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    How Should We Connect With the Referral?

    Lawyers, We Pay Referral Fees!

    Trust us with your referrals for car accidents, bicycle injuries, motorcycle crashes, and more. We’ll pay for your referrals.

    As lawyers, we understand that you encounter all kinds of complex legal questions. When you need assistance with giving your clients the best possible advice, we’re here to help. We’ll take good care of those you care about. Making quality referrals is an important aspect of the legal business. Your clients, colleagues, friends, and family members trust your opinion when it comes to legal matters. That’s why you want them to have THE BEST, and so do we!

    You can trust the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers to provide insight and wisdom that helps people confidently move their personal injury cases forward. We have more than 40 years of combined experience with a variety of cases in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and across California.

    We Are Your Traffic Accident Resource!

    Types of Cases We Handle

    Whether you need some quick advice about your cousin’s fender-bender or you have an existing client who was badly injured in a motorcycle accident, we can help. We have numerous practice areas and handle many types of referral cases including California personal injury and traffic accident cases.

    We pay referral fees for:

    • Car accidents with severe injuries – Recent Los Angeles Car Accident Referral Fee: $49,500.00, Recent Novato Car Accident Referral Fee: $20,845.80
    • Uber and Lyft accidents – Recent San Jose Passenger Accident Referral Fee: $24,150.00
    • Bicycle accidents – Recent San Francisco Bicycle Accident Referral Fee: $11,655
    • Motorcycle accidents – Recent Oakland Motorcycle Accident Referral Fee: $11,655.00
    • Delivery truck accidents
    • Semi-truck accidents
    • Scooter accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents – Recent San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Referral Fee: $24,975.00, Recent Marin County Pedestrian Referral Fee: $25,000.00
    • Hit-and-run accidents
    • Airport and shuttle accidents
    • Chain-reaction car crashes
    • DUI cases
    • Wrongful deaths

    As you can see, we have expertise in many types of personal injury and traffic injury cases. If you’re wondering how to untangle a complex crash case or aren’t sure how to proceed with a stubborn case, turn to the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers!

    Our Client Philosophy and Caseload

    We understand that you only want to make referrals if you can trust that they’ll be a good match with us. Here are a few things you should know about how carefully we’ll treat your traffic accident referrals.

    Traffic Cases are Our Focus

    If it happens on the road, it’s a case for us. We’re experts in traffic accident cases and it’s practically all we do. We handle car accidents, truck crashes, collisions involving pedestrians, highway chain-reaction crashes, and many other types of challenging on-the-road cases.

    We occasionally handle other types of injury cases like dog bites and slip and fall cases. We’re excellent at securing high-value compensation for these clients, too! But traffic accidents are our primary area of expertise.

    We’re Selective Because We Care

    We maintain a very small, selective caseload so we can give each client exceptional service. When we accept a new client referral, we get to work immediately and give each client intense focus.

    Customer service is the highest priority for us! We stay closely connected with our clients and keep each of them fully informed about the status of their case. Having satisfied clients certainly shows when you look at our online reviews on Yelp! and Google.

    We Pursue Full and Fair Compensation

    Our goal is to secure the full and fair compensation each client is due under California law. We focus on getting maximum value for our clients so they can move forward with their lives.

    We go much further than just requesting that an insurance company pays for our client’s medical bills. We also use our extensive investigation and negotiation skills to find additional routes to payment, reduce our client’s bills, arrange settlements, and make a strong presence in court whenever necessary.

    We are Negotiation Experts!

    We have a long track record of working with healthcare providers to reduce or eliminate our clients’ healthcare liens and prevent people from being buried under a pile of medical bills. We can also work with groups of claimants and defendants to skillfully negotiate settlements that work to our clients’ benefit.

    We Can Work From a Distance

    Our clients don’t have to stress about childcare, illness, or taking time away from their recovery. We use technology to work seamlessly with our clients by phone, email, and Zoom calls.

    This keeps things rolling along and prevents distance from being a difficulty. Our clients never have to worry about fitting a legal case into a busy schedule. We work with our clients to move things forward rapidly through smooth communication.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For convenience, we offer online FAQs that address common questions people have about various types of legal cases. Of course, the FAQs aren’t a substitute for a consultation with a lawyer, please contact us to refer a case and to discuss details about a referral regarding a specific case.

    Personal Injury FAQs

    This set of FAQs covers a wide variety of personal injury accident questions, including what to do after accidents, mistakes to avoid, and how a personal injury lawyer can help a case.

