What communication about my case can I expect when working with your office?

When you work with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers on your personal injury case you can expect to be well taken care of. From the moment we begin representation all the way until after we resolve your case, we give full attention to creating the best attorney-client experience possible. The bottom line is that you can expect that our team will return your calls, emails or text messages promptly and happily.

We are energized by working with the amazing clients that we have selected. (We have to admit, our clients are all pretty fantastic people!) As one of our clients, you can be sure that we are very happy to keep you updated on the status of your case.

Frequency of Communication:

At the outset of the attorney-client relationship, we like to determine what frequency you would like us to communicate with you. Some clients are very busy, and do not want to hear from us for quite some time. They only want to know when the settlement check has arrived. However, we do have other clients who prefer to be updated on a more regular basis (monthly or weekly) about the intricacies of their case. We are more than happy to communicate in whatever frequency you prefer, as long as we are able to convey important information to you and get the same back from you. As your personal injury lawyers, we like to keep you updated on what’s happening in your case. However, that does not mean we will be emailing you and texting you 5 times a day (or calling you throughout your workday) with every detail of your case. The bottom line is we like to keep you apprised of any major developments in your case, and we reach out to you when your involvement is required in the case. We want to reduce your stress levels, NOT increase them!

Form of Communication:

We will communicate with you in the manner and frequency that you prefer, some of our younger clients prefer text messaging. Silly kids! (Actually, this is a GREAT way to send and receive quick messages with our clients.) However if you’re more of an email or phone person we will communicate with you in whatever mode is most convenient and preferred for you. Just let us know. We strive to create a communication style in each case that is individualized to best serve each client’s needs.

We have been handling personal injury cases for almost 20 years, but we also understand that this most likely your FIRST time dealing with one. We communicate with you like normal people – not personal injury attorneys. We do not use legal jargon or assume that you know and understand every step of the process at which we are experts. We enjoy breaking it down and explaining things clearly to our clients. When we do, the personal injury process is much less intimidating and stressful.

Check out our 10 clients commitments for more details on what you can expect in working with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers.

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