$485,000 SETTLEMENT FOR Bicycle vs. Commercial Vehicle Accident

$485,000 SETTLEMENT FOR Bicycle vs. Commercial Vehicle Accident

A 38-year-old direct sourcing senior manager at Apple, Inc., and avid bicyclist suffered serious injuries in a Bicycle vs. Commercial Vehicle accident in San Francisco, California. The cyclist was riding his bicycle on Twin Peaks Boulevard through the intersection of Panorama Drive when out of nowhere a commercial vehicle conducted a left turn right in front of him, cutting off his right of way. The cyclist had no time or warning to prevent the accident and was thereafter slammed into the commercial vehicle and thrown onto the pavement. The impact was so severe he suffered egregious physical injuries to his body.

The bicyclist was transported to the closest trauma facility for emergency treatment and surgery. Doctors diagnosed him with open fractures to both of the bones in his lower left leg, a gruesome injury that required surgery and implantation of a metal rods and hardware. The cyclist’s extensive injuries required significant follow-up treatment. He was also required to take off considerable time from work. The bicyclist was new to United States and was completely unfamiliar with the personal injury legal processes. He became quickly overwhelmed with paperwork and his medical bills. The cyclist knew that he needed to focus on his medical treatment and recovering from his injuries, and that he needed help with the personal injury process, so he hired Sally Morin Law to assist him with his case.

Sally and her team of lawyers faced some difficult challenges in the case. The bicyclist had significant medical bills for his treatment. Although most of his bills were covered by his health insurance, his health insurance policy had very strict rights to reimbursement from his personal injury auto settlement. Thus, Sally Morin Law knew that it would be an uphill battle in order to negotiate down the cyclist’s health insurance lien. Despite this hurdle, they stepped in and were able to aggressively negotiate down his lien. Give the extent of the cyclist’s damages, the attorney team carefully documented the bicyclist’s loss of earnings and pain and suffering to maximize his case value and increase his settlement result. They worked hard to get the cyclist the best possible settlement result while alleviating the bicyclist’s stress, allowing for him to focus on his life.

The experienced bicycle accident legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Attorneys vigorously negotiated a substantial settlement award of $485,000 for the bicyclist, putting over $165,000 in his pocket after all of his medical expenses were paid. The bicyclist was delighted to put the whole incident behind him, and he could now focus on his growing family!

Adithya R.

I was in a bike accident that was clearly not my fault. I spent months in disability. I contacted Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers and talked to Lauren. She got my police records in few minutes and from then, I never had to do anything regarding the case. Lauren was very clear in understanding and explaining the situation. I was very happy with the whole process. I would highly recommend Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers firm.

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