Worried About Making Your Car Accident Claim and Hope to Avoid Going to Trial?

Find Out if Working with Sally Morin Law is a Good Fit For You

At Sally Morin Law, we are extremely selective about the auto accident clients we represent.

Unlike many other personal injury attorneys, we don't represent "nuisance claim" clients with minor scrapes and bruises, or even those with soft tissue injuries like whiplash.

Given the high-level of vehicle traffic accidents in California, our firm has strictly chosen to represent those hard-working individuals who have been seriously injured in a car accident.

Why? Because those are the clients we love to serve!

If you have suffered:

  • broken bones
  • head trauma
  • or injuries requiring surgery

The attorneys at Sally Morin Law are experts at representing your claim to ensure you maximize your case value, while minimizing your medical costs.

Keep reading to learn more about how we can help.

The attorneys at Sally Morin Law are experts at representing your claim to ensure you maximize your case value, while minimizing your medical costs.

Don't Settle Your Car Accident Claim Before Speaking to an Attorney

From the second you begin to recover from your injuries, an insurance adjuster will contact you claiming to want to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

They will try to get you to settle for a low-ball offer that may sound good up front... but not if you don't even know the full cost of your medical bills, lost work, and/or damage to your vehicle.

So whatever you do, do not provide them with a recorded statement about the accident. This statement will often be used against you to prove you were liable for the accident. Politely refuse the call and let them know they will be hearing from your car crash lawyer later instead.

Maximize Your Case Value

We're often asked, how much is my case worth?

And in every case, this answer is different and based on the realities of your accident. 

As experienced car accident attorneys, we work to recover the full and fair reward on behalf of our clients for the following potential types of damages:

  • damage to your vehicle and/or property
  • medical bills, both current and forthcoming
  • lost wages and/or lifetime earning potential
  • pain and suffering

Your dedicated car injury lawyer will also work on your behalf to reduce your medical costs, which means at the end of the day you take home more.

Why You Should Work with Sally Morin Law

  • You are not out to punish the at-fault party, and are looking to receive full, fair and fast compensation without needless litigation.
  • You value a bicycle accident attorney who is going to give it to you straight, one who won't put your claim at risk just to satisfy their ego or line their own pockets.
  • You want a simple, stress-free, and turn-key solution so you can focus on your recovery.
  • The car accident lawyers at Sally Morin Law recently increased a client's settlement offer tenfold for his rear-end collision accident.

Types of Car Accident Injuries We Represent

a car accident attorney can represent your broken bones injuries

Broken Bones

a car crash lawyer can represent your head trauma injury

Head Trauma

a car crash lawyer can represent your injuries requiring surgery

Injuries Requiring Surgery

Let's Maximize Your Claim!

Why risk sabotaging your personal injury claim by trying to handle it alone?

Get your no cost, risk-free case evaluation. And get peace of mind.

If at any time within the first 30 days of signing with Sally Morin Law you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and care of service you receive from our attorneys, we will cancel your contract at no cost so that you can seek different representation. No questions asked.

Car Accident Client Reviews

Nicolas K.

Car Accident on 14th Street at Poplar Street in Oakland

We found Sally Morin and her team through Yelp and now after our case has been settled better than we could have ever imagined we are very happy to give her 5 stars just like everybody else does. Her whole team is beyond friendly and knowledgeable and they are just wonderful people, they have attention to detail and are very personal and prompt in their answers. They also did a great job of making the terminology of their trade understandable to us and they kept fighting for a good settlement instead of going for the easy route. They don't have to have billboards or cheesy TV ads because they get more than enough work through referrals from clients like us.

Nick C.

T-Bone Car Crash on Concord Avenue in Concord California

Last year I had a horrible car accident. A car ran a red light and t-boned me on my drivers side. I had injuries that kept me out of work for approximately two months. Sally and her team were very professional, thorough, and personable. They managed to get me more money from my car insurance and negotiate the medical fees more, so in the end I had more money in my settlement. Huge thank you to Sally and especially Lauren with whom I talked to very often. I have never needed a lawyer and found them through Yelp and the reviews. Don't hesitate to contact them if the need arises. A big thanks again to them!

Julie J

Car Accident in Oakland

My husband was in a car accident. The responsible party had State Farm Insurance. I believed that was a trusted name and I could get a fair settlement. Unfortunately State Farm was only offering to pay the medical bills plus a tiny bit more. What I was asking for for a few days lost wages was very fair. I asked Sally Morin for help. Later that same week she had got me so much more than I was originally requesting. She is amazing. After paying her fees, we had plenty to cover the bills and the lost wages plus pain and suffering. The best part was it was so easy for me. Sally Morrin took care of everything. She was honest from the start on what she felt our case was worth. (We got more than that!)

Car Accident FAQ's and Resources

What are the most common types of car accidents?

  • Rear-End Collisions: are easily the most common type of car crash and usually result from a distracted driver failing to yield to a car in front of them in time. Fortunately, rarely are these accidents serious.
  • Single-Vehicle Crashes: are those which involve only one car, and are often caused by younger drivers who slip on ice, spin out of control, or otherwise lose control of the vehicle. Typically these are not viable personal injury cases because they have not been caused by a third party.
  • T-Bone or Cross Traffic Accidents: are those occurring in intersections, and are usually the result of one driver failing turning left without yielding, failing to stop or running a red light. Because these accidents often involve high-speeds, they can be particularly devastating.
  • Clipping or Merging Accidents: are those where one driver sideswipes another car, usually as the result of failing to fully check their blind spots before merging into another lane.
  • Low Speed Accidents: known as fender benders, these are accidents that usually don't involve a lot of damage as long as pedestrians aren't involved.

Common mistakes after a car accident

  1. Failing to get medical attention simply because you lack insurance. Not only is it important for your health, it's important for establishing a timeline to your claim as well.
  2. Providing a recorded statement to insurance adjustors.
  3. Providing insurance adjustors access to your social security number. They are not entitled to this information and will try to use it to find evidence they can use against you.
  4. Failing to speak to a car accident attorney as soon as possible after your case.

What happens if I am deemed "partially" at-fault for my accident

California is what is known as a "comparative fault state", which simply means fault can be shared between one or more parties in the accident. If you were not the majority at fault party, you may still be eligible for a partial reward under California law.

I have whiplash, will you take my case?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. At Sally Morin Law, our car crash attorneys only represent clients with broken bones, head trauma, or injuries that require surgery.

How much does it cost to contract a car accident attorney?

There is no upfront cost to work with a car accident attorney. And should we choose to represent you, you won't pay anything unless we win.

Do you represent other types of accidents?

Sally Morin Law also represents pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and Uber/rideshare accident clients.

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