The Most Bike Friendly Employers in San Francisco

Are you looking for a bike friendly employer in San Francisco? It’s one of the best cities in the country to find a company that not only accepts your dedication alternative transportation but respects and even encourages it.

It’s undeniable: the bike culture in San Francisco is stronger than ever. Ridership numbers continue to increase at roughly 3% per year and with more and more bike-friendly employers in San Francisco embracing and promoting alternative transportation, it looks as if the city will be enjoying a much greener future.


What Bike Friendly Employers in San Francisco Offer

We’re not just talking about letting employees store their ride in the conference room for the day (though that is better than having to park it on the street). Bike friendly employers in San Francisco are those who really understand cyclists and offer perks like:
• Dedicated Transportation Coordinators
• Designated Bicycle “Parking”
• Company Bike Share Programs
• Build-A-Bike Programs
• Bike Repair Facilities/Programs
• Guaranteed Emergency Rides Home (through San Francisco Department of the Environment)


There are even various financial incentives that can be offered. For instance, federal law allows some employers to pay employees compensation for a parking spot they’re not using. Obviously, certain requirements have to be met, but employees who give up their spots can earn tax free transit benefits or even additional income on their paycheck.
Promoting a business as being a bike friendly has become a tool with which smart companies are recruiting new talent—especially from the pool of younger Millennials. So who are these forward-thinking employers?


Big Bike Friendly Employers in San Francisco


This social media giant was awarded Gold Status by The League of American Bicyclists for being extremely bike friendly. The company offers a bike share program and multiple other incentives to help employees enjoy their two-wheeled commutes.


The tech giant has long been a forward-thinking company and it embraced the bike culture in San Francisco before it reached critical mass. Their commitment to alternative transportation earned them Silver-level status from The League of American Bicyclists in 2012.


This housewares retailer actually has a fleet of bicycles available for employees interested in cycling to work. Their financial investment in a better commute earned them Bronze-level status from the LAB.


Medium Size Bike Friendly Employers in San Francisco


This cloud storage company was voted one of the most bike friendly employers in San Francisco in 2014. Their commitment to alternate transportation includes a huge (and secure) bike parking room, a repair station on site, social ride programs, and financial benefits.


This medium-sized startup sells discount ski lift tickets. In 2014 over half of the company’s workers rode bicycles to work on a regular basis. Their excellent wellness benefits and encouragement programs keep the spirit of cycling alive.


This discount travel company actually provides employees $200 every year for bikes, parts, and gear. They believe that a happy employee is an excellent employee and feel that cycling to work promotes health and wellness as well as social and environmental responsibility.


Small Bike Friendly Employers in San Francisco


Arizmendi Bakery
This small bakery is owner-operated and over 65% of their employees ride to work. They offer both employees and customers significant discounts on their products when they show up on two wheels. Don’t forget – if you are a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member, you get a discount if you ride to Arizmendi.


Water Smart Software
In addition to bike parking and other perks, this software company will actually help employees fix broken bicycles out of its own pocket. Their commitment to cycling stems from the company’s core values of environmental responsibility and Earth stewardship.


Do You Value a Bike Friendly Workplace?

As a bicycle accident attorney in San Francisco I’ve seen the popularity of alternative transportation explode within recent years. This means you now have the power to push back a little. Maybe you’re looking for a new job or you’re content where you are. Either way, if bicycling and alternative transportation methods are important to you, make employers take notice.

Ask about cycling incentives before you hire on and talk with current employers about implementing programs and benefits for their bicycle-based workforce. But always remember to ride safe. And If you are injured in a bicycle accident, see if you have a case worth pursuing, fill out this short form or call (415) 413-0033 to talk to one of our experienced bike accident lawyers today.

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