There are some important things you need to do immediately after an accident with a delivery truck, plus some additional things to do in the following days.

First make sure cover the basics:

  • contact the authorities to file a police report
  • Get the information of the truck driver, including their name, their trucking company employer’s name and phone number, and any insurance info
  • take photos of the scene
  • Accept medical care even if you don’t feel injured because accident injuries often take time to arise.

If you’re involved in an accident with an official Amazon delivery vehicle and an Amazon employee was driving, Amazon’s insurance is probably going to cover it.

You can prove liability by building a mountain of evidence in your favor: photos, videos, witness statements, the police report, and more.

However, if you’re dealing with a vehicle that’s not an actual Amazon vehicle or Amazon employee, things get more complicated. If the driver is an independent contractor, driving their personal vehicle and using an app to facilitate deliveries you’ll need to go through the driver’s personal liability insurance policy.

When the immediate aftermath of the scooter truck accident is over and you’re back at home trying to rest and recover from your injuries, get a lawyer on your case right away.

An accident like this can cause severe injuries, permanent disabilities, or even death.

Trucking companies carry large insurance policies to cover accidents exactly like yours. Don’t accept an offer too quickly! Talk to your lawyer about negotiating a better deal that provides fair and full compensation for your losses.

Let’s look at what you can do if you’re enjoying a motorcycle ride on California’s beautiful roads and find yourself the unfortunate victim of a commercial trucking accident.

  • Get to a safe place away from the flow of traffic
  • Assess yourself for injuries and call 911
  • When you’re safe and have received medical treatment, gather as much information as you can about the accident. Take photos and videos, if possible
  • Get the name and contact information for the truck driver and their employer, as well as any identifying information located on the truck itself

Truck accidents usually involve more individuals and companies than other types of accidents. You could quickly find yourself in a very complicated blame game.