Average Settlement for a Broken Leg After a Bicycle Accident

Did you break your leg in a bicycle accident? This painful injury completely disrupts your life, preventing you from riding your bike while you suffer through a slow recovery. It’s especially heartbreaking when you’re an avid cyclist and your bike was your primary mode of transportation.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that you’re not alone in this situation. The state of California entitles you to request payment from the person who hurt you. With the help of the right personal injury attorney, you can secure the bike accident compensation you deserve.

In this article, we’ll explain how your broken leg holds value in a bicycle accident case. We’ll also discuss the difference between going to court and arranging a settlement for full and fair compensation.

How Much is a Broken Leg Worth in a Lawsuit?

The total value of your bicycle accident claim is calculated by adding up your economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are dollar amounts built from your medical bills, lost days of work, and other direct costs you can prove. Non-economic damages cover more abstract harm to your lifestyle, including pain and suffering damages.

A leg fracture typically involves damage to the femur, tibia, fibula, and/or kneecap and requires emergency treatment plus a leg cast application. Doctors usually recommend leg immobilization for at least 6 weeks, with an estimated recovery time of 3 to 6 months after a severe leg fracture.

For emergency room treatment and a cast, the average cost is at least $2,500. Emergency surgical care for a broken leg ranges from $17,000 to $35,000 in the United States. Your x-rays and other imaging studies could cost $1,000 to $3,000 and follow-up doctors’ visits could easily add another $1,000 or more.

These medical bills are just the basics. Any or all of the following factors could also add significant value to your case:

  • Additional healthcare costs associated with your broken leg, including your ongoing recovery and in-home care
  • Out-of-pocket expenses like Uber rides and prescription costs
  • Lost wages from your missed time at work
  • Property damage to your wrecked bicycle
  • Pain and suffering, lost enjoyment of life, and damage to your relationship/marriage

Permanent disability or disfigurement may also raise the value of your case. Some leg fractures require permanent placement of metal pins or plates. In some cases, nerve damage, blood vessel damage, and mobility problems can be persistent or lifelong.

You might not even need to go to court to claim compensation for these costs. Only about 5% of all personal injury cases end in the courtroom, with the rest resolving through settlements. An outstanding lawyer can help you get an outstanding deal instead of settling for a lowball offer.

For example, imagine that you were rear-ended on your bike while stopped in traffic on a crowded San Francisco street. The impact of the car hitting you caused you to fall to the ground and break your leg. The other motorist had full insurance coverage and was found to be 100% at fault, so with your lawyer’s help proving your damages, you’ll have an excellent chance at claiming the maximum policy value from the insurance company.

What is the Average Settlement for a Broken Leg in a Bike Accident?

As mentioned above, about 95% of personal injury claims end with settlements. This is good news for you because it means you’re likely to avoid the stress of a court appearance while ending up with a satisfactory resolution to your case.

In a settlement, your lawyer helps you negotiate an agreement that’s acceptable to all parties. The average settlement for bicycle claims in California is $1.8 million and the median verdict is about $114,000, with variation arising from specific cases with extreme injuries.

Your case value depends heavily on what you can prove with your lawyer’s help and expertise. In many cases, injured people can completely cover their medical bills, other damages, and attorney’s fees while still ending up with extra compensation to put in the bank.

Keep in mind that online settlement calculators are usually bad at estimating potential settlement values because they don’t factor in the unique details of specific situations. Before deciding the best way to move forward, consult an experienced California bike accident lawyer who can provide a more thorough view of your compensation options.

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