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Along with the health benefits of walking, like decreased transportation costs and helping the environment, come risks. 

Because let's face it, there is no competition when a moving two-ton vehicle hits an unprotected pedestrian, no matter what the speed of the collision.

Often times, these accidents can be devastating, resulting in serious injuries like broken bones, head trauma, or injuries requiring surgery. 

And more often than not, pedestrian accident clients face a long road to recovery. 

Pedestrian accidents often represent a huge financial and emotional setback for the injured party: with medical bills piling up, lost wages, and frustration of dealing with police, insurance adjusters, doctors, and bill collectors... all while trying to recover from  injuries.

At Sally Morin Law, you get a pedestrian accident attorney who specializes in offering a stress-free and full-service personal injury solution to those injured as a pedestrian. 

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Distracted Driving is On the Rise, and Pedestrians are Paying the Price

Across California, distracted driving from cell phones and other electronic devices has caused a rise in pedestrian accidents, as drivers fail to yield fully in time or make turns without properly scanning the intersection.

And while the number of fatal pedestrian accidents in San Francisco was steady at 31 in the last two years, the same can't be said for Southern California. 

In Los Angeles alone, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has risen 25% in just the last six years. With the vast majority of these accidents being caused needlessly by distracted drivers. 

Pedestrian Accident Clients Need a No-Stress, Full-Service Solution

At Sally Morin Law, our pedestrian accident clients often face a long, hard road to recovery. And this often involves not just surgery and rehabilitation, but long-term therapy and missed work. 

And that's why our attorneys step-in to handle every last detail of building and presenting your case. From the day you sign, you will never have to deal with another insurance adjuster, police officer, or witness again.

And when it come time to make your claim, our team are experts in negotiating the full-and-fair value on behalf of our pedestrian accident clients.

Recently, we re-negotiated a settlement from $65,000 to $937,500 after refusing the insurance company's initial offer and taking the case to mediation.

Why You Should Work with Sally Morin Law

  • We understand how devastating most pedestrian accidents can be and will work diligently to make your case stress and hassle free, so you can focus on your recovery
  • You value an attorney team that makes YOU their top priority, not their wallets or their egos.
  • You aren't out to make a payday, but you DO want to maximize your reward to cover all medical costs, damaged property, lost work and wages, and pain and suffering.

Types of Pedestrian Injuries We Represent

Broken Bones

Head Trauma

Injuries Requiring Surgery

Pedestrian Accident Client Reviews

Erin M.

Pedestrian Hit by Car on Masonic at Fulton in San Francisco

I never in a million years thought that I would be in a pedestrian accident, so I was completely overwhelmed when 1) it happened and 2) I had to immediately start attempting to understand the insurance process that goes along with it. I started researching online what to do, and I realized that I didn't have time and wasn't well equipped to handle these companies at all. In the end, I started looking for personal injury attorneys and came to Yelp and saw this law firm, which was such an incredibly lucky thing to happen. Outside of keeping them in the loop whenever I had another medical bill, I really didn't have to do anything. Their positive attitudes definitely put me at ease for the entirely of my recovery and the insurance claim process. Thank you guys so so much.

Victor H. F.

Pedestrian Hit by Car in Crosswalk in Downtown San Rafael

My partner and I were mowed down by a distracted driver… and in Marin County no less! We were immediately inundated and confused by all the billing and liability concerns. Looking to Yelp and other websites for advice, we chose Sally. The reviews for Sally Morin Law are not exaggerations. If there were six stars on this thing, we’d give them all to her.

During the 18-month-long process, my partner’s injuries were treated with Sally’s reassurances that all would be well in the end. All along the way, Janai kept us focused and on-time, Lauren was quick and informative, and Sally was the consummate professional when the time came for the sit-down mediation with the insurance company’s lawyers. We are finally through the process, and the anger, fear and bitterness are behind us, thanks to Sally. We are turning the page!

What we learned. 1) The insurance company lawyers who were allegedly defending their “client” (aka the guy who hit us) did not even know the guy’s name. For them, it’s all about money and money only. They even tried to tell my partner that his leg wasn’t broken. Sally was wonderful, helping us stay positive and on-task. 2) Patience and persistence pay off. Sally kept us realistic and optimistic, a delicate balance. 3) If we are ever again hit by an old man in a red Camaro in Marin, or have any personal injury concerns, we will contact Sally Morin Law immediately. Go Team Sally!

Gabriel V.

Jogger Hit by Car on Vicente Street at 23rd Avenue in San Francisco's Sunset District

Recently, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I was hit by a driver while jogging! Never being in this type of situation and at the time really needing help dealing with the headache of hospital bills and insurance coverage I turned to Sally Morin for help. After speaking with multiple lawyers Sally Morin Law got back to me immediately and developed a trusted rapport that lasted through out my case. As soon as I selected their law services they began working on my case immediately. I am forever grateful for their services and will be recommending them to anyone that is involved in a personal injury case. Their straight forwardness from start to finish and responsiveness are top notch.

Let's Maximize Your Claim!

Why risk sabotaging your personal injury claim by trying to handle it alone?

Get your no cost, risk-free case evaluation. And get peace of mind.

If at any time within the first 30 days of signing with Sally Morin Law you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and care of service you receive from our attorneys, we will cancel your contract at no cost so that you can seek different representation. No questions asked.

Pedestrian Accident FAQ's and Resources

What are the major causes of pedestrian accidents?

Usually a pedestrian is injured due to negligence by a vehicle operator, including:

  • failure to yield 
  • motorist looking left while turning right
  • distracted driving (texting and cell phone use)
  • speeding
  • alcohol use

What should I do after I've been hit as a pedestrian?

You should treat a pedestrian accident the same way you would any other traffic accident. 

1. Immediately get medical attention, even if you are uninsured.

2. Contact the police and have them generate a report.

3. Collect the name, driver's license details, vehicle and insurance information of the driver.

4. If possible, gather the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident (very important). 

5. If you are capable, take photos of the accident scene, and later, your injuries, with your cell phone.

6. Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Can I make a claim if I was not using a marked crosswalk to cross the street when I was struck?

Yes! As long as you were crossing at an intersection and not jaywalking.

How is negligence / liability determined in pedestrian accident case?

Many people falsely believe the myth that a driver is always at fault when involved in a vehicle on pedestrian accident. This is not true. 

Negligence, and ultimately liability, is determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Did the driver yield the right-of-way to the pedestrian at a crosswalk (marked or not)?
  • Did the driver pass another vehicle stopped at crosswalk?
  • Was the driver illegally driving on the sidewalk?
  • Did a driver stop in a crosswalk, forcing pedestrians to walk around the vehicle and put themselves in harm's way?
  • Was the streetlight at the scene working properly?
  • Was the driver distracted?

How do I know if I have a case?

The best way to determine if your pedestrian accident claim has merits is to contact a qualified pedestrian accident attorney. At Sally Morin Law, we offer a free, no risk, no obligation, case evaluation, and you can get started online.

What other types of accidents do you represent?

Our attorneys also represent bicycle, car, Uber/rideshare and motorcycle accidents.

Are you ready to start the road to recovery?

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