Why Are There So Many Accidents in the Summer?

Why Are There So Many Accidents in the Summer?

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For many, summer is the best time of year. It means the end of school, fun vacations, camping trips, days at the park or beach, backyard barbeques, and pool time. However, as delightful and exciting as summer may be, it is also considered one of the most dangerous times of the year due to an increase in accidents. 

In fact, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day sees such an increase in accidents that it has officially been given the title “100 Deadliest Days” of summer.” And while this time of year can be deadly for anyone, it is particularly problematic for teen drivers. 

Of course, while car accidents are primarily what the “100 deadliest days” refers to, various kinds of accidents can increase this time of year. 

Factors That Contribute to More Accidents During the Summer in California

In general, summertime means more people are outside and on the roads. So naturally, this means the chances of getting in an accident go up. But this doesn’t just mean car accidents increase. Injuries and fatalities during the summer also happen more often from boating accidents, camping accidents, amusement park accidents, swimming accidents, playground accidents, and other recreational accidents. 

People also tend to do more yard and housework during the summer, which can lead to an increase in personal injuries at home. And dogs tend to be outside more during the summer, which can mean more dog attacks and dog bite injuries. 

Construction work also happens more in the summer, which means falls from roofs and other structures can happen more in the summer, or injuries sustained from accidents with tools and machinery. 

However, of all the accidents that happen, car accidents tend to be the biggest concern. And below are some of the most common causes of increased car accidents in the summertime:

Teen Drivers

The summer months mean no school or fewer kids in school. And naturally, when kids, particularly teenagers, have more free time on their hands, they are more likely to get into trouble. During the summer, teen drivers are on the roads more and are more likely to drive around joy riding with friends, especially at night. Unfortunately, this means they are more likely to speed, be distracted, and drink while driving, which causes an increase in accidents. 

Drunk Driving

Not only are teens more likely to drink and drive during the summer, but all drivers are more likely to go out drinking and partying during the summer months. This is because many drinking-related events happen during the summer, such as parties, sporting events, weddings, and barbeques. People also just tend to want to sit outside and drink and go to bars more in the summer, and unfortunately, all of this adds up to more drunk drivers on the roads.   

Hot Temperatures 

The hotter it is outside, the harder your vehicle has to work, and if you don’t keep up with maintenance, this could mean more breakdowns and accidents. Broken drive belts, blown tires, and engine overheating all happen more often in the heat and can all cause someone to lose control of their vehicle. 

Summer Traveling

Of course, people tend to go on vacation and road trips more often during the summer, which naturally means more people are out driving on the roads. And the more traffic there is, the more it increases the likelihood of an accident occurring. 

Pedestrians and Bicycles

Just as there are more cars on the road during the summer, there are also more people out walking around and riding their bikes. And when you put these together—more cars and more pedestrians or cyclists—it means more chances for an accident to occur. 

More Construction

We previously mentioned that construction work accidents tend to increase during the summer, but car accidents can also increase as a result of construction. This is because road construction can increase traffic jams, or it can make it harder for cars to move around due to road blocks, traffic cones, and barrels. This means car accidents in construction zones also tend to increase during the summer. 

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