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While we generally think of California as a progressive and bike-friendly state, it actually has the second highest rate of bicycle traffic accidents in the country after Florida. 

And to make matters worse, police in California often unfairly place liability on bike riders, but that should never stop you from contacting a bicycle accident lawyer!

If you have suffered:

  • broken bones
  • head trauma
  • or injuries requiring surgery

As the result of a bike accident in California, you deserve an experienced bicycle attorney on your side.

At Sally Morin Law, almost 50% of our personal injury attorney clients have been involved in bicycle traffic accidents...and many of them unfairly had liability placed on them in their police report.

Keep reading to learn more about how the attorneys handling bike injuries at Sally Morin Law fight on behalf of our bicycle clients and get them exactly the settlement they deserve!

Don't Be Surprised if You are Found Liable (or Partially Liable) as a Cyclist

As with motorcyclists, cyclists are often unfairly deemed liable by the others involved in the accident and even police.

That's why it's so important you work with an attorney who specializes in representing cyclists. At Sally Morin Law, our team of bicycle lawyers and investigators are able to return to the scene of the accident, and re-interview witnesses, to help prove you were unfairly deemed liable.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Bicycle Accident

Your first priority should always be to get medical attention.

But if you are able, collect the contact and insurance information of all parties involved.

Take photos with your cell phone camera of the accident scene, your bike, and later at home, your injuries.

Also, be sure to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses on the scene.

And immediately after the accident, write down the events that unfolded to the best of your knowledge.

Why You Should Work with Sally Morin Law on Your Bicycle Accident

  • We know how to defend cyclists who have been unfairly deemed liable either by other drivers or the police.
  • You value straight talk from your bicycle attorney, and prefer maximizing your fair case value vs. risking it all on needless litigation. But if goes there, you want an experienced bicycle accident trial attorney on your side.
  • Our attorneys are experts at helping to negotiate down your medical bills, so when everything is said and done, you take home more. 

Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries We Represent

a bike accident lawyer can represent your broken bones injuries

Broken Bones

a bike lawyer can help you recover damages for head trauma

Head Trauma

a bike crash law firm can represent your injuries requiring surgery.

Injuries Requiring Surgery

Recent Bicycle Accident Client Reviews

Jes B.

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident

I was recently in a bicycle accident in LA and was feeling very shaken up about everything. I called and talked to Carmen and she helped calm my nerves so much! She was patient and knowledgeable and helped me begin to navigate the pretty scary world of personal injury lawsuits. Would highly recommend these ladies if you are in a similar boat (or bicycle)!

Scott H.

San Francisco Bicycle Accident

I was in a terrible biking accident where I fractured both Clavicles (collarbones) at the same time by being “Doored.” Trying to figure out which was the best lawyer seemed such a task while in recovery. My brother had suggested Sally Morin through the SF bicycling coalition. Not knowing and never having to use a lawyer this seemed to be a scary experience, BUT Sally was one for the most diligent, thorough, and friendliest lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Honestly I don’t know what I would have done without her help and expertise!!!!

Jason S.

Bicycle vs. Car Accident on Fulton Street at 3rd Avenue

I was hit by a car on my bicycle last October, and was injured as a result. A good friend who’d been in the same situation recommended I contact the law offices of Sally Morin to make sure I didn’t get taken for a ride by the insurance company. I took his advice to contact them and I’m glad I did. Everyone at this law firm is top notch, thorough, effective, and personable. Getting injured is no picnic, but Lauren went to bat for me, and made dealing with the insurance company painless so I could focus on healing and managing my life while I recovered from the injury. If you’re put in a position of needing their services you can’t ask for a better team to handle it for you. Highly recommended!

Let's Maximize Your Claim!

Why risk sabotaging your personal injury claim by trying to handle it alone?

Get your no cost, risk-free case evaluation. And get peace of mind.

If at any time within the first 30 days of signing with Sally Morin Law you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and care of service you receive from our bike injury lawyers, we will cancel your contract at no cost so that you can seek different representation. No questions asked.

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Bicycle Accident FAQ's and Resources

What are the major causes of bicycle traffic accidents?

The most common causes of bicycle traffic accidents include:

  • motorist speeding
  • motorist running red lights or stop signs
  • drivers making an illegal u-turn
  • drivers entering a bike lane or not giving a cyclist enough space when passing
  • cyclists being "doored"
  • distracted driving or driving under the influence

What not to do after a bicycle traffic accident

Because bicyclists are often falsely blamed for the accident by the motorist and even police, it's imperative you don't make common mistakes that will sabotage your claim. These include:

  • arguing over liability with the motorist or the police (just contact an attorney immediately)
  • leave the scene without getting the motorists name, drivers license, car and insurance details
  • leave the scene without collecting the name and contact information of any witnesses
  • leave the scene without documenting the accident area with your cell phone camera (if possible)
  • fix your bike without collecting evidence and contact an attorney first
  • provide a recorded statement or your social security number to an insurance adjuster (they are NOT entitled to this information, ever!)

Do I have rights on the road as a bicyclist?

Yes! Bicyclists have the same rights as motorists on the road as drivers. But unlike in some states, in California bicyclists are not automatically deemed "not at fault" when they are in an accident. It's imperative if you ride your bicycle on the open road anywhere in California that you carefully follow the same laws as motorists. 

Why witnesses can make or break a bicycle traffic accident claim.

Bicyclists are often treated with suspicion both by motorists and police that may be called to the scene of the accident. So it's imperative if you've been involved in a traffic accident while riding your bicycle that you gather the name and contact information of any witnesses at the scene so that your bicycle accident attorney can help with determining negligence and liability.

When should I contact a bicycle lawyer?

Time is not on your side if you have been involved in a bicycle traffic accident. Over time, evidence washes away, witnesses lose interest or disappear, and insurance adjustors will be working hard to put liability on the bicyclist. Before you fix your bike or speak to anyone, contact a qualified bicycle accident attorney. Click here to get started now with your free case evaluation.

What additional information might be helpful to me?

Our team also represents pedestrian, motorcycle, car, and Uber accident clients.

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