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Personal Injury Settlement Calculator

Can a Personal Injury Settlement Calculator Give You an Accurate Idea of What Your Settlement Is Worth?

We have provided this tool as a resource for injured accident victims, because we know that many injured persons search for calculation tools to help them understand and predict information about their settlement. After you enter a few pieces of information such as your medical expenses, property damage & lost wages, the calculator will estimate your non-economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit (such as pain and suffering) based on the economic damages you incurred as a result of the injury or accident.

If you are curious about how much your personal injury case is worth, you may have looked around and seen personal injury settlement calculators on other legal websites as well. Just be aware that in reality, this kind of calculator will probably not provide you with a very accurate idea of the value of your case.

A settlement calculation tool (used with the appropriate assumptions behind the numbers you enter) can in some cases give you a very broad and general idea of what your settlement may be worth, but it really takes an expert (such as an experienced personal injury lawyer) to make the best use of these tools and come up with a more meaningful estimate of the potential value of your personal injury case.

Personal Injury Settlement Calculator

What percent at fault is the other party or parties for the accident?%
What are your actual paid medical expenses up to now for the accident? *$
What are your anticipated future medical expenses from the accident? *
(The amount that you will actually have to pay.)
How much income or wages have you lost up to now from the accident?
(Supportable by documentation.)
How much future income or wages will you lose due to the accident?$
How much property damage did you suffer from the accident?$
Pain and suffering multiplier
(A number between 1.5 and 6 which will be multiplied against the amount of your medical expenses. The more severe your injuries, and especially the more your injuries interfere with your everyday activities and enjoyment,the higher this number will tend to be.)
Estimated Settlement:$
* Enter the amounts paid or expected to be paid by you and/or your health insurance for your medical expenses, NOT the amount billed by the medical provider.$

How Do Lawyers Actually Evaluate Personal Injury Claims?

Not with a personal injury settlement calculator.

There are three key factors in determining the value of a personal injury lawsuit:

  • Who is at fault?
  • What are the damages?
  • Who should pay?

Who’s at Fault?

The majority of states, with a few exceptions, accept the fact that in any given case more than one party may be to blame. That means that even in cases where any individual driver is partly to blame for an accident, they may be entitled to damages when another party shares more of the burden than they do. This is called comparative negligence.

Juries must decide what percentage of the burden of negligence a plaintiff (the person bringing the claim) has in a personal injury lawsuit. This would reduce the liability assigned to the defendant (the person against whom the claim is brought), and of course it would also reduce the damages a plaintiff is likely to receive from a settlement.

Does a personal injury settlement calculator take this into account? Absolutely not. How would an individual be able to assess their percentage of negligence? That is up to the jury or an arbitrator to determine. You can’t just randomly enter a number into an online calculator and expect it to know how much liability will be attributed to each party.

To sum it up, a personal injury traffic accident lawyer must be able to prove that the at-fault individual or company actually was negligent in some way and that resulted in your injuries.

Damages and Injuries

The next thing that a lawyer would be responsible for doing is determining the extent of your injuries. For instance, in a car accident perpetrated by a drunk driver, the driver can be held criminally responsible for the crime of driving inebriated and civilly liable for your injuries. Injuries can include your past and future medical expenses, lost time from work, pain and suffering, inability to do your normal chores, family responsibilities and activities and any property damage that occurred.

Do settlement calculators take all of this into account? No.

Lost Wages Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Lost wages are another area where settlement calculators go awry. Consider, for instance, you’re an investment banker making a lot of money that is documented by your employer. Compare this to a stay-at-home mom who may be working very hard, but has no wages to report. A settlement calculator doesn’t understand how to factor the stay-at-home mom’s predicament into its equation.

Meanwhile, an effective injury attorney can maximize a settlement in either instance. The same goes for calculating the earnings of a self-employed person. It’s just not as cut and dry as inputting an exact number into an online personal injury settlement calculator. An experienced accident lawyer will know what evidence and facts to present to make a solid loss of earnings claim.

In personal injury cases, determining damages means determining the impact of the injuries on your life. For instance, if you were a competitive tennis player who will never pick up a racket again due to injuries sustained through the negligence of another driver, you can claim more damages than someone who may have missed 6 months of playing recreational soccer.

Ultimately, determining what damages are owed to you can’t be done by such a crude formula.

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Injured in a serious traffic accident?

Check out our How it Works page to learn more about how the personal injury process works.

The Role of Insurance Companies

In the majority of car accident cases, it’s the insurance company that ends up paying the damages to a plaintiff in a case. Insurance companies have a vested interest in keeping their settlements as low as possible, and they hire hardball adjusters and high powered attorneys in order to do just that.

Not only that, but insurance companies are only responsible for paying up to the amount that the insurance policy covers – or the “policy limits.” Often times, the limits of a driver’s insurance policy are much lower than you might need to cover all of your damages. Most drivers are out on the road grossly underinsured. So, your claim may be “worth” a certain amount, but the likelihood of recovering that amount from the insurance carrier is nil if the policy limits are too low.

Having a solid, experienced personal injury lawyer is crucial to determining what insurance coverage is available or if other assets might be an option for recovery. When you have someone to battle both the insurance company and the defendant, it can have a major impact on your settlement amount.

One last thing to consider is this: not every jury or arbitrator is going to rule the exact same way. In many instances, two identical cases with two identical plaintiffs that sustain the exact same injuries can end up having two vastly different settlements.

In other words, there’s no way to know how much your settlement will be, and any lawyer who tells you differently is not being truthful.

Personal Injury Settlement Calculators Are Not Accurate

There is no way for a lawyer to determine what the outcome of your traffic accident case will be. So, the notion that it can be reduced to a simple equation is not merely beyond the realm of possibility, but it is also wildly misleading.

It’s important for plaintiffs to understand that every case is different. Personal injury settlement calculators have a nasty tendency of either overestimating or underestimating the value of a case.

For these reasons, we encourage you to avoid relying a simple online personal injury settlement calculator. Almost all experienced and qualified personal injury traffic accident lawyers offer a free case evaluation.

So you should take advantage of that to see what specific factors in your case will determine the financial outcome, not just random numbers plugged into an online calculator.

Having an Attorney Will Typically Increase Your Settlement Amount.

In addition, there are other more complex elements of damages that can sometimes arise. Feel free to review our Help Page about maximizing your personal injury claim to learn more about these issues.

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