Passenger Vans Susceptible to Rollover Accidents

Technically, any vehicle can roll over in an accident. It all depends on the individual circumstances of the situation. However, some vehicles are more susceptible to rollover accidents due to how they are designed and how weight is distributed inside the vehicle. And passenger vans are one such vehicle that is more prone to rollover accidents.

If you or a loved one are injured in a traffic accident involving a passenger van, our team of San Francisco personal injury lawyers can help. We can help you navigate your claim, hold the right party accountable, and ensure you are paid a fair settlement to cover your injury expenses and other damages. 

What Are Passenger Vans?

Passenger vans are common carrier vehicles. Many different companies or organizations use passenger vans to transport people, such as schools, nursing homes, churches, sports organizations, hotels, airports, businesses, etc. 

Essentially, a passenger van is larger than a standard van, like a minivan, but smaller than a typical bus. They are typically used for transporting 10 to 15 people. 

Unfortunately, the way these vehicles are designed and the way the weight is often distributed inside based on where passengers are seated means they are more susceptible to rollover accidents. 

Reports Show Passenger Vans are More Susceptible to Rollover Accidents

According to a study conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), passenger vans designed to transport up to 15 people are involved in a significant number of fatal rollover accidents.  

There is a particular concern with passengers being ejected from these vans during a rollover accident. The NHTSA shows that 57% of the people killed in 15-passenger van accidents were ejected from the vehicle, which likely contributed to their fatal injuries. 

So, why is this happening? 

According to the NTSB, it is a matter of the vehicle’s design and weight distribution in combination with bad driving. When these vans are fully loaded or nearly full, it causes the center of gravity to shift, which increases the potential for a rollover when the driver is speeding or making quick or sharp turns. 

For this reason, there have been safety measures suggested by the NHTSA, such as making sure drivers are well-trained and following traffic laws, and ensuring occupants are wearing seatbelts at all times. But still, these accidents continue to occur. 

Injuries Victims Can Suffer in a Passenger Van Rollover Accident

When a passenger van flips or rolls over, severe and often fatal injuries occur, especially if the passengers are ejected. Such injuries can include:

These injuries, if not fatal, can significantly alter the victims’ lives. They could be in a coma, or a vegetative state, or they could be severely limited in mobility and function for the rest of their lives. This is why it is crucial to work with an attorney following the accident. At Sally Morin, we can handle complex legal matters to ensure your rights are protected and win you a high-value settlement so you or your loved one can focus on getting better and moving on as comfortably as possible. 

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Passenger Van Accident?

When you file a claim or a lawsuit for a passenger van rollover accident in California, multiple parties could potentially be held liable for what happened. These include:

  • The van driver: If the van driver was not obeying traffic laws or was driving dangerously, such as speeding or making sharp turns quickly, they could be held liable for the van accident.
  • The company that owns the van: The company that owns the van and hired the driver could also be held liable, especially if they failed to adequately train the driver. They could also be held liable for failing to keep up with van maintenance if a maintenance issue is what caused the accident. 
  • The van manufacturer: In some cases, a defectively designed van could be the reason for the rollover accident. In this situation, you could hold the manufacturer responsible. 

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