$250k Settlement for Grandma in Car Accident

A sixty-seven year old grandma was driving her car through a busy intersection on a sunny spring morning. When she proceeded to turn left at the intersection, she was hit head-on by another vehicle who was driving on the wrong side of the road. As a result of the collision, the grandma suffered severe fractures in her leg, an ankle dislocation and multiple lacerations. She was immediately taken to the emergency room by ambulance, and had to be hospitalized and undergo surgery to repair her leg injuries. 

As no surprise, the medical bills began pouring in and piling up. The woman and her husband became overwhelmed with the bills and the incessant calls from the insurance carrier, and thus retained San Francisco personal injury attorney Sally Morin and her team to represent them in the serious car accident case.

Sadly, it was discovered the driver that caused the accident only had $25,000 of automobile insurance coverage, which was not even enough to cover 1/6 of the woman’s outstanding medical expenses for the treatment she received due to the accident. Luckily, our client had excellent automobile insurance coverage in place at the time of the accident, which was a very wise precaution for this very scenario—very little insurance coverage by the at-fault driver, and very high medical expenses by the injured person. Thus, our team worked with our client’s auto insurance carrier to obtain her additional settlement funds so that she would be compensated her for all the losses and pain and suffering that she endured that was not covered by the $25,000 policy limits from the at-fault driver.

Even given the woman’s excellent underinsured motorist coverage, her medical lien consumed a large part of her settlement funds, and thus left her with little compensation for her pain and suffering, considering what she had been through because of the accident. Rather than taking our attorney fees and parting ways after the case settled, the Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers team diligently fought to get our client as much money in her pocket as possible. We therefore turned over every leaf and explored every avenue we could to make sure that our client would be walking away with the highest possible amount from the settlement proceeds.

In the course of working with our client’s health insurance representative on negotiating a significant reduction to the outstanding medical lien, it was discovered that her health insurance was only entitled to reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s settlement proceeds—the $25,000. This resulted in us obtaining an enormous reduction to our client’s medical lien—turning a $150,000+ lien to slightly over $8,000. The difference in the negotiated lien was money that went directly into our client’s pocket, leaving her with a net settlement of approximately $160,000.

At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, our 5-star rated car accident lawyers zealously advocate for our clients and have their best interest at heart in all stages of the personal injury process, even after we are compensated for our work. Unlike other personal injury attorneys, who just work for a paycheck, we truly care about our clients and we work hard to make sure that we get each client the best possible result at the resolution of their case. If you are looking for personal injury attorneys who will prioritize your needs over their own—look no further. We will have your back throughout every stage of your case—from beginning to end.

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