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Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers
Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Settlement Calculator

Can a settlement calculator give you an accurate idea of what your settlement is worth?

Probably not. We've provided this tool as a resource for injured accident victims because we know that many injured persons search for calculation tools to help them understand and predict information about their settlement. And using a settlement calculation tool, with the appropriate assumptions behind the numbers you put in, can in some cases give you a very broad and general idea of what your settlement may be worth.

But it really takes an expert (such as your lawyer) to really make the best use of these tools. You can read more on this topic at our Help Page about why you probably shouldn't rely on a settlement calculator to tell you what your case is worth.

What percent at fault is the other party or parties for the accident?%
What are your actual paid medical expenses up to now for the accident? *$
What are your anticipated future medical expenses from the accident? *
(The amount that you will actually have to pay.)
How much income or wages have you lost up to now from the accident?
(Supportable by documentation.)
How much future income or wages will you lose due to the accident?$
How much property damage did you suffer from the accident?$
Pain and suffering multiplier
(A number between 1.5 and 6 which will be multiplied against the amount of your medical expenses. The more severe your injuries, and especially the more your injuries interfere with your everyday activities and enjoyment,the higher this number will tend to be.)
Estimated Settlement:$
* Enter the amounts paid or expected to be paid by you and/or your health insurance for your medical expenses, NOT the amount billed by the medical provider.$

Having an attorney will typically increase your settlement amount.

Other more complex elements of damages can sometimes arise. Feel free to review our Help Page about maximizing your personal injury claim to learn more about these issues.