Don't Downplay Road Rash from Motorcycle Accidents

Don’t Downplay Road Rash from Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know road rash can be as severe as a burn and could even kill you? It’s not always just a little scrape like a child skinning their knee. Motorcycle road rash can lead to deep scarring and even life-threatening infections.

When road rash happens during a motorcycle accident, it usually involves losing control of your bike and exposing your skin to an intensely painful injury. You may need emergency treatment, antibiotic medications, ongoing wound care, plastic surgery, and scar therapy to deal with the lasting effects.

If you’re in a motorcycle accident that causes road rash, take it seriously and seek medical attention immediately. Here’s why it’s important to acknowledge the seriousness of road rash.

Road Rash Ranges from Minor to Severe

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of road rashes: avulsion rashes and compression rashes. In an avulsion rash, the skin is abraded away from the body, typically as the motorcyclist’s body scrapes along the pavement. A compression rash occurs when the person’s body is twisted between two objects and rubs painfully between them.

There are also three levels of road rash severity. Minor road rash, sometimes called a first-degree rash or “raspberry,” is a superficial wound that harms only the surface layer of the skin. It usually heals within about two weeks with basic wound care.

Moderate, or second-degree, road rash involves at least one layer of skin below the top layer and may take weeks longer to heal. A moderate road rash is much more likely than a minor road rash to develop complications like a bacterial infection or post-injury disease.

Severe road rash can expose the body’s underlying muscle, fat, or even bone. It comes with a high risk of infection due to gravel and other particles being thrust into the wound during the impact. Someone with a more severe case of road rash will likely need an emergency room doctor to remove debris from the wound and assess how deep it goes before additional wound care can take place.

Your Health Outlook Depends on the Circumstances

When road rash is taken seriously and handled skillfully right from the start, the injured person heals much more quickly. Seeing a doctor is essential even if you think the wound doesn’t seem too bad because road rashes can easily develop into bigger problems.

Something as simple as a minor road rash on your forearm can develop into a severe infection if not treated properly. For example, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a highly dangerous and contagious infection that can spread to your lungs, blood, and urinary tract. If you fail to get treatment for MRSA, you could experience life-threatening organ failure.

After a motorcycle accident with road rash, a doctor will examine your wounds, clean them, establish the severity of your injuries, and begin wound care. In addition to the treatment you receive from healthcare professionals, you will be instructed to perform at-home road rash aftercare to ensure your wounds heal completely.

How thoroughly and quickly your road rash heals depends heavily on the circumstances that caused your injury in the first place. What happened during your motorcycle accident? Important factors include:

  • The speed you were traveling at the moment of impact
  • The speed of another motorist who may have hit you
  • The type of surface you struck, including its texture and firmness
  • What type of debris you encountered, like gravel or splinters
  • How far you slid and which body parts were affected
  • What the weather and road conditions were like
  • Whether or not you were wearing protective equipment

By Seeking Treatment Fast, You Show Your Medical Need

To recap, seek medical care for road rash as soon as possible after your motorcycle accident. Accept treatment even if your road rash seems minor and continue medical care as instructed without skipping doctor’s appointments.

At this stage, you may want to consider making a motorcycle accident claim against the person who hurt you and their insurance company. A claim could help you pay your medical bills, fix your bike, and minimize the impact of the accident on your life.

A successful claim usually requires lots of documentation, so save your medical records and hospital bills. Plus, you may be able to gather evidence related to the scene of your accident like security footage from nearby businesses and witness statements.

With the help of a talented motorcycle accident lawyer, you can pursue a high-value claim that helps you heal from your road rash and move forward from the accident. The team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers is here to help you get back on your bike and back on the road.

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After an accident, contact the attorneys at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. We handle many types of traffic injury claims. We believe you should be able to focus on recovering from your accident while we handle the legal details.

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