7 Figure California Bicycle Accident Settlement

In Burlingame, California, an IT Director suffered injuries while commuting on their bicycle to work. As a result of the bicycle accident, the victim suffered internal abdominal injuries, which required expensive medical treatments and time off work. As such, they knew they needed help from a personal injury attorney to get full and fair compensation for the damages they suffered. 

Why the Client Hired Sally Morin

As is the case with many bicycle accidents, the victim was severely injured and traumatized. The entire situation was overwhelming, and they knew they needed help navigating the personal injury claims process, so they hired our team at Sally Morin. 

The client was having difficulty with their health insurance, they were struggling to afford their medical bills, and they were overwhelmed by all the paperwork and the process. On top of that, they were unable to work and losing income, which made the situation even more stressful. 

Instead of focusing on healing and getting better, they were stressed and worried about how they would be able to afford their bills. There was simply too much for them to handle, which was when Sally Morin stepped in to help. 

Best Thing Sally Morin Did for the Client

To help the client, Sally and her team negotiated the medical bills and liens down significantly to ultimately leave more money for the client. 

Overall, we maximized the value of the case to increase the settlement, reduce the stress on the client’s family, who initially tried to manage the logistics of the case, and helped prioritize urgent medical bills to avoid collections. 

In the end, the experienced personal accident legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers obtained a settlement for the client in seven figures. 

California Bicycle Accidents

With its beautiful weather year-round and more eco-conscious commuters, it’s no wonder that California is a popular state for bicycles. Unfortunately, accidents like the one discussed above are all too common in California. More cyclists on the roads mean more motor vehicle collisions involving bicyclists. 

In fact, California is repeatedly ranked as one of the top most dangerous states for bicycle accidents. Between 2014 and 2017, over 40% of bicycle accident fatalities occurred in California, Texas, and Florida. 

Of the kinds of bicycle accidents that occur, side-swipe accidents are some of the most common, as seen in the client’s case above. 

What is a Side-Swipe Bicycle Accident?

A side-swipe bicycle accident is essentially what it sounds like. It happens when a car drives too closely along the side of a cyclist heading in the same direction. 

In these situations, the car usually bumps or swipes into the bicyclist, such as by hitting their handlebars, their pedals, or even a wheel, which can then cause the bicyclist to fall over, crash into something else, or even get run over by the car or another vehicle. 

California implemented a 3-foot passing law to prevent this from happening, but many drivers ignore the law and fail to share the road with cyclists. Some drivers even drive too closely to bicyclists on purpose as a form of road rage and not wanting to have to share the road. 

Common California Bicycle Accident Injuries

Understandably, when a bicyclist gets into an accident with a vehicle, the injuries can be quite severe. Motor vehicles weigh thousands of pounds more than a bicycle, and riders only have a helmet to protect them—if they are even wearing one. As such, the damage sustained to the bike and the cyclist is often severe and even life-threatening. 

Some of the most common bicycle accident injuries include:

Abdominal injuries are also quite common with bicycle accidents, like the injuries sustained by the client in the case discussed above. Unfortunately, many abdominal injuries can lead to complications, such as abscesses, intestinal blockages, and hematoma ruptures, which can be fatal. 

Abdominal injuries from bicycle accidents can also affect internal organs, such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and bladder. And damage to internal organs can also be severe and lead to life-threatening complications. 

We Handle Your Accident Claim So You Can Focus On Your Life

Not only can bicycle accident injuries result in serious complications, but they can also lead to financial burdens. Treatments for these injuries are not cheap and can leave you with mountains of unpaid medical bills. 

This is why it is important to work with a personal injury attorney after a bicycle accident. An experienced attorney can help you navigate your claim and ensure you are fully and fairly compensated for your physical, emotional, and financial burdens. 

At Sally Morin, we genuinely care about the people of California and work hard to ensure our clients get the full settlement needed to cover their expenses. In some cases, we even help our clients walk away with money in their pockets so they can support themselves and their families as they recover. 

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Accident Client

Really enjoyed working with Rebecca Taylor from Sally Morin. Overall she and everyone else I worked with was very honest and trustworthy, upfront, and to the point. I never felt confused or like I was being taken advantage of. There were no tricks. She worked hard to get me as much for my settlement as possible and gave me very clear instructions. Overall the process was clear and well managed, only taking minimal time out of my day to day.

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