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Best Bike Tours in San Francisco

San Francisco is a cyclist’s paradise with miles of bike lanes, off-road trails, and scenic vistas that will take your breath away. Indeed, some of the best bike tours in San Francisco will take you to places you would never have found otherwise. Whether you’re a native or a visitor from away seeing the city from the seat of a two-wheeled machine is one of the best ways to really get a feel for what San Francisco is all about.

Of course you can simply hop on a bike and hit the streets yourself (or use any number of the self-guided tours available on the Internet and various smartphone apps) but sometimes it’s pays to trust an expert. As a San Francisco bicycle accident lawyer, I ride my bike all over this City to get from place to place, but I think taking an organized bike tour of San Francisco could be super fun – even for a local like myself. Below you’ll find a short list of some of the best bike tours in San Francisco.

Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours

This award-winning company offers a number of different bike tours throughout San Francisco including a 9 mile trek through “The Heart of the City” and a big “7×7” city loop that takes riders through a number of historic neighborhoods and along the storied waterfront. These bike tours are all excellent for urban explorers who love to find little niches among the hustle and bustle of a big city. And if it’s a little culture you’re looking for their “SF Origins” tour takes riders through Hayes Valley, SoMa, and the Mission with stops along the way to sample various bistro delicacies and wines along the way.

Blazing Saddles Bike Tours

Blazing Saddles offers a number of structured tours (including a tour that takes riders over the Golden Gate Bridge). However, they also offer a highly-rated self-guided tour complete with maps, informational tidbits, and more. This allows riders to set their own pace and explore at will—perfect for novice riders or those who feel they might not be able to keep up with the pace set by a tour group. Blazing Saddles also offers a unique e-bike tour for those who may need a little extra help getting up and down San Francisco’s numerous hills.

Bay City Bike Rentals and Tours

This company focuses on bike rentals but also offers three tours to take tourists around the city to see the sights. One of the most interesting is their California Sunset tour. It begins at 3PM and crosses the Golden Gate Bridge. From there the bike tour takes the “road less travelled” past notorious monuments and historic graveyards, bringing visitors deep into the rich (and sometimes rowdy) history of San Francisco in the 18 hundreds.

Explore San Francisco on Two Wheels and Be Safe

San Francisco was recently voted one of the most bikeable cities in the United States and residents and visitors alike flock to the streets on two wheels every day. In fact, bicycle ridership (on a daily basis) is growing rapidly at roughly 3% per year. Cycling is an excellent alternative to automobile transportation that’s not only healthier but better for the city and everyone in it.

However, cycling in San Francisco can be dangerous. As a San Francisco bicycle accident attorney I see the results of carelessness and negligence every day. So, get out there and explore what the city has to offer but do so safely. Know the rules of the road, ride safely, and wear a helmet every time.

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