Young San Francisco Motorcyclist receives $550K Settlement

A young, active designer with an architectural firm, was riding his motorcycle on the San Francisco Bay Area’s Interstate 80 on the Bay Bridge when he was struck by a woman hurriedly changing lanes on the interstate. She swerved in front of him and though the man attempted to avoid the collision, he was unable to act in time and was launched from his motorcycle onto the freeway asphalt. He immediately began experiencing severe pain and upon ambulance transfer to the emergency room, was diagnosed with diagnosed our client with fractured coronoid process, ulna, fractured radius, distal, closed bilateral, and fractured phalanx, foot, Closed. He was forced to have surgery on his arm fracture, and a second surgery to remove the hardware originally placed to repair the severe break. The multiple surgeries were not only painful, but they also caused scarring which will never completely disappear.

The motorist at fault was traveling in California on business and was driving a rental car provided by her employer. This “trail” of responsibility somewhat complicated the motorcyclist’s ability to find compensation for his injuries. With his medical bills mounting and insurance companies calling, he didn't know what to do after his motorcycle accident. He was in desperate need of an experienced lawyer who handles motorcycle accidents in the San Francisco Bay Area. He searched for an San Francisco personal injury attorney on Yelp and came across Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers. After meeting with Sally, he was immediately at ease, as he was confident Sally and her legal team would take care of the paperwork, the damage to his motorcycle, the calls from medical providers and insurance companies and all of the legal aspects of his case. He was now able to focus on his recovery from the injuries – oh, and not to mention the planning of his wedding that was to take place in 4 months!

Sally’s office began searching for the parties responsible and ultimately found multiple sources of financial recovery for this young man.

Motorcycle Accident Client Review

Mike D.
SF Motorcycle Accident Client

"I was in a serious motorcycle accident that was not my fault. It has been a stressful and scary year. But one of the comforts through it all has been the services that Sally Morin provided. While I was focused on my health, she was taking care of everything else."

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It should be noted that the motorcyclist was “lane-splitting” at the time of the accident, so Sally wanted to be prepared to on this issue in the even it was disputed by the insurance carrier. Sally and her team made sure to conduct the research and investigation need to battle any claim that their client was in the wrong. Lane-splitting in California, although not illegal, is not always looked favorably upon by motorists, especially those who run down motorcyclists. It is a common defense used in motorcycle accident cases – just another way that motorcyclist get the raw end of the deal. This issue was put to rest very quickly by the Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers team so that meaningful settlement negotiations could take place.

With an opening offer of $300,000.00, the man would have hardly any money for compensation of his pain and suffering after all of his bills were paid. Sally worked to ultimately increase the settlement offer to $550,000.00 and reduce his medical bills significantly to net him over $280,000.00 in his pocket. All of this took place just 8 months after the accident and only 6 months after this young motorcyclist hired Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers as his San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer. Another fabulous result for Sally, her client and her entire legal team!

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