    Car Accident FAQs

    Anyone who’s been in a car accident in California should read these FAQs. They highlight missteps people make to ruin their cases, how to gather evidence that makes a strong case, and tips for getting the maximum amount on a claim.

    Motorcycle Accident FAQs

    California motorcyclists should read these FAQs to understand the unique aspects of a motorcycle case, why motorcycle vs. vehicle cases are so complex, and how to make a case as strong as possible.

    Bicycle Accident FAQs

    Cyclists often find themselves struggling to make a case against a powerful car insurance company or a skeptical driver. These FAQs provide helpful information about securing high-value compensation.

    Pedestrian Accident FAQs

    Pedestrians have rights in California, and these FAQs help injured pedestrians know what to do next. Learn common pitfalls and methods of gathering evidence for the case.

    Uber Accident FAQs

    Rideshare accidents are on the rise and companies like Uber and Lyft try to avoid paying on injury claims. These FAQs are a great resource for people injured by careless Uber drivers.

    Delivery Truck FAQs

    If a delivery vehicle caused the accident, take a look at these FAQs for helpful information about how to hold the right individual or company responsible for paying for damages.

    Insurance Coverage FAQs

    Many people have misconceptions about how insurance coverage works in California. These FAQs are an excellent resource for anyone who needs to learn more about insurance rules and how it works after an accident.

    Our Results for Our Clients

    We get positive outcomes for our clients and have an excellent track record for securing high-value settlements and awards. Here are some examples of the results we’ve obtained for our clients:

    $1.65 Million Settlement in Autonomous Car Accident

    When a pedestrian was hit by an autonomous car in San Francisco, he turned to Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers to fight for compensation. We put the responsibility where it belonged – on the woman in a BMW using autonomous braking who ran over him and left him with a traumatic brain injury, shattered pelvis, and ruptured knee. We gained the insurance policy limit plus a personal contribution for our client.

    $841,000 for Intoxicated Driving Accident

    After an intoxicated driver ran into our client, an art student who was a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, we put pressure on them for full and fair compensation. We obtained the maximum limit of two insurance policies and helped our client move forward from her accident.

    $750,000 for Injured Scooter Rider

    A construction company left the roadway uneven, with hazardous cuts and dips – not to mention poor lighting and no warning signs. Unfortunately, our client rode his scooter into this dangerous area and was severely injured. We stood up to the difficult construction company and turned down their lowball offers until they provided a proper $750,000 settlement for our client.

    $550,000 for Motorcycle Lane Change Accident

    In this accident, a motorist who quickly changed lanes on the highway ran into our client as he rode his motorcycle and knocked him hard onto the pavement. He had numerous injuries that required extensive surgeries. We negotiated to reduce his medical bills and ultimately obtained a large settlement for our client.

    $500,000 Bicycle Lane Accident

    Our client was riding in a designated bicycle lane on a popular cycling route when an Uber driver in a large SUV made an illegal turn straight into her. She landed face-first on the pavement and suffered severe injuries. The Uber driver’s insurance company tried to make a low-dollar offer, but we demanded a much higher value for our client, and won!

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    What Our Client are Saying About Us

    As a lawyer, you always want to steer your clients right and you’d never make a referral unless you’re 100% sure it’s a good one. You can trust Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers to treat your referred clients with respect, compassion, and the utmost professionalism.

    Here are actual client stories that show how much they love us and why they’d recommend us to others who are facing challenging legal situations.

    I was involved in a motorcycle accident last October which resulted in personal injury and property damage … The caliber of professionalism and excellence they demonstrated far exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers to anyone.

    -Jeven U.

    Outside of keeping them in the loop whenever I had another medical bill, I really didn’t have to do anything. Their positive attitudes definitely put me at ease for the entirety of my recovery and the insurance claim process.”

    -Erin M.

    I have never had a better experience working with attorneys or legal staff who were more professional, effective, or nice. I don’t wish my particular circumstances on anyone but if you ever find yourself in the same position you cannot have a finer personal injury attorney helping you than Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. Unquestionably the best!

    -Leake L.

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    How We Pay Referral Fees

    Our referral fee percentage varies by the circumstances of each case. We will work with you to determine an appropriate fee-sharing agreement based on the type of case, the value of the case, the stage of the case and how involved the referring attorney is or was in the case.

    We are always clear and up-front about our fees and we’ll put everything in writing to make sure we are literally on the same page. So…

    Or, call 877-380-8852 now to discuss your referrals with the team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers.

    We Are Your Traffic Accident Resource!