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Which Types of Personal Injury Cases in Fairfield Do You Handle?

Our team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers handles a variety of case types that result in personal injury. We serve many cities in the Bay Area, including Fairfield, and are dedicated to helping all of our clients win their cases and get the high-value settlement they deserve. Below are some examples of the types of cases we handle:

Car Accidents

If you live in California, you’re likely all too familiar with how bad traffic can be. Unfortunately, increased traffic congestion comes with higher rates of car accidents. If you or a loved one are seriously injured in a car accident in Fairfield, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to one of our attorneys today to see how we can help.

Rideshare Accidents

There is a reason that rideshare services are so popular in California. It’s the birthplace of Uber and Lyft. However, as convenient as these services are, rideshare accident claims are complex. If you are involved in a rideshare accident, our team can guide you through the process and ensure the right party is held accountable. 

Scooter Accidents

Electric scooter rentals have become quite popular in California. However, similar to rideshare accidents, scooter accident cases can also be confusing and complex. Primarily, it can be difficult to recover compensation for serious injuries sustained when these incidents occur. If you need help understanding your rights and filing a claim for a scooter accident in Fairfield, our team can assist you. 

Catastrophic Injury Accidents

Standard personal injury cases are one thing, but catastrophic injury cases are often more challenging. These cases occur when you sustain severe, life-altering injuries that potentially leave you permanently impaired or disabled. As such, you deserve to be awarded more money. However, to get the high-value settlement you need and deserve, you will need to work with an experienced California attorney. 

Delivery Truck Accidents

Accidents involving a work vehicle, like a delivery truck, can also be complex. This is because it’s not only the driver that could be responsible, but it could also be the company they work for, companies that often have their own legal teams and insurance companies protecting them. If you are injured in an accident involving a delivery truck, our team can help you determine liability and ensure you are compensated fairly for your damages.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many California cities, Fairfield included, tend to see a higher rate of pedestrian foot traffic due to the nice weather and tourism. However, this also means that we often see a lot of serious pedestrian accidents. In most cases, the driver that hit the pedestrian is at fault, but these cases can also be challenging if there is a dispute between the driver and pedestrian over who was truly responsible. As such, it’s beneficial to work with an attorney in these cases to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Dangerous Roadways and Intersections in Fairfield

Some of California’s deadliest roads are in the Bay Area, including those that run through Fairfield, CA. I-80 is often problematic as it connects Sacramento to San Francisco and runs right through the middle of Fairfield. 

What if I’m Not Sure Whether I Have a Case?

If you are questioning whether or not you have valid reasons to file a personal injury claim, we can help. There are many reasons why you may want to file a claim, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are entitled to compensation. 

There are generally three main things that indicate you have a valid case and can likely win a settlement:

  1. You were seriously injured and suffered losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and pain & suffering.  
  2. The injury was catastrophic and not your fault and was the result of someone else’s negligence.
  3. The injury occurred recently, and you are filing your claim in accordance with California’s statute of limitations, which is two years from the date of the accident. 

When you work with Sally Morin, we will review your claim and help you determine if you are entitled to compensation. If you are, we can handle the case for you, ensuring that the insurance company involved pays you what you deserve. We can also handle litigation if you decide to take your case to court and file a lawsuit. 

What Kind of Compensation Could I Recover?

The compensation you can recover after a serious accident is based on the damages you suffered. As such, each case is unique, and there is no set amount awarded for certain types of cases. 

When you file your claim and work with an attorney, we will help you gather as much evidence as possible to prove what damages you have suffered and deserve to be compensated for. Such damages include:

  • Special damages: Such as car loss, property damage, medical bills, and lost earnings.
  • General damages: Such as emotional distress, physical pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and reduced quality of life.

It’s important to discuss with your lawyer the losses or damages you have suffered that are affecting your life and your finances. The more information you provide and the more evidence you collect to prove your case, the better chance you have at recovering a high-value settlement.

Living in Fairfield, CA

Fairfield, CA is located in the North Bay area, about midway between San Francisco and Sacramento. While the city itself is on the smaller side, with a population of just over 100,000, it is considered a beautiful place to live with plenty to offer in the surrounding areas. 

The city is very ethnically diverse with a vibrant culture, is very clean and safe, and has some excellent public schools, which is a big draw for families with kids. Residents in Fairfield have a lot of respect for the city’s heritage and are big on supporting their local community.

The city is also a big draw for young professionals looking for a place to live that is a little more affordable but still close to the major metropolitan areas of San Francisco and Sacramento. Fairfield is home to the Jelly Belly headquarters, but many other major companies in the nearby areas offer great job opportunities. 

Some fun things to do in Fairfield include the Rockville Hills Regional Park, the Scandia Family Center, the Travis Air Force Base Aviation Museum, the Paradise Valley Golf Course, and the Vezer Family Vineyard. 

Nearest Emergency Services and Local California Departments Contact Information for Fairfield

In an emergency, always dial 911.

Fairfield Police Department
1000 Webster Street, Fairfield, CA 94533

Fire Department
Fairfield Fire Department
1200 Kentucky Street, Fairfield, CA 94533

NorthBay Medical Center
1200 B. Gale Wilson Blvd., Fairfield, CA 94533

Superior Court of California – Fairfield
Hall of Justice
600 Union Ave , Fairfield, CA 94533

Old Solano Courthouse
580 Texas St , Fairfield, CA 94533

Law and Justice Center
530 Union Ave , Fairfield, CA 94533


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