$112K SETTLEMENT – Bicycle Accident Case (Right-Turn Collision) in San Francisco

A 50 year-old San Francisco Marketing Director and avid cyclist was riding his bicycle, within a designated bike lane, through the intersection of Arguello and Geary (a popular bicycle route between the Presidio and Golden Gate Parks in San Francisco).

While the cyclist was waiting at the green light, a distracted driver (suspected to be on his cellphone at the time of the accident) made a right turn into the bike lane and struck the cyclist.

The impact threw the cyclist to the ground and resulted in a broken clavicle. The cyclist made a claim for his medical expenses and pain and suffering. He did not suffer a loss of earnings, as he had just transitioned jobs.

He hired Sally Morin as his San Francisco bike accident lawyer and happily made the decision to settle his case for the reasonable amount of $112,000 just four months after finishing his medical treatment related to the case.

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