TOP FAQ | How Long Will This Take?

How long the personal injury claim process can take really varies. 

The average for us is maybe about 10 months, but it really the main factor that determines how long this process is how long it takes you to finish your treatment related to the accident. For instance, if you are already done treating by the time you come to us, well we can turn things around really quickly. But if you've just started treating and you've got some surgeries to do, some recovery, physical therapy, that may take a long time and we want to work with that schedule. We don't want to settle a case before you're done with your treatment.

Once you're done with treating though, we can really turn things around quickly. 

The other factors that really matter are there's a liability dispute. That makes things take a little longer. And also how cooperative your medical providers are with giving us the documents that we request. And of course, making sure that you give us all the documentation that we need in your case. All those factors help speed the process along and help us maximize your recovery and get you a personal injury traffic accident settlement as quickly as possible.

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