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Car-sharing apps like Turo have become popular in recent years as they allow private vehicle owners to make extra money by renting out their cars for a daily rate. However, while this peer car-sharing system is convenient, there is some concern about how the business model works regarding accident claims and the Turo accident policy.

If you are involved in a Turo accident and need help with your claim, we’re here to help. At Sally Morin, our San Francisco car accident attorneys have experience handling a wide range of complex cases. We can help you navigate your Turo accident claim and ensure the best possible outcome.

What Is Turo and How Does it Work?

Car sharing has been gaining in popularity over the last few years, and one of the most notable apps is Turo.

The basic concept of the service is that vehicle owners can sign up and act as “hosts” by renting out their vehicles to people (guests) in the area who need temporary transportation for the day.

Guests simply get on the app, look for an available car in the area, and then send a request to the vehicle owner. It’s a straightforward concept that makes car sharing affordable and convenient.

However, if anything goes wrong while the car is being rented out, it can be a nightmare for the car owner and/or the person renting the vehicle.

Who Do I File a Claim Against After a Turo Accident?

The concern with Turo is insurance coverage and liability when an accident occurs. In other words, who is at fault, and who is responsible for paying for damages such as injuries and car repairs?

California is an at-fault state, and all drivers are required to carry auto insurance with liability coverage, which means the at-fault party’s insurance pays for property damage and bodily injury. However, with commercial vehicles, which is what a Turo rented car is considered, personal auto insurance policies can get tricky depending on who was at fault for the accident.

So, who do you file a Turo accident claim against?

If the Turo Renter/Driver is at Fault

Turo renters have the option to purchase Turo’s liability insurance coverage when they sign up. There are various plans renters can choose from, with the minimum coverage offered being $15,000 per person.

So, if the Turo renter/driver is the one that caused the accident, anyone who suffered serious injuries in the accident can file a claim against them. The Turo policy will kick in after the renter/driver’s policy is exhausted.

However, the insurance offered by Turo is optional. So if the renter did not choose to buy this coverage, then you will only be able to file a claim through their personal auto policy.

If the Turo Car Owner/Host Is at Fault

The owner of the vehicle that is being rented out could be at fault for an accident if they listed the vehicle knowing that it was defective or had safety issues that they failed to warn the renter about. In this case, any seriously injured parties in the accident resulting from the vehicle owner’s negligence would file a claim against the owner of the vehicle.

Luckily, Turo offers vehicle owners/hosts the option to purchase Turo insurance, which can provide up to $1 million in liability coverage. So this insurance plan is what would cover any claims filed against the vehicle owner. However, this insurance that Turo offers is also optional. The vehicle owner can opt out and choose to use their own commercial vehicle insurance coverage and injured parties would file a claim with the commercial insurance provider.

It’s important to note that the vehicle owner’s personal auto policy would not apply in this situation, as vehicles being used for commercial purposes are not covered.

If a Third Party Is at Fault

If you were driving the rented Turo vehicle when the accident occurred, you could file your claim against a third party if someone else was responsible for the accident, such as another driver. In this case, the claim would be handled per usual, and you would simply file against the at-fault driver, and their personal auto insurance should cover you.

Serious Injuries Resulting from Turo Accidents

As with any car accident, Turo accidents can result in serious injuries, some that are even catastrophic and life-threatening. Unfortunately, serious injuries can have a significant impact on your life. They can lead to costly medical treatments, lost income from time off work while recovering, and they can even affect your ability to perform simple daily tasks if you are left impaired or disabled.

Some common serious Turo accident injuries include:

Because Turo accident injuries can be so severe in some cases, it is crucial that you work with a personal injury attorney when filing your claim. An attorney can handle the case for you while you focus on getting the treatment and care you need. They can also fight hard to ensure you are awarded the high-value settlement you deserve to help pay for your medical expenses, pain & suffering, and other potential damages.

What to Do if You’ve Been in a Turo Accident

If you are involved in an accident with a Turo vehicle, whether you are the renter or another driver, you must report the accident to Turo within 24 hours. You should also make sure the police are called so an official accident report can be filed for proof of what happened. If you fail to do this, you may become ineligible for compensation through Turo’s insurance coverage.

  • Gather any evidence that you can yourself at the scene of the accident such as photos or videos and witness contact information.
  • If you were injured in the accident, you should also seek immediate medical attention if needed or see your doctor following the accident.
  • Consult with an attorney about your case, especially before talking to any insurance companies.

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