Solid Settlement Result In A Bicycle Accident Case

Fighting For Justice: The Sally Morin Legal Team Delivers a Solid Settlement Result in a Bicycle Accident Case

Bicycle accidents can have devastating consequences, leaving victims with physical injuries, financial burdens, and a challenging legal battle to face. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand the unique challenges that bicyclists confront on the roads, and we are dedicated to ensuring their rights are protected. In this case study, we will explore a recent success story where our legal team fought tirelessly to secure a remarkable settlement for an engineer involved in a bicycle accident at the Emeryville Greenway crossing Folger Avenue in Berkeley, CA.

Discover how our commitment, expertise, and unwavering determination set us apart. If you’ve experienced a similar bicycle accident, we encourage you to fill out our online intake form at Free Case Evaluation and trust Sally Morin Law to advocate for your rights and achieve the justice you deserve.

Here are some examples of how our bicycle accident legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers’ has successfully settled some recent bicycle accident cases for our California clients:

Left-Turn Car vs Bicycle Accident – $100,000 Settlement

Auto vs. Bicycle Accident – $215,000 Settlement

Taxi vs. Bike Accident – $100,000 Settlement

Bicyclist Hit in Bike Lane – $500,000 Settlement

Bicycle vs. Bicycle Accident – $420,000 Settlement

Bicycle Hit by Commercial Vehicle – $485,000 Settlement

Delivery Truck Hits Cyclist – $499,000 Settlement

Car Turns Left and Hits Bicycle – $300,000 Settlement

No-Contact Dooring Bike Accident – $75,000 Settlement

Disputed Liability Bicycle Accident – $50,000 Settlement

Road Construction Bicycle Accident – $110,000 Settlement

Cyclist Hit in Crosswalk – $100,000 Settlement

Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident – $250,000 Settlement

Uber Hits Bicycle in Bike Lane – $500,000 Settlement

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The Accident and Its Consequences

Our client, an engineer, was riding their bicycle at the Emeryville Greenway crossing Folger Avenue when a driver carelessly drove through the bike path crossing without looking or slowing down. The impact was severe, resulting in a fractured collarbone and significant pain. To make matters worse, the initial police report was against our client, further complicating the situation. Our client faced not only physical injuries but also financial worries, as they were unable to work and losing income. They needed to focus on healing and were understandably concerned about paying their mounting medical bills.

Sally Morin’s Dedication: Challenging Liability and Achieving a Solid Result

At Sally Morin Law, we take pride in going above and beyond for our clients. In this case, we faced a challenging liability dispute due to the initial police report being against our client. However, our legal team was determined to fight for justice. We meticulously gathered evidence, interviewed witnesses, and reconstructed the accident scene to prove our client’s innocence. Utilizing our expertise and unyielding dedication, we successfully beat the liability dispute, leading the way to a favorable settlement.

Securing a Remarkable Settlement: Relief Beyond Expectations

After negotiating with the insurance company, we achieved a settlement of $50,000 for our client. But the true measure of success lies in the amount our client ultimately walked away with – an impressive $30,171.24. This significant settlement exceeded our client’s expectations and provided the financial relief necessary to cover medical expenses and alleviate the stress of worrying about bills.

The Sally Morin Approach: Empathy, Integrity, and Results

Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers takes a unique approach to personal injury cases, prioritizing empathy, integrity, and delivering outstanding results. Our client-centered philosophy ensures that we provide exceptional support and compassionate guidance throughout the legal process. We understand the overwhelming paperwork and stress that our clients face and work diligently to alleviate these burdens. In this case, we successfully negotiated medical bills and liens, ensuring our client received a higher settlement than expected. We prioritized urgent medical bills to avoid collections and allowed our client to focus on their life and recovery.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident at the Emeryville Greenway crossing Folger Avenue in Berkeley, CA, Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers is your trusted advocate. Our dedicated legal team is committed to fighting for justice, achieving remarkable settlements, and delivering relief beyond expectations. To learn more about our approach to personal injury cases and meet our highly skilled team, visit our website at Sally Morin Law.  If you’re ready to seek justice and secure fair compensation, fill out our online intake form at Free Case Evaluation. Trust Sally Morin Law to provide superior legal representation, allowing you to focus on healing and moving forward.

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