Top 5 Tricks Insurance Adjusters Play in Personal Injury Cases | #5 Get You to Accept Less Money

The bottom line, as I stated in the introductory video, is that insurance carriers want to pay the minimum possible for your case. Insurance adjusters are trained to set ranges in which they can settle cases. That means they set a low end and a high end between which they can settle your case. Obviously, their goal is to settle that the lowest possible amount within that range.

If you don’t have an experienced personal injury attorney, the adjuster knows they can get away with settling at the low end or even the bottom of their range. Insurance adjusters are not there to help you and will not give you ideas about how to build or strengthen your case to increase the value. That will be up to you alone. There are several value drivers that personal injury lawyers will present to the insurance adjuster that you, handling the case on your own, would likely not even know about… Unless you have watched all of my informational videos of course. 😉

If you have an experienced personal injury attorney working for you, they will build your case early on, which will result in a higher range being selected by the insurance carrier up front. Not only will the range that is used be higher, but with a solid personal injury attorney on your side, they can fight to get a settlement that is at the top of that increased range.

Without an attorney, the insurance adjuster will convince you that they’re paying you a fair settlement, because you don’t know about the range and the various value drivers. If you are seriously injured it’s best to get an experienced injury attorney on your side.

Thanks for tuning in, and best of luck with your personal injury case. If you have a serious injury from a pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle or car accident and think you may need expert legal help, so get your FREE case evaluation online now

